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  By: anonimusrick

Just a brief note: I have never worked as a security guard in a small town department store, nor do I have a daughter.

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                                       BEAUTY AND BRAINS
                                           The shoplifter
  Her name was Kristi and I had busted her twice before for shoplifting at the department store I worked security at.  The first time she was 14, the second she was 16.  Now she was 19 and attending MIT on a full academic scholarship.  We lived in a small town so I pretty much knew everything about everybody.  Besides, she was friends with, and the same age as my daughter (Kelly).  Physically she was my ideal girl: About 5’, maybe 100 lbs. (probably closer to 90 lbs.), with small perky tits (I later found out she was 32A-21-30).  The small electronics and jewelry she was attempting to shoplift were worth thousands of dollars. 
   I caught up to her just as she stepped out of the door.  “Kristi, you know you’ve been banned from the store.  You’ve been trespassing since you came in.”  “But, Mr. Rick, that all happened before I was 18.  I figured that was wiped out now that I am a legal adult.”  “No, it is s lifetime ban.  Besides, you’re trying to steal merchandise.  I’ve got you on surveillance video.  I think we should go upstairs to my office.”  

   She looked scared.  Good, that would make it easier to get what I really wanted from her.  “You know the way, little girl.  I will follow you up the stairs.”  I followed her as she slowly climbed the stairs.  My cock was getting hard watching that small tight ass wiggle on the way to the office.

   We stood facing each other for a few seconds. I loved how she looked as if she were about to cry.  “When MIT finds out you’ve been busted for Grand Theft you will probably lose your scholarship, little girl.”  She just started blubbering when I said that.  Through the tears she managed to say, “Please, Mr. Rick, don’t tell the cops.  I’ll do anything you want.”  “Well, first things first, empty your pockets.  You know the drill.  Merchandise in one basket and your stuff in the other.”  I pointed at the two wicker baskets on my desk.

   She emptied her coat and pants pockets into the two baskets and stood there waiting.  “Now get undressed.”  “Wh-what…?”  “You said you’d do what I want.  I want you naked.”  “But… Why?”  “For an intelligent little girl you sure can be dumb, Kristi.  I want you naked so I can fuck you.  Either that, or I call my brother.”  She knew I meant my brother the Sherriff, not my other brother the plumber.

   Resigning herself to her fate, she took off her jacket and then started unbuttoning her blouse.  As she removed her clothes she got a little sassy with me, “What’s the matter, you ain’t gettin’ none at home?”  I laughed, “For your information, little girl, I get all I want at home.  The wifey, does whatever I want, when I want, and how I want; just like you’re going to now.”  Her blouse was unbuttoned now.  I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra.  “Leave the blouse on, and your sneakers and socks, too.  Just get those shorts off.”  I told her.  

   She did as I ordered, revealing My Little Pony panties.  I was hoping for something like that.  I sat down on the padded bench.  “Now come here and sit on my lap.”  Silently, she sat with her back against my chest.  She shivered as I reached inside her blouse, taking a nipple between my fingers.  “This isn’t going to be me making love to you like your boyfriends have, Kristi.  This is going to be me fucking you, and fucking you hard.”  “Nobody’s ever… I mean I’m a…”

   “You’re a virgin?”  I was incredulous.  She didn’t answer.  After a few seconds I squashed her nipples between my thumb and two fingers.  She shrieked.  It was a good thing the room was soundproofed.  “I asked you a question girl.”  In a barely audible whisper she finally answered, “Yes.”  “Damn, I ain’t had a virgin since me and the wife went to Thailand last year.  That was a bit bloody.”  Her whole body was shaking in fear now.  

   I slid my unoccupied hand on top of her panties.  “Spread those legs.”  She didn’t move until I applied a little pressure to her nipple.  When she finally spread them, she spread them wide.  That’s when I remembered she had been an above average gymnast, just not quite good enough for the Olympics.  She could have had athletic scholarships to less prestigious universities than MIT if she had wanted.  Hopefully, for her sake, all the stretching from the gymnastics had torn her hymen.

   Roughly, I rubbed her pussy through her panties.  To my surprise I felt wetness seeping through the thin cotton material.  Despite her fright, it seemed she was getting turned on.  That was a good thing.  I didn’t want to hurt her (well not too much, any way).  I growled softly in her ear, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first time you came to my house to see Kelly (my daughter).  A small tight ass like yours just needs a dick in it to make it complete.”  “Oh my GOD.  That was six years ago.  I was only 13 then.”  “13 with a killer ass.”

   I could feel her getting wetter as I kept rubbing her pussy.  “I remember you running around in just a t-shirt and panties during sleepovers.  Sitting there watching TV with your legs crossed, showing your panties; showing your camel toe; teasing me with your sexy little body.  Now I’m finally gonna get to fuck you.”  The more I talked the wetter she got.  She was still scared shitless.  But, something about me, or the situation, was turning her on against her conscious will.  I kept talking; telling her how I’d wanted her when she was younger, and rubbing for a few more minutes.  Tears were streaming down her face.  She couldn’t stop trembling.  She, also, couldn’t stop her pussy from getting wetter.

