A Broken Promise   added 4 years ago    

  By: LadySub

It was the summer before college and I tried to keep it light. I never had a serious boyfriend, so I never got caught in any bad situations. You could say I was intact. However, I liked to call myself an educated virgin. Before my mom came home every night, I would sneak into her room and find her secret stash of erotic fantasy books and read them until I felt uncomfortably turned on. That’s also the summer I started chatting online. I was never lonely all you had to do was write 18/f and the requests to chats came rolling in. I tried my hand at cyber sex many times, but was always bored because men aren’t very descriptive.
I was pretty safe about not giving out personal information and so it was all in good fun. I started talking to this person with the logon name: Grayson. I thought finally someone that could be descriptive with cyber sex. We talked also and little by little I didn’t realize I was sharing personal information.
I don’t know how he talked me into it, but soon we were talking on the phone late at night. He would tell me how he would do me and I would have an orgasm for him over the phone. I told him I was going to college in the city and he lived close by the campus and made me promise that I would give him my virginity and be his sex slave. To me it was all in good fun.
Grayson started getting very demanding and possessive and I decided I didn’t want to play anymore and wanted to end everything. I was a coward and told him over chats that I was no longer comfortable talking about being his sex slave. He started talking in all caps and told me to call him. I typed back No. You are just going to try to talk me out of it. Then he started typing out my personal information:
Sarah Cullen, my home address, and where he could find me. I was freaking out. I never told him where I lived! So, I did call him to tell him it was over and to leave me alone. He started yelling at me for taking advantage of him and how could I do this after he “fucked” me. I guess he meant phone sex. I told him we didn’t do anything together besides talked. I ended up hanging up on him and spent a couple of days in fear every time I heard the doorbell ring or phone ring. I ended up confiding in a friend and let her know in case I went missing. I was a bit paranoid.
As weeks went by and I moved into the college dorm, I had forgotten about my unfriendly good-byes with Grayson and entrenched myself in campus life. I even went on a couple of dates, but nothing got to serious. One day I was sitting in the library catching up on my tv class. I procrastinate and some days I would be in the library watching 3 or 4 classes. I saw out of the corner of my eye a young man sit next to me. He tapped me on my shoulder. “Excuse me, are those tapes for History through Films?” he asked. "
I took my headphones off and said, “Yes, I’m catching up.”
“Do you mind if I watch them with you? I need to catch up as well.”
I let him squeeze closer to me and listened together. He would make funny comments through the lecture and had me laughing most of the time. He told me his name was Paul and was graduating soon and just had the easy classes left. He thought it would be a good idea to study and watch the classes together. I thought he was trying to hit on me, but I threw him a bone and said sure. We met on a weekly basis. When the midterm was fast approaching, Paul suggested that we should pull a late night and study at his place. “We can order pizza and just have fun with it,” he said.
“I can’t until the weekend because I work in the mornings,” I answered.
“Friday, then,” he said, “I’ll pick you up at the dorms.”
Paul picked me up and headed to his place. I was a bit taken back when we pulled up to a condo south of downtown; a very well to-do neighborhood.
“You live here?” I asked. I couldn’t believe a college student has such a place.
“With a little help from mom and dad,” he said and shrugged.
“How nice of them,” I chuckled.
I walked into this condo and was surprised there wasn’t any college furniture. It was modern décor and the place was immaculate. Another man walked out of a room. 
“Oh! This is my roommate, Charlie.”
Charlie looked me up and down and smiled. “Who’s your friend, Paul?”
“This is Sarah. The girl I told you about.”
“Oh! Nice. Nice, indeed.”
I was feeling uncomfortable under his gaze and I guess Paul sensed this. He put his hand on my back and started walking me to his room.
“Don’t worry about Charlie. He’s just…um…yea.”
Paul led me into his room. “I’ll be right back, Sarah. I need to run to the restroom.”
I sat at the desk and waited for Paul to come back. Charlie came walking in and I cringed internally as he leaned against the wall and just leered at me. I was going to tell him Paul would be right back when he asked, “So, are you still a virgin?”
I was dumbfounded. Where the hell did that question come from?
His mouth stretched over his teeth into what looked like a predatory smile. “I think you still are. Only a virgin would blush to that question. I had hoped you would have saved yourself. ”
“What are you talking about?”
“You don’t remember my voice? It doesn’t bring up any memories, Sarah? Sarah Cullen.”
An ice cold feeling washed over me. I stood up and started collecting my things. “Um…I gotta go.”
Charlie leaped over the bed to the other side of the room and snatched me in his arms. “Where do you think you are going? I have unfinished business with you.”
I screamed for Paul and Charlie laughed. I saw Paul turn the corner and I felt relief only to have it be washed away when he said, “Oh! You told her already.”
“I sure did. Did you get the stuff?”
"What is going on?”  
“You gave a promise, Sarah,” Charlie hissed in my ear, “and I intend to collect.”
“No!” I screamed and fought to break loose, but then Paul came running across the room and helped Charlie pin me to the bed.
“Quick, gag the bitch!”
I felt a cloth being shoved into my mouth and taped over. They ripped at my pants and shirt and I fought to stop them, but they were too strong and soon I was sprawled naked underneath them. Paul clasped my hands together and tied them up. They carried me downstairs squirming into the living room and tossed the rope over a beam and pulled until I was standing with my arms raised above me. I stood there naked, near tears, and scared shitless.
“Now I can actually get a good look at you, Sarah.” Charlie walked a circle around me. “You promised me your virginity, Sarah, and I’m going to take it. Then you are going to be our sex slave for the weekend. You will do everything we want you to do and fuck who ever we want you to fuck.”
I started shaking my head and yelling No over and over again, but it was just muffled sound. Charlie laughed. “I don’t think you have a choice. You will remain tied and gagged until you accept your fate.” He continued to circle me as he explained that I was to call him “Master” and call Paul “Sir” and I would have to ask for anything, including asking to pee.
“Hurry up Charlie! I want to start fucking her already.”
I shot up and looked at Paul. He was suppose to be my savior, but was turning out to be as sick as Charlie. Maybe worse.
Charlie stopped and starred at Paul. “Fine, but remember I fuck her pussy first.”
