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  By: bcsister

I love to have my clit worshipped while my asshole is being slowly stretched, a hardness filling my rectum up nice and deep! 
My desires are specific. If you are not suited, please don't respond. Thank you. 

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Naughty level to be set later

I need to find a couple who's male part has a long penis with a bulbous head. Length is more important than girth. After we have gotten to "know" each other a bit we can get to my wish. A wish to have shuddering, explosive anal orgasms.

please note- in order for me to reach the level of ecstacy I anticipate, it is EXTREMELY important that I have achieved orgasm at least TWICE before moving on to my fantasy. 
- I want to get aquainted with and spend intimate time alone with an eager, responsive woman to reach those orgasms first. BEFORE meeting the male partner. He may watch from behind a door, if he wishes.

On this I will not negotiate. 

After us two girls have had time to giggle and catch our breath from reaching our mutually satisfying orgasms, I will feel comfortable and ready to meet your man. 
Leaning upon all fours, I will present my ass to him, expecting a liberal application of KY jelly, and a prolonged, slow investigation of my tight sphincter. 

Once your man has lubed me up from my pubic mound into my asscrack, I want him to prepare my back end. Get my assend ready for anal sex by slowly working in his fingers. Set my muscle memory to feel natural dialated, and empty without a few fingers in my back door. This should take some time, so patience and a good mastery of anal sex is necessary. 
Please slide under my face, so I can get back to kissing your labia and carpeting your clitoris with my tongue. 
Once he has mde way for my ass to accept his rod, I will lean back. He will be sitting up against the headboard, erect and throbbing, his legs open. 
I will stand above him on the bed, my back to him, facing the same way he is. I squat down closer to him, I will need your help for balance, and You will reach up and grasp my hand to steady me.
He will assist us by cupping and spreading my asscheeks, and I will lower myself towards his cockhead. 
You will be on your knees in front of both of us, and just as his covered glans touches my sensitive anus, you will begin to lick and suck on my pussylips, working your way slowly across my clit.
Insert a vibrator into my dripping snatch! I will need you to pick up tempo and focus on stimulating my button. 
I am trying to work your husbands thick cock into my ass, and clitoral stimulation is a necessity. Steady and constant licking will be required, and increasing pressure with long strokes of your tongue will make all this possible. 

Once he has slowly squeezed his head into my butt with steady pressure, he MUST NOT withdraw. Not even a little. Thrusting at this point will break my flow. He MUST have and use Self-control. And you can assure this by playing with his balls slightly while your mouth works its magic on me. 
Once he has fully fed me the whole length of his thing, I need him to be still, letting my ass stretch. HE MUST BE ABLE TO STAY HARD! 

with my ass full, and his shaft shoved up deep inside me, I need you to fuck my pussy with that vibrator. Really fuck me good, sucking on my clit until I come hard. 
I am multiple orgasmic, so don't stop fucking me with that toy after the first wave of pleasure hits. Once that subsides, and another one begins, This is when your husband gets it good! He can buck up into me and try to ram his cock into my ass and through my BACK! During the second wave of my multiples I can NEVER get enough! 
Keep your mouth on me, and your toy fucking into me deep. I know your arm is getting sore, but I will make it up to you. 
Nothing gets me off harder than feeling a man squirt his load while her tongue steadily runs pressure up and down my sensitive clit. O God please, answer my ad!

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Anal-lover    (2012-02-08 13:29:47)    Flag as inappropiate
I cum without wanking just reading it x
Anal-lover    (2012-02-08 13:29:45)    Flag as inappropiate
I cum without wanking just reading it x
Anal-lover    (2012-02-08 13:29:40)    Flag as inappropiate
I cum without wanking just reading it x
Anal-lover    (2012-02-08 13:29:25)    Flag as inappropiate
I cum without wanking just reading it x
Anal-lover    (2012-02-08 13:22:34)    Flag as inappropiate
I cum without wanking just reading it x
LauraAngel    (2011-06-27 19:58:41)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel You're not alone. I've done stuff like that-encounters on craigs list............. Post some more.

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