Forbidden sinful lusts.   added 4 years ago    

  By: teffwad

 I walked out the changing area to hear a voice saying "to small"?, It was the young cheeky and sexy ass store girl right on the money with her prediction.
Yes yes, you were right i say, way to small so gloat now if you like, looking her dead strait, serious faced in the eye. Large it is then hey, just like i said before she utters under her breath grinning. She has every right to gloat really as she helped me round the store, helping me choose what looks good and well, what i would normally buy, what doesnt look good. Shall i go and get you one or are you going to look round some more and grab one? she ask's me in a please let me get it for you so i can pull your chain some more sort of way. Never one to dissapoint i reply "go on then, if you dont mind getting me one at all", dont be silly sir she replies politely. Drew, the names drew, not sir i put to her, nice name drew, i like that she says, ok drew im bella,Short for isabella but bella to my friends, nice to meet you and assist in showing you i know my sizes she adds with a big smile. Let me just say, a smile that made me twitch a little downnstairs to in all honesty.
Right, here you are drew she says as she hands me the large shirt, try this on for size. I take it from her and my hand brushes her fingers. Ooops, i apolagise to her for touching her for some reason, its ok she replies, dont worry about it.Adding, Next time il call the old bill and have you done for sexual assault, ok!!!.. Joke drew, joke she tells me, like i didnt know that i say shaking my head at her.
I retreat into the changing cubicle, taking my top off whilst intentionally giving bella a sneaky flash of the flesh before pulling the curtain all the way to close the view, or so i thought i had. I had a few other things to try whilst i was in there too so carried on as normal trying them on too. It was at this point i caught a glimpse of miss naughty bella, taking a good old peek through the large gap id left in the other side of the drawn curtain. Now, she hadnt noticed that id seen her starring at me at all, it was at this point the wind up bell chimed for me and if im truthful, the turned on as hell bell did too. Lets play i thought and see if she carries on peeking. Top off, jeans ready to drop and take off and replace with another pair to try on, oh did i say i was going commando too. There i stood, totally butt naked for a second or two, then starting to slowly slide the new pair of jeans up my leg i glanced in the mirror to see that yes, she was totally watching me and from what i saw, liking it too by the look in her eyes.
I have to admit it too, i was getting totally into this and equally turned on with it all the more i teased her. I tease her for a further 5 more minutes, feeling lucky to have managed to do so, for so long a time now. 
 Then, for no reason at all and with no control i say out aloud "do you like what your seeing, Even rather should i say what youve seen so far bella"?
I stand there frozen by my stupidness. I see her turn away, embarrassed at a guess and i did that. Im so sorry bella i say to her, thinking she wouldnt hear me anyway as she may of wondered off in a strop. I glance sideways to see her head peering in again, this time right next to the curtain almost inside the cubicle. Sorry drew? what for she exclaimed, i should be sorry she adds, i kept looking even though i knew you'd seen me. I couldnt help it, once id seen your ass, that was it she said to me with a slight nervousness. So, let me get this strait bella. You knew all along id seen you looking?I ask her. Hell yeah drew, she replied, i thought you knew i knew if that makes any sense at all. Still half naked in the cubicle i laugh and ask bella, "yes but what did you think at the time"?, Of what drew? swerving the question with precision manouvering and putting the attention back to me. I take hold of the moment and ask her strait out, did you like all you saw and just how much did it turn you on bella?, be honest now i add.
Well, if i didnt like what i saw then id of stopped looking, walked away and wouldnt of got so intensely turned on as i actually did drew, thats the truth bella firmly admits to me. I wont ask you if you liked drew she says, i saw. What do you mean bella? i ask her. Well, your semi was a clue and also the fact you kept sighing she retorts.