“Then fucking do it already!”
“Look, I only invited you on this because I needed your help. So, be cool already.”
“Whatever, Charlie! You would have let the tease get away with it if I didn’t track her down.”
Both men glared at each other for a minute and then Charlie turned back to me and put his hands on my waist and traced them up to my chest to my breasts and then squeezed on them.
“I imagined your tits to be bigger, Sarah, but I’m not going to complain.” He cupped them and traced his thumb along my nipples. “I like that they fit in my hands.”
He squeezed them and I shut my eyes tight and gave a muffled moan.
“Go get the stool, Paul. She’s shorter than I thought she would be.”
I felt myself being lifted and placed on a stool so that my hips lined up with Charlie’s and my breasts where in his face. My arms were lower because the stool made me taller, so Charlie placed himself in-between them, so it looked like I was hugging his neck.
“Aw, perfect!” He bent down and took my nipple in his mouth and placed his hands behind to press me against his mouth. His mouth engulfed my nipple and he sucked hard on it and I felt myself quiver.
“So, sweet,” he whispered, “I’m getting such a hard-on knowing I’m the first man to have you.”
“I’m getting blue balls waiting for you to fuck her already,” Paul spat.
“Shut the fuck up, Paul!”
Paul had taken his shirt off and lined himself against my back and I felt the heat from his body.
“It looks like you need a little help getting her ready, Chuck.”
Paul moved my hair off my neck and started nibbling me. He moved his hands over my breasts and started fondling me and pitching my nipples. I threw my head back on his shoulder. My nipples were getting sore from all the attention and sending tingling sensations to my core.
“Looks like she likes it,” Charlie said, “She’s going to be a good slave.”
I felt Charlie part my legs and he pressed his hand against my mound. I flinched and had Paul not been behind me, I probably would have fallen. Charlie began massaging me and then slipped a finger inside me. “You are already getting wet, Sarah. I knew you were a slut deep inside.”
He began pumping his finger inside me and then slipped in another one. I clinched and squeezed his fingers every time he pushed in. I felt myself getting wetter too.
Charlie unzipped his pants and slipped out of them. He was engorged. He placed the tip inside my lips and ran it down my slit. I tried to move away, but Paul held me in place. Charlie pushed his thick cock inside me an inch and I felt stretched already. He began squeezing in further and I felt like I was being ripped in two. I threw my head back and started whimpering on Paul’s shoulder. He turned and licked my cheek and bit my earlobe. I was pressed against two devils!
“Fuck, she’s so tight!” Charlie gasped. My sounds of protest became louder through my gag as the pressure of his cock tore through my virgin pussy. Paul pulled me back into his chest so that Charlie could drill in me further and he gave a thrust and was fully inside me. He was pushed in full hilt and was squeezing my hips so hard with his hands. His eyes were slammed shut and he was gritting his teeth. I felt myself clinching around him as I was adjusting to his size. “Jesus, she’s going to make me cum before I even start thrusting.”
Paul whispered into my ear, “I can’t wait until it’s my turn.” Then he started sucking on my neck.
I felt Charlie pull out a little only to stop and then try again. The pain was slipping away and a pleasant feeling was building. I arched my hips and took him in again. Charlie hissed and said, “Not so fast.” 
My body started reacting to him inside me and I don’t know why, but I had to move. I started pumping my hips on his cock into a frenzy. Charlie clinched my hips harder, but the pleasure surpassed the pain and I kept pumping his cock. He threw his head back and just let me do all the work.
“That’s my little slut, squeeze my cock.” His voice was quivering.
“Dammit, Charlie! Hurry the fuck up!” Paul reached around me and started rubbing my clit. I threw my head back and rocked my hips faster and I felt the yearning turn to an ache and I pumped harder and faster. I felt Charlie swell inside me and the stretching and Paul’s rubbing sent me over the edge and I felt my body convulse around Charlie’s cock. He grabbed my hips hard and shoved deep into me and a groan ripped from his mouth as I felt his cum spill inside me.
“Fuck!” Charlie gasped. He pulled out and even though he was out, I still felt like he was in me.
“My turn,” I heard Paul say. He stood me up and placed the stool in front me and pushed me down on it. My legs were mush and I flopped on the stool presenting my backside to Paul.  I felt Paul slide his dick inside my pussy from behind. I was still slick from Charlie inside of me, but he still entered me slow. “Fuck yea! She has a tight hole.” He shoved all the way into me. He wasn’t gentle and he didn’t seem to care if I enjoyed it. He pulled all the way out and rammed his cock back into me.
“C’mon cunt, I want to make your tits bounce.” I grunted with each thrust. Charlie was turning out to be the lesser of the two devils. He slapped my ass and I grunted through my gag.  He began pounding me harder and I gripped the stool for dear life. “Yea, that’s a tight hole! Take that dick, slut!” I felt his fingers wet with juice run along my ass.
“You have such a pink ass hole, slut. I’m going to make it red.” He shoved his finger inside me and I grabbed the stool harder as his finger invaded my ass. I began protesting behind the gag, but he didn’t care. He pulled out of my pussy and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “I’m going to ruin you pink little hole.” I looked up to see Charlie stroking his cock back to life as he watched Paul enter my ass. I felt Paul press the tip of his cock, slick with my juices, inside me. I shrieked and tried to get away, but Paul had my hips firmly and he pushed all the way inside me without any regard to my pain.
I screamed and tears started running down my face. “You got her virgin cunt, Charlie, but I’m ruining her virgin ass.” He began pumping violently inside me and I started crying and wincing with each thrust. I heard the slapping of his body against mine as he ripped into me. His panting became heavy and fast and finally he grabbed my hips hard a spilled inside me.
I looked down and I had some blood mixed with cum running down my legs. I was sobbing. I felt myself being untied and laid down on the floor. Charlie straddled my stomach and pressed my tits together. I was too weak and in pain to struggle. He slipped his dick between my tits and crushed them against it. He began pumping my chest. He pinched my tits as he fucked them. The juices from my pussy still on his dick smeared down my chest as he thrust faster. The friction was hurting me and I started grunting again as he continued to abuse my tits. I felt his cum start squirting and it spilled down my chest and some even hit my face.  He rolled off me panting.
I was covered in cum flowing down my legs, chest, and face. My tears had left streaks down my cheeks.  I heard Paul laughing, “Damn, we sure ruined her.”
“Yep, and that was just the first session. We have all weekend.”