   I had had enough of ‘foreplay’.  “Get up,” I told her, “and take those panties off.  It’s time to fuck.”  She stood but made no move to take off her panties.  “Either take them off or get dressed.  But, if you don’t have them off in 5 seconds I’m calling my brother.”  It only took her about 3 seconds to remove them.  “Now go and stand by the desk, facing it.”

   She did just that.  I had modified the desk, raising it higher than normal, to accommodate my fucking preferences.  When I forced her face down on the desk her feet didn’t even reach the floor.  “Last chance to say no, little girl.”  “You know I don’t want to do this, you bastard.  Just do it and get it over with.”  I rubbed my hand over her glistening pussy lips and then put my fingers on her lips.  “Your words say no, Kristi.  Your wet pussy says yes.”  She gasped as she finally realized her young body was betraying her.
   I quickly took my pants off before positioning myself behind her.  She let out a loud “OOF,” as I pushed just the head of my cock inside her.  I stayed right there for a few seconds.  Then I grabbed both her hips and rammed my shaft all the way in her tight tiny teen twat.  I fucked her long and slow for a few minutes before pulling out to roll her over on her back.  I wanted to see her face.

  When I got her on her back was the first time she actually saw my cock, all 7 ½’ of it.  “Oh my GOD.  You can’t fit that in me!”  “Been there, done that.” was all I said before I rammed it in, full length, with one quick lunge.  She had tightened up at the sight of my cock but I still managed to force it in with relative ease due to her wetness.  

   I just held myself that way while I positioned her more to my satisfaction.  I knew she’d be real flexible from the gymnastics; I was going to find out just how flexible she was.  I grabbed one ankle and put it behind her head.  When that worked I did the same with her other ankle.  Then I held both her thin wrists together over her head with one hand.  She was totally at my mercy.  Most guys would have just pounded away until flooding her pussy with cumm.  That’s not my style.

   What I did was rub her clit with the thumb of my free hand while, again, fucking her long and slow.  It was only a matter of about two minutes before I felt her twat spasming in orgasm around my cock.  Her juices were dripping out of her coating her virgin asshole with wetness.

   Before she realized what I was doing I pulled out of her pussy and plunged into her ass.  After I was already buried to the hilt she finally realized what I had done.  She cried, and cussed, and screamed at me to stop.  I had other thoughts in mind than stopping.

   What I did was fuck her tight little ass hard and fast.  I was like and animal, pistoning in and out.  Despite her petite statue, she had no problem accommodating me.  I kept pounding her little ass until I was almost ready to cumm.  She actually came a second time before I was done.  Then I pulled out.

   Pulling her off the desk, I forced her to her knees. By now she was more compliant and automatically opened her mouth when I placed my cock against her lips.  I decided to take it easy on her.  I could have fucked her mouth.  I could maybe have even forced my cock in her throat.  But, like I said earlier, I didn’t want too hurt her, too much.  I just held her head in place with a handful of hair and jerked off into her mouth.  “You better swallow it all, like a good little girl, Kristi.  Otherwise, you’ll be going home with cumm on your face.”

   Seconds later I exploded in her mouth.  Despite her inexperience she managed to swallow all but a tiny bit that escaped from the corner of her mouth.  When she had milked me dry I let go of her head.  

   I lifted her to her feet, first, then picked her up and licked my cumm off her face before shoving my tongue in her mouth.  The could taste her juices and saliva mixed with my cumm.  I wasn’t surprised when she kissed me back, her little tongue dancing around mine.  I already knew she liked the rough treatment I had given her.

   “I think you should come over for dinner, Kristi.  Kelly will be glad to see you.”  She looked confused.  “What about your wife?”  “I told you before, she does what I want, when I want, and how I want.  Tonight she’ll be serving you, me, and Kelly dinner in bed.”  You, me, and Kelly?”  “Kelly is a good little girl, just like you.  We’ll have a good time together, I think.”  Her only response was a huge grin.


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nicenaughtyslut    (2011-11-25 05:32:45)    Flag as inappropiate
makes me want to shoplift
Jon    (2011-09-25 20:13:46)    Flag as inappropiate
very nice! i need a little shop lifter like that, with easypeasy and nicenaughtyslut to help :) and you too rick!
nicenaughtyslut    (2011-06-23 06:12:09)    Flag as inappropiate
i wanna be busted shoplifting now
nicenaughtyslut    (2011-06-23 06:12:05)    Flag as inappropiate
i wanna be busted shoplifting now
easypeasy    (2011-06-05 17:59:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Not a fan of ass-to-mouth, but the rest TOTALLY turned me on!! Super wet cunt now!

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