Sighing? what,how could you tell bella? from outside there anyway? i ask her. Drew, i just saw,thats that she answered. By the way drew, yes i asked? You can put your jeans on now she says smiling. Oh shit yeah, i mutter as i finish my final button off on my shirt. Or maybe, as the shops empty now due to closing in 15mins i could, you could what bella i interupt excitedly. Well, drew i could slide in there with you and well, if you,What bella? if i what?, just tell me i say to her wanting her more than anything now to say "take your now, hardening cock in my hand, then my mouth". She said nothing. she just came behind me and wrapped her arms around my front and cupped my balls in her left hand and took hold of my now solid cock. So so hard, already drew beela whispers, my oh my you were turned on hey she also whispers directly into my ear which only adds to the sexual turmoil my body is aching with right now.
My cock end is throbbing and pulsating with every heartbeat, releasing a large amount of precum with every stroke she makes on my solid column like shaft. Tenderly she runs her fingers from the base on the underside of my cock, round under my twitching balls and there tightening sack, then just over that sweet little spot between my ball and my ass where finally she gives a quick flick on my arsehole making my entire body twitch and shudder in the process.
I decide then to send a hand of mine to work, to work exploring bellas regions and sexually explosive areas. Strait away i reach an inner thigh, not hard when her skirt is well, no longer than the bottom of her arse cheek. I can feel the dampness from where my hand is placed, placed ready to gently elevate to bella's area where, in my mind i see it dripping with juices  and how its puffed slightly with her entrance to her tunnel of pleasure opening and closing in unison with her stroking of my cock.
Time to feel for real, i slide my hand slowly upwards making sure to just graze her skin as i do so. Then i pause, i can feel the heat off her pussy and the sweat, if it is sweat and not her sweet pussy juices running down her leg. I reach out a finger and oh my god!!. Slightly i touch her lace underware which has now slid between her, might i add, to my excitement soaking wet slight pussy lips. My mind is racing with thoughts of bella so much i forget that she too is still stroking my cock, still back and forth, still ouzing precum by the what feels like a gallon a drop, making her hand feel oiled, lubricated in some way, in turn making the smooth yet tight grip bella now possesses as she wanks my wanting cock seem effortless and gentle with every wanking motion.
Back to bella, with my hand now all around her wet and so inviting pussy i ease aside her sodden undergarment. I use 2 fingers to part her lips with a simple motion and run a finger up the middle sourcing out her clit. No need to find it, its as hard as a pebble and errect meaning my finger can begin to tease it, first by gently rubbing it, then by flicking over the top of it causing bella's body to twist and her hand to grasp my cock even harder so. Up, down, flick then slide down to give her aching pussy what it may want. In a smooth gliding motion i come down from her clit and without notice insert slowly but forcefully my 2 middle fingers right up to my knuckle. Bella lets out a groan, a twist of her body and she loses grip of my cock totally, not a shame as much more and the mirror in front would be cum covered in minutes.
I take the initiative, i spin round to face her, placing my lips onto hers gently, then slide my tongue into her mouth searching out hers. My hand sharply and hard, again slides deep into bella's juice factory with intent. This time with a loose spare finger sliding upwards externally heading to play with her clit whilst my fingers fuck her pussy and tease her oh so pleasuring g-spot.
I do regard myself as a finger magician whilst inside a woman. This is now proven as my fingers work in unison again, clit, pussy, g-spot all being treated to a working over of immense pleasure. How do i know? Well, bella's body is writhing on my hand, her moans and noises muffled by my shoulder, her eyes rolling are a good sign id say. Until right then!. I stop, she looks at me and ask's "why are you stopping"?..Dont forget, shop closed in ten minutes.
I send in Both hands to forcefully lift up her skirt, then in another motion downwards the same hands rip down her panties to her ankles. She kicks them off, moves in front of me and sits on the seat below the mirror. Oh, i moan as quietly as possible as she takes all my cock in one go, all the way, yes all the way to my balls and even has enough to flick a tongue out over my sack. Impressive? Hell yes!. I had  to grab her head and hold it still for a moment so i didnt fill her throat with my butter, my sweet warm liquid. No way, there was no way i could let her go on there so i thought i guess its my move.
