Breaking Her In. Part III   added 4 years ago    

  By: LadySub

What am I doing? I’m stark naked tied to a bed and I just let this man, not my husband, violate me in every possible way and he’s promising to do more. I begin to struggle with shame, right, and wrong in my head and the whole enjoyment of it. I wonder if he Jason is struggling with the idea of me being married too or does it not matter to him. The high screech of the faucet turning off jars me back to reality of being tied, cold, and wondering what will happen next.


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Jason walks back into the bedroom and I take note of his form, something I haven’t been able to do until now. I already noticed his height compared to mine and his broad shoulders and chest sprinkled with dark chest hair, which trails down his stomach to his groin. Jason isn’t muscular in the sense you think of slick beach bodies, but he has some definition along his arms and down through his legs…more like the statue of David, but much taller, including some roundness along the side of his torso. His form is just enough to ooze male prowess, but not go overboard with gross muscles on top of muscles. It makes me want to run my hands all over his body and trace every line on him with my tongue. Wrong aside, this man has everything I need.

He climbs on the bed and crawls to me until he’s positioned between my legs and laying on his elbows with his chin resting on his hands right above my breasts. His body is radiating heat and it feels good against my exposed skin.

“You have such a doll face,” he says with a big smile. “I find it so pleasing.” He traces his fingers along my chin and around my cheek and down my little nose to rest on my lips. He rubs my bottom lip and then probes it slowly into my mouth until I’m sucking on it. “I loved seeing your delicate lips wrap around my cock.” I feel him stir below as he says this.

“I’m so glad you are here with me. I’ve been fantasizing what I’ve wanted to do to you.” He pulls his finger out of my mouth and cups my left breast. He starts kneading me and staring at my nipple as it gets hard as he goes from kneading to pitching my nipple. He’s transfixed on this action as he continues saying, “I was so upset you were going to leave me.” He bends down and puts my nipple in his mouth and twirls his tongue around it. “I want you to promise me you won’t ever do that again.” My silence wasn’t what he was looking for and he bites down on my nipple and I arch up with a gasp.  He places his arms around my torso so I can’t fall back down and now it looks as if my breasts are being presented to him. “Promise me!” He growls.

“I promise. I won’t try to leave you again.” I manage to get out. “Now say you belong to me,” He continues. “I belong to you,” I repeat.  “No!” he squeezes me. “Say it louder. I want you to shout that you are mine and belong to me.” I breathe in and yell, “I’m YOURS! I belong to you.”

“That’s right,” he says and he buries his face into my breasts. He starts nipping at the area between them and then trailing his tongue along each of them not taking account of where he’s been or going with his mouth. He randomly takes a nipple into his mouth and sucks and nips it and continues to devour the rest of my breasts. He’s acting like a starving man and I’m the banquet he’s feasting on.  

“Your lips are mine,” he says as he comes up to kiss me. “Your little tongue is mine.” He plunges into my mouth and sucks on it. “You neck is mine.” He bites it.  “Your tits are mine.” He squeezes them and sucks each nipple. “…And your tight pussy is mine.” He cups me and starts rubbing back and forth. He then sticks a finger and pumps it in and out and smiles. “My Doll face is wet for me. Tell me how much you want me.” I blush as I weakly mutter, “I want you, Jason. I want it real bad.”

“Oh, sweetie…you have to do better than that if you want my cock,” He smirks and continues to rub my slit with his palm. I squirm under his hand. I squeeze my eyes shut and say louder, “You are making me ache for you and I need your cock inside me.”

“Go on,” he says nonchalantly as he continues to rub my pussy; interchanging with his palm and fingertips.  Not knowing what he wants me to say, I feel my whole body flush red. I don’t know how to be crude. “Tell me why you need me,” he coaches, “Tell me how you need me.”

“All I ever wanted was to be fucked by a man,” I shout, “I want to be possessed by a strong man. Belong to him. I need you to show me how that feels. I crave it so badly, it hurts.”

“Mhmm,” he responds and starts rubbing me harder. “Tell me why you need me to fuck you, Marie.”

“I’ve fantasized about your cock inside me so much that I have to have it. I love the way it stretches me open. I love the way you fuck me hard. I love the way you push me down and hold me to the bed with your cock. I just..just..I love your cock…” I feel him push inside me and stretch me open and I moan as I spread wider for him. He thrusts all the way and rests his weight on my pelvic. “You love when I hold you down with my cock, huh?” He presses harder into me and grinds a circular motion. I throw my head back and moan. “I love how tight you are.” He continues to grind into me and I hear him give a light groan. His sounds of pleasure excite me and feel a throb inside me. “Tell me how much you love me fucking you.”

“I crave you so much, I would let you fuck me anyway you want. I’m yours. I’m yours to fuck. I’m yours to fuck whenever you want.”

“That’s right, you are mine to fuck. You come to me when I call you. You spread your legs whenever I want.” He starts to pull in and out of and thrust deep inside me faster and faster. He’s fucking me so hard and fast all I can hear is his body slapping into mine. The throbbing inside of me starts pulsing quicker and quicker. It’s an ache that keeps building and building and I feel like I’m about to explode. I feel it give and I start to convulse and buck with every wave that washes over me.

“I’m going to cum inside you, Marie,” I hear him say, “You are going to know what it feels like to have a real man fill you up.” He starts pounding me faster. In the back of mind I feel like I should stop him, but I crave him so much. I actually want him to cum inside me. No, I can’t want that. “Tell me you want me to cum inside you, Marie!” I struggle to ask him to because I know the consequence if everything is lined up right. “You belong to me, Marie. You are mine!”  I don’t have time to choose a response. He grabs my hips and gives one big thrust and then pulls out and starts cumming on my breasts.  The warm liquid splashes on me and I feel a sensation of relief and disappointment at the same time. Jason falls next to me in a heap. “Gah! I enjoy fucking you,” he gasps out. He then turns to look at me and grabs my chin to bring my eyes to his. “I will eventually cum inside you.” His presses his lips firmly to mine and says, “I think it’s time for lunch, don’t you think?”  

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LauraAngel    (2011-06-05 23:54:59)    Flag as inappropiate
LauraAngel Great writting, I'm soak and wet and I'm going to wake my husband and attack him now!!!!!!!! I love my body, and it loves my touch and a hard thick cock. This fantasy got me wet and horney. I also liked wife gets ganged banged....
LadySub    (2011-05-28 17:13:14)    Flag as inappropiate
LadySub If you want to hear more about Jason and Marie, leave a comment and additional sessions can be shared.

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