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Comments for A Broken Promise

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LauraAngel    (2011-06-07 09:49:46)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel I loved this dirty kind of fantasy. I enjoyed the read, and became excited and visualized the whole thing. It sounded just like my fantasy.
Keep up the wonderful writing, It's great!!!!
SassyGrlNstDr    (2011-05-30 12:10:10)    Flag as inappropiate
SassyGrlNstDr I enjoy this story, got my panties wet.
Love the idea of being taken and use for someone else's pleasure.
Elle    (2011-05-30 10:58:45)    Flag as inappropiate
wow, that was a great story. I rarely enjoy the non-sex part of a fantasy this much. not only dirty, but also very interesting. keep going! ;-)
LadySub    (2011-05-28 21:41:34)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub I've been called worse, Saint. ;)
Glad you enjoyed!
saintstephen    (2011-05-28 20:30:24)    Flag as inappropiate
You are indeed dirty. Well done.

MatureWife    (2011-05-28 18:07:06)    Flag as inappropiate
MatureWife Very exciting.
I'd love to hear some more.
This is the type of activity we
really love. Hubby and I are
both kinksters..
LadySub    (2011-05-28 17:07:32)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub If you want to hear more about the weekend, leave a comment and a Part II can be written.
LadySub    (2011-05-28 17:07:31)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub If you want to hear more about the weekend, leave a comment and a Part II can be written.

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