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Part 1:


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    We are backyard neighbors.  Both of our houses have large privacy fences on both sides, but for some reason our back yards touch with just a small chain link fence about 3 feet high between them.  I see you, this lovely lady neighbor outside often, sometimes mowing the yard, or playing with dog, once in a while my dog will get in a barking contest with yours, and we both end up at the fence to stop them.  Some small talk ensues, and its always pleasant.  You seem to be about 5 to 10 years my elder, in good shape and always have one feature instantly notable...your large beautiful breasts are jutting from your summer tank top that is two sizes too large.  This allows them to bounce and jiggle around as you bend over to get your dog, and I usually catch a brief glimpse of some deep cleavage and almost a nipple once in a while...

    One late night, I got home from a party and opened the door to let my dog out, I caught just the briefest view of you closing your backdoor and could almost swear you were topless, but it was so fast I couldn't be sure...another time, you were sun-bathing up on your porch in the morning light when I woke up and looked outside, I think your top was off then too, but by the time I got up proper and looked again, you were fussing with your top and everything was covered...when we next spoke at the fence you gave no indication that anything had been noticed...

    “Evening =)” I say to you tonight, the time is just the beginning of twilight, I had been out playing with my dog and you have opened up the back door and walked out to water some flowers.  “Hiya” you reply and wander over to chat after a few minutes.  Jean-shorts cut short and that wonderful tank top is on you again, I suspect maybe the tank-top is your 'at home comfy cloths' to wear in the evening...the summer air is warm and slightly perfumed, a few night birds have begun to sing...a wonderful summer dusk is beginning...”I got a little sun on me today at the pool and I think I have a slight burn going on the back of my legs...” you say as we hang out at the fence.  “Ouch”, I reply, “I hope it isn't too bad.”  “Oh I will be all right, I am just really hot right now and the shirt is still sweaty.”  You tug at the tank-top from the front a few times to let some of the dusk air into it, while slowly turning to one side to look away and I can see so much of your side breasts and a little nipple...  You pull on your shirt a few more times, apparently oblivious to the little show you are giving me.  Suddenly I realize you are looking right at me as I am gazing at those wonderful tits, and I know I'm busted ;)  A few nervous laughs escape me, you smile and look away but not before the quickest glance at my crotch, where my cock is just beginning to get hard from the sight.  “Well, I guess I will call it a day, I need to get these cloths off and some aloe on so I can sleep better, good night!” “Night, sleep tight!” I respond, and you call your dog and walk away through your yard, the cool grass on your toes and through your back door.  ‘That is one fine woman’ I think to myself, ‘and I am pretty sure she knows it’...I watch as you go inside, turn on your back porch light and dis-appear into the dark of your house, then in a moment a kitchen light comes on...

    I call my dog and walk back inside too, remembering that way your breasts bounced slightly as you tugged on your shirt... the way your nipples seemed to get a little harder as the fabric brushed against them.  I take a deep breath of the clean dusk summer air, the last light is almost gone now...I decide that I may just have to open a beer and strip down, lay on the couch for a while and think about you while slowly playing with my cock, jiggling my large balls a little just like your breasts did... it’s not a terrible way to spend an evening I decide.  I do just that, walk to the couch, pull of my t-shirt and lay down, turn on the t.v.  Without even caring what show is on, I take a nice long drink from the beer, stretch out on the couch and slowly tickle my balls a little through my boxers...I can still just barely smell your scent, the sun lotion and shampoo, I feel my erection getting nice and hard through my boxers when I realize I didn't close my back door.  I hop up and walk to the door, pulling my boxers over to make sure my cock is covered up, I can see your back door still open, but the strangest thing happens as I get closer to my door...suddenly, your back porch light goes out.  It is nearly dark now, just an edge of light left, and I figure that the bulb must have burned out.  Then, I can see movement at your back door, it opens up, your head peaks cautiously out of the door looking around, you don't see me, its still fairly dark inside my place, just the light of the t.v. behind me...suddenly, I see you pop out of your door... absolutely, positively, fantastically, deliciously nude!  Not one drop of clothing on you, your body language is slightly nervous as you tip toe away from your porch and towards some trash cans on the far side of your house.  I am stunned and enthralled as I watch your naked form cross the grass to the cans, you lift one of the lids and throw away a small kitchen trash bag I now see you were holding, you look around, you look right at my house but don't seem to see me and begin to walk back.  This time your walk is more confident, a little slower and you seem to be enjoying the feeling of the fresh night air cooling your poor sunburned skin.  You make it to you back door, I am still dumb struck at my back door watching you, I can feel a tingle in my cock as it reacts to your nude form, you open your door to go back inside, when suddenly...BARK!  my dog lets out a salute to your sultry shape and your eyes instantly turn to me.  Our gazes positively lock!  You jump the last 2 steps towards your back door, opening it to rush back you open your door, your dog gets out and runs towards the half yell / half whisper its name to call it back but its no use, I can see you nervously covering your breasts and slightly ducking down as you hold the door half way open for it, calling for it...

    I still don't know how to re-act, but suddenly my dog is at my side, hearing your dogs little barks, and before I know it I have opened my door and let my dog out to run across the yard and greet shirt is off, I can feel a huge amount of excitement in my stomach and chest from the situation, and for just a moment we both look at each other in a naked stalemate, not knowing what will happen next...;)

This is the end of part 1, it is now up to you, my sexy story writing and erotic tale crafting lady friends to write the next part.  Please see my profile for more info =)  We can message each other and exchange a generic email to send the next parts to, or it can be done just through this site.  When the story is done, it can then be posted on yours, mine or both of our profiles.  Please write what you want to happen next from YOUR point of view.  Real laddies only please, sorry guys, you will just have to read the results as the story grows.  It is the woman's point of view, psychology and style that will turn me on, and help fuel my reaction to what they write.  Laddies, please write anything you like and mail me or contact me, it is up to you what happens next, then I will write the next part and so on.  Lets co-create some erotic fantasies and have some creative fun while we do =)  Yours in waiting...Case ;)

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PrettyLisaG    (2011-05-11 00:21:15)    Flag as inappropiate
I use to tease a neighbor a me thinking about it...maybe I will write something too...

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