Down to my knee's strait in, pussy lips parted  with a thumb each and my tongue buries itself in her entrance an inch or so, then i pull it out and upwards. My lips lock a gentle airtight lock around bella's clit and suck a tiny bit to then feel all of it out in the open. No bits of skin, no hood to hide by, my lips, my sucking, then the round clit motion and back and forth and flick over the top turning bella into a ball of sexual fury. Forcing my head into her, slick friction rubbing her juices around my face, thighs locking and sqeezing my head thus rendering myself unable to move.
Stuck there i just work her clit till bella herself calls stop!. Im on the edge, not like this, not like this, i need and want your fucking hard thick cock stretching my tight pussy as i cum drew. I agree with her 100%, thats what i want bella, badly i say in a puppy dog tone of voice just absolutely gagging for her tight slit.
She stands in front of me in all her glory, naked and i think slightly trembling with pure arousal. Not on her own though i should add, the urge inside me was taking over, my primal sexual instinct bursting at the seems.
I look her up and down 1 last time before i spin her around 180 degrees. I grab the back of her neck and push forward and down whilst my other hand pulls her hips back leaving her in a bent over position facing the mirror with her legs spread wide apart. 
I move in towards her, my cock firmly in one hand guiding it towards her parted moist pussy lips. My hand opens her ass cheeks too so i can rub my bellend up and down over her asshole, lubricating it with every pass with the copious amounts of precum oozing out the tip of my cock. Jake, stop teasing me and put that cock inside me now. We havnt long before locking up time. So, what you going to do jake? bella ask's me. Il tell you what she adds, your going to fuck me hard, fast and vigorous and make me cum so hard i fall to my knee's arnt you? Red rag, bull, do they spring to mind???...
Without any further delay i seek out the entrance to bellas wet and soggy tunnel, i line up my bellend gently pushing it, forcing her hole to stretch a little with each push till, forget this i think and just ram without any warning my whole shafts length, all the way inside her till my balls slap against the underside of her dripping wet self. Bella lets out a yelp, followed by a swift "yes jake,like that,just like that" pound my little tight wet pussy to within an inch of its tiny little use.
I grab her hips and unison pull them forcefully back towards my approaching torso as im also thrusting forwards with an equal, or harder amount of force. With each thrust, my cock pounds you and slaps your ass out aloud. I free a hand to use it on your inviting and twitchy arsehole. I slow a little making it easier to position my fingers around the hole they are about to lavish a little pain and pleasure on. Picking up speed and rhythm again with your pussy i get my thumb to work round the rim of a wanting hole, stil sticky from my precum it pokes in that tight twitcher just a touch now and again to open it up a little at a time teasing you at the thought of wanting my cock deep inside that tunnel too.
I then insert my thumb, sliding all the way down to knuckle, wiggling it as my cock slides past whilst it continues its barrage on your ruined cunt. I reach my spare hand round the front now to grasp a breast. I sqeeze on it so hard it slightly hurts you, this makes you turn your head to me and give me a look of daggers. I carry on regardless but my cock slides out of her. Sit down here on the bench bella then says to me, right here. I comply with her request and sit, stroking my cock eagerly awaiting that tight cunt of yours again.
You turn your back to me and start to lower your ass down onto my slick pussy lubricated pole. Slowly you take me inch by inch, i see how far i stretch you with every lowered inch, straining to accomadate my member at first but a few inserts up and down and ive stretched you wider infact to make it easy enough to start bouncing that ass up and down on me. Arse cheeks spread again i now have both hands free to play and touch you with as you give that pussy a ride on my beastly sword.
Two thumbs now, thats what ive lined up ready to enter your naughty other hole. Both inserted and moving around, wiggling and stretching sideways your hole i proceed to introduce a finger off each hand too. I watch as they go inside you, arsehole now widening with every movement i make inside it. I feel a tightness inside your pussy, i hear you heavy breathing and starting to moan a little more with each up and downward motion my throbbing cock. I reckon your going to be cumming soon all over my cock, i want to feel that so much. I want to feel your juices flood my already soaked cock and flow around my balls and down my leg.
