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  By: LadySub

Sitting through my 5th session of the day I wonder why I get hoodwinked into coming to these boring industry conferences.  Oh, because I’m the only single associate in the office that happens to not have any ankle-biters.  I can’t help looking at the wedding rings on all the guys here, including my fellow co-worker, Kevin. I wonder how he got himself conned into coming to this drab conference. No fun for a single gal here among the gold bands, but I can’t keep my smirk down as I think that this time it’s going to be different. I plan to have fun tonight.


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 I head to the hotel bar as soon as they let us out. I’m in desperate need of a martini with extra olives. “Hold up, Jean!” I turn around to see Kevin bounding after me.  Kevin is the type of guy you would see on those commercials where the good looking dad is sitting down with his family for some Tyson chicken or something.

“Where you heading so fast,” he asked.

“I’m dying for a drink,” I moan. I give him a sweet smile “You are welcome to join me.” I take it that he thinks it’s a good idea as his steps fall in line with mine. He confirms my thought when he says, “Gah! These conferences are so boring. I think drinks would hit the spot before I head to the room for the night to call the fam.”  

 I had met Liz at an office party at one point. She regarded me like most of the wives do – as someone they didn’t like working with their husband. The single, attractive girl is always a threat. Well, it was probably wise of her to be leery of me. Of all the guys working in the office, Kevin had the most potential of me wanting to wrap my leg around. I can’t help notice his narrow waist and how firm his ass looks in a nice business suit. I would daydream what his hands would feel running along my bare skin. But who hasn’t fantasized about someone at work?

 Four maybe five drinks and a slew of bar appetizers later, I’ve gotten Kevin’s life story, the pros of being married followed by the cons, and had to answer the dreaded “why are still single?” question. Unfortunately when the conversation was getting good and moving to the flirty innuendos, Kevin decided to head up for the night.  I sipped my drink as I watch him walk away.  

 I spent 2 more hours sipping on cocktails and ignoring a few drunken advances from other men. I already had made plans for tonight and I just needed to be patient. I walk to the front desk and let the attendee know that I left my card in my room and would I be able to get a new one. I flashed my ID and they gladly gave me another copy. I headed to my room and slipped my card into the door and the green light turned on. Excellent!

 I enter the room and it’s dark and I wait until my eyes adjust to the light. I walk further into the room and see the moon shining through the window illuminating the sitting room and to the left is a door into the bedroom. I go ahead and start undressing and lay my clothes folded nicely on the couch. I walk to the window and let the moon shine on my naked form. I close my eyes and run my hands down my neck and over my firm breasts, cupping them like a lover would do. I’m sure to pitch my nipples until they respond and turn into hard erect buds. I run my right hand down my stomach admiring the concave form of it. It’s smooth and unmarked by stretch marks. Yep, I’m glad I haven’t popped up any offspring and ruined my form. I run my hand lower over my well groomed mound and slip a finger into my slit and run it from bottom to top. I’m already getting moist from anticipation of tonight’s plans. I run my finger along my slit a couple more times before finding my clit and start making lazy circles on it. I open my mouth and let out a light gasp. I wonder if anyone can see me through this big window and the thought excites me more and I continue to massage my pussy with my finger. I just want to get worked up so I feel compelled to continue with my plan.

 Well, that should do it. I turn and walk into the bedroom. I stand at the foot of the bed and then kneel down. I lift the comforter and sheets up and start crawling under them to my destination. I could hear Kevin’s light breathing from under the covers. I can’t believe my plan worked. I had checked us in when we first got here and passed my room key onto Kevin and pocketed his. I placed my stuff in the room meant for him. Then it was just a matter of getting a new room key before coming upstairs.  Now, I’m just inches away from what I want.

 I didn’t expect him to be hard, after all he would be sleeping, but that’s okay. I’ve been torturing myself with the thought of shoving him into my mouth and feeling him grow; filling my mouth up with cock until it’s throbbing for release. Now, here I am. I take him all in my mouth and start sucking and licking his cock coaxing it to grow. I hear Kevin stir. His legs spread further apart. I hear him breathing in long drawn out breathes. I slip my hands under him and cup his ass and I continue to feast on his cock. I feel it start to grow and I start running my tongue up and down the contours of the underside of it. I twirl my tongue along the head and shove him deeper into my mouth. I hear him moan and it drives me on. I grab his ass harder and pull him in deeper so that it’s hitting the back of my throat and I feel his cock grow to full length. I start bobbing my head up and down.

 Kevin starts to groan incoherently and I feel his hands slip down over my head and freeze. If I didn’t have a mouth full of cock, I would laugh. I feel the covers being thrown back and I slip his dick out my mouth and smile. “Jean! What the hell?! You can’t be in here!”

 “Oh! Kevin just enjoy the blow job.” I take him all into my mouth and begin to suck. I hear his head fling back and hit the head board and let out a grown. I continue my assault on him and twist my tongue around the head and up and down his cock. I feel him bend forward and grab my shoulders and thrust me off. “Jean, we can’t do this. I’m married!”

  I push him back down and grab his cock. I start stroking it from base to tip. “Tell me, Kevin, when’s the last time your wife sucked your cock?”