I urge you to push it, push harder to cum harder. Dont stop i say as my fingers continue to play, open and tease your arsehole all the way until you start to cum. I want to feel your arse tighten and squeeze them with every orgasmic pulse and wave of pleasure your body is feeling. Very close now, im on that edge again jake you turn to me and say, pumping as hard as your body will allow you to. Fuck my cock bella i say, come on fuck it like theres no tomorrow. Bounce that pussy on it, up down, slap them ass cheeks against my balls bella. A t that moment i hear, feel and see you are about to let loose and lose control.
Your hands reach back onto my legs and sqeeze as the fury begins. Squelching sounds eminate from your pussy as it begins squirt tiny streams of your lady liquid outwards down over my shaft as it continues to extract all and every ounce of pleasure from your being with each stroke that it carries on with during your moment.Your trembling, shaking i guess with every wave of pleasure that passes through your body. My fingers are as i wanted, still in your arse being held in a vice like grip.
Your hole is twitching with every moan you give, your head hung forwards and hair drooping down to the floor, your strength is decreasing slowly as all this feeling takes its toll. I think to myself, nows my moment. The chance to take control and do what ive been planning whilst opening up that tight ass with my fingers and thumbs. I raise you off my cock, and somehow manage to rotate you but you fall to your knee's. Even better, i can now bend you over the bench ive just been sitting on and take that ass. You dont put up any sign of a worry and seem to want me to take you. Unsure i hesitate and stop.
This is for a brief moment only though as i glance and see both your hands reach around and pull an arse cheek each as far open wide, as they could possibly stretch. There, inviting me in, glistening with juices was your hole crying out to me to cum and fuck it hard and fast. Its my turn now, Im going to fill this little tight hole with my cum to the brim. I waste no time,i get down and place my bellend which is bursting with pressure.
The pressure of my cock being so hard and me being so aroused. It even looked bigger than the norm. In one swift gentle motion i feel my bellend enterand force its way partially down your pipe. Pausing for just a split second to make sure you are ok. God yeah, you mumble to me. Yes im ok. Knowing this i grunt and push my member deeper and deeper into you. Holding in your groans, only just though as you take me all the way in, deep inside as far as your tight teen ever so stretched ass can do without being torn.. I think to myself, fuck me, thats not bad for a 17yr old tight bodied lass at all. Well, to be honest, i was damn impressed really. Then Add to that the, my oh my oh yes feel of it too and you get near perfect tight teen ass.
Things speed up a little now, the friction of her arse tightly squeezing my shaft and throbbing bulbous bellend starts to create some sore redness.  more with each and every stroke/thrust i give her. All or nothing i reckon now, time to bang this ass into next year.
I draw my cock all the way out to the tip, amking sure as to not slip out of you as i do so. Then i let go,in one ramming movement im in hard and deep, no sooner am i in, im back out again as fucking you so fast. Quiet i say to bella,you making to much noise. So would i be though if someone was fucking my ass this hard and fast. Oh bella i groan, im gonna cum, im gonna cum deep in your tight teen ass and fill it too i tell you. Im starting to slow, i can feel my ballbag tighten and my bollox retract as they prepair to offload a whole ocean of warm, thick, stick spunk into you ass.
At that moment I grab bellas hips hard and pull her back to me one last strong  time to light the fuse to the jets that were iminant. My knees tremble as the first hot jet fires deep down your pipe, i pull backwards as another shoots to meet the first lot. I then pull all my cock out leaving your arsehole spread wide from the stretching. As it closes slowly, another 5 or 6 jets rain down on it. Most of the cum dissapearing inside your beaten ass as it retracts further closing up the whole left by my cock.
Cum dribbling down your crack round to your pussy, i look at you. Eyes rolling, panting and heavy breathing in the know that you had just been
Fucked how you like it, Hard!!!...In one last turn of events i hear you say something to me. What was that bella i ask?. She replies, be filthy for me and give my arse crack one lick from top to bottom, go on jake please do, please do it. A moment to think and you know what, i thought fuck it. So i went ahead and did as she asked, tasting my cum, her juices, her arse and all that was there as my tongue slowly ran from her arsehole to her clit. I hate to admit it but, my god it turned me on like a bomb for some reason. All cleaned up bella i say to her, mmmmmmmmmm she replies. thanks jake you dirty filthy man you.
We both get on our clothes, neither of us knowing if we had been seen or even heard. Well luckilly we hadnt. Good news to our ears indeed. I pull the curtain back on the cubicle, and walk out. i Turn round to bella and smile. Very, well a new and very interesting sales technique on me that was bella i say to her. Thats my first use of it to  jake she relies adding, im still trembling now. Oh and all i can feel is your warm cum dribbling slowly out my rear. Thats not surprising bella i say, it did get a proper good stretching with my cock as hard as it was.
If your a good girl bella and if theres any left later then il clean it up for you with with my tongue.Spotless and cum free i add with a wink.
The store is now officially closed with not one till open to pay for my sweater means that what i came for, i cant have now. Your a distracting lil lady i say to her. Yes i am arnt i, although i didnt hear you complaining about that as you filled me and my butt with your warm stuff. Me, i reckon enjoyment and pleasure were achieved by the both of us thus ensuring future repeatings of the encounter occur. You jake? I agree totally bella. Bit earlier next time maybe so a longer sesh is had hey?  Oh yes jake, sounds mmmmm that, plus more a risk we get seen too as the store will be busier.
On that note bella, i better get heading off home now. Okies  jake bella says. Guess il see il  you later. I guess so bella i reply. No, infact bella, theres no guessing needed on seeing you later. Im 100% positive il see ya. laughing as i say so.
Oh, 1 last thing jake before you shoot off. Yes i ask. Dont spose you know what mum has done for tea tonight do you? A roast dinner i think, her and dad went shopping today and as always they will follow with the obligatory after shopping veg and beef fest dinner. Thats ok bella says, im bloody hank marvin me.(starving)lol. Only half hour and im done she says, just got tidy up. See ya in a short wee while then bella,sure will jakey bum. Mwah.
Before turning to go on my way home packing a semi hard cock in my boxers at what just occured i say, il tell mum you'lll be back for around six then bella yeah, Thats fine jake yes she replies.Adding finally, That was the best so far jake, you fucked me just how i never thought you'd try you dirty fucker,i so loved it. every minute, inch and throbbing cocks worth. Although my arse will probs ache for a month now she says jokingly.
Well pop in and see me in my room later, i say to bella. Ill Take a look at it. Il see if theres any of my cum left up there for me to lick and clean out i add with a wink. Il hold you to that jake, hope so sis cos dont forget mum and dad are  out later so all will be quiet and il be waiting for you.lool
Right im defo off now so il see ya later. I kiss  bella  and leave the shop smug grin and my secret of teaching bella the good bits n bobs of sex still in tact. All in all a cock throbbing afternoon a lil tiring i think, but, oh so so worth every minute and every amount of effort and risk....
Later i may teach her that it rude to spit. Take it all down like candy il drum into her. Then i think il maybe raid that arse again as i got a teaching from her i think today on young ass and how damn niiiice it can be. Ive never felt anything like that felt  before. Tight and primal feeling.Like wanting to just bang that ass so hard as the arousal blew sense and gentle feelings away. 
Well, il sign off now but be sure il fill you in on the details of tonights deviance.

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anonimusrick    (2011-05-29 07:06:21)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick A bit if a hard read, dude. Quotation marks would make it better.
But, all in all, very HOT.
I loved the semi-public aspect. It was even better when you said she is 17. And then, to find out she's you sister. AWESOME,

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Location: A store dressing room | Roleplay: Student/Teacher
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