“That doesn’t matter, Jean. We can’t do this.”

“It will be our secret, Kevin.” I continue to stroke his cock slowly. “I can tell you need this, so let me just suck on your cock, Kevin.” I bend down and kiss the tip. Then I take the head into my hot mouth and run my tongue along it. Kevin throws his head back and I hear him whisper no.

 “Oh, you don’t really want me to stop, Kevin.” I gingerly run my soft lips down his shaft. “You don’t have to answer me, Kevin. I gathered it’s been some time since Liz has truly loved on your cock.” I give him three light kisses and then take him back into my mouth and slide down to the base. I hear him suck in air as I start moving up and down again.

 “No! Gah! Jean...I can’t.” He starts moving to grab my shoulders again. I pull him deeper into my mouth and begin to suck and lick vigorously up and down the contours of his shaft. He falls back down to the bed breathing hard. I feel this overwhelming power over him as I feast on him and possess him. He starts to leak little drops of cum and run my tongue along the tip. “Mmmm, Kevin, you taste real good.” I bend down again and just take the head in my mouth lapping up his precum. He arches up and I dare say if I look, I bet his toes would be curled.

I move up to kiss his stomach, positioning his cock between my breasts. I let his cock rest between them and move up to kiss and nibble his chest. “What are you doing, Jean? I thought you were just going to suck my dick,” His voice is strained.

 “Kevin, I have all night to suck on your dick, if you would like, but I need to feel you inside me.” I straddle his hips. He tries to sit up and push me off and I grab his hands and slam them to the bed. Not giving him another chance to push me off again, I slam my pussy down on his cock until I hit the base and his tip stabs into my sensitive cervix. I throw my head back and groan as my pussy stretches to accommodate his cock. I hear Kevin moan and I smile. I lean down and whisper, “I bet Liz isn’t as tight as my pussy.”

 I begin to move my hips in little circles. Oh, it feels so good. “I bet after all those babies, she’s loose and can’t squeeze your cock like this.” I squeeze and my muscles contract to tighten around his cock. I hold it tight and begin to rock back and forth.  Kevin groans and rips his hands free and places them on my hips and begins to rock me faster on his cock. Seeing that he’s finally going with it, I sit up and arch back to expose my breast to him as I begin to rock with his hands. I feel his hands move up my stomach lingering on the smoothness before moving up to my breasts. I feel his hands squeeze them and I can tell my tits are rock hard. “Do you like my tits, Kevin?” I grab them and squeeze them together. He licks his lips as he runs his hands over them. I close my eyes and enjoy his touch and the feel of him inside me.

 “Does Liz fuck you like this?” my voice is raspy. I begin to slam down hard on his cock, squeezing him as I take him all in. He squeezes my breasts harder and groans. “I bet she doesn’t even say fuck.  I bet she’s prude and won’t even get on top anymore.”  I begin to fuck him faster and his hands slide down lower over my hips. He grabs them hard and starts shoving me harder and faster on his cock. “You need a dirty girl, Kevin.” I slam down on him. “I can be your dirty girl.”

 “Yes! Fuck me, Jean! Gah!”  I smile. I know I won. “Ride my cock!”

 Kevin pulls himself up an in sitting position and grabs my hair and pulls my head back, so my neck is exposed to him and I’m arching my breast up. He runs his tongue down my neck to my breasts and takes in my nipple and starts sucking hard. He places my nipple between his teeth and pulls. “Oooooh!” I yell.

“I thought dirty girls like a little pain,” he hisses. He claps back down my breast and starts nipping and biting it. “You have beautiful tits, Jean.” He pulls my hair harder and bites my other nipple. I feel his cock stir inside me. He grabs my hips and swings his legs off the bed. Still inside me, he stands up and carries me to the sitting room. He slips out of me and turns me around. “Stand on the couch, jean and bend over.” I do as he says and lean over with my arms on the couch and my tush in the air. I feel Kevin enter me from behind. “You are right, Jean. My wife’s pussy isn’t this tight.” He grabs my hips and slams into me. I let out a groan. He pulls out and thrusts into me hard a couple of times then starts thrusting in a faster rhythm. He slaps my ass. I start to scream, “Fuck me! Fuck me, Kevin!” over and over again.


I start feeling an ache inside me. I start moving with him faster, coaxing the ache to grow and build up until I throw my head back a scream as the ache explodes in me. Kevin’s cock swells to stretch me out more and feel him pulse inside me as warm streams of cum start pouring into me over and over again. I can tell it’s been a damn long time since Kevin has cum. I collapse on the couch and I feel Kevin’s body fall on mine.


“What have I done,” I hear him whisper. I turn around to face him and wrap my arms around him. “Apparently something you really needed.” 

“What are we going to do?” I can see his eyes look near panic. I lean up and kiss him. I press my lips harder until his mouth opens and I slip my tongue into his mouth. I coax his tongue out and start sucking on it until I hear him moan. I break off. “We are going to do it again, Kevin.”

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anonimusrick That's why I prefer young women; they are tighter and firmer than those nearer my age.
If I were Kevin, once I woke up you'd have ended up restrained before I was done with you.

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