My Slutty-Stepsister - Part 8: Sex Slaves   added 4 years ago    

  By: CanadianCasanova

“What the hell are we going to do?” Hannah said the second we walked through our front door.


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Naughty level to be set later

“I don’t think there’s anything we can do,” I said, “except do as Stephanie says.”

“So you’re just going to let her get away with this?  This is your entire fault anyway!”

“How the hell was I supposed to know she would do something like this?!  This isn’t something a normal person would do!” I shouted.  “You should have warned me that she was completely fucked up in the head!”

“I didn’t know!” Hannah shouted back.  “This is a side of her I’ve never seen!”

I collapsed on the couch, sighing heavily.  “I have a feeling that this isn’t the first time she’s done something like this.  This was too well planned.”

Hannah let out a cry of frustration.  “I just can’t believe this!  We can’t let her do this to us.  There must be something we can do.”

Sighing again, I said, “I think the best thing to do right now is nothing.”  Hannah was about to object but I cut her off.  “Just listen.  What’s the worst thing that can happen by doing nothing?  She’ll make us pick up her dry cleaning?”

“I think she has something else in mind.”

“Okay, so we have to be her sex slaves.  Big deal.  I don’t think there’s anything she could want us to do that’s more taboo than us fucking.  And if all she wants is sex, I think we’re getting off pretty easy – no pun intended,” I said.

“How do you know she won’t release the tape of us?”

“If she did that, she wouldn’t have power over us anymore.  I think it’s the power that she likes.  As long as we make her believe she has it, I don’t think we need to worry.”

“I just don’t like the idea of her owning us,” said Hannah.

“Neither do I, but I don’t see any alternative at the moment.  I think the best thing is to just do what Stephanie wants without question.  Keep your eyes and ears open and when we go home for Christmas vacation we can compare notes.  Plus we’ll have Jenna to help us out.”

“Yeah, she’ll be here next semester.  She’ll have a plan,” said Hannah, a smile upturning the corners of her mouth.

“So are we agreed?” I asked.  “Just do as Stephanie says for now?”

Hannah nodded in agreement.  “For now.”

“Good.  Now that that’s settled, why don’t we turn in for the night.  I think we’ll need our energy in the coming days.  I have a feeling things will get crazy.”

“I think you’re right about that,” said Hannah as she took my hand and lead me to the bedroom.  “But if you think I’m going to let you fall asleep without fucking me, you’re the crazy one.”


The next week passed uneventfully.  Stephanie kept her word and on Monday made Hannah captain of the cheer squad.  The team took her out that night to celebrate and she suffered through a hangover the next day.  Hannah and I kept expecting Stephanie to start making her requests, but everyday we were relieved when nothing happened.  That changed on Friday.

I was making myself dinner when Hannah called.  She told me to go to Stephanie’s house at a quarter after nine.  Despite my earlier bravado, my stomach seemed to drop with anxiety.  My appetite gone, I force fed myself since I figured I’d need my energy.  Something told me that Stephanie wouldn’t accept any half-hearted efforts, regardless of what she wanted.

I timed my arrival so that I was walking up the path to Stephanie’s front porch at exactly a quarter past nine.  The only light on in the house seemed to be coming from the living room, but it was difficult to tell since the curtains were pulled closed.

As I climbed the porch steps, the front door opened.

“Right on time,” Stephanie said, a smile appearing on her face.  I almost tripped on the last step as the light from the living room revealed her attire.  She was dressed in a black leather corset that pushed her breasts up to reveal a large amount of cleavage.  Black leather boots were laced up to her knees, and the high heels gave her an extra few inches in height.  Her brown hair was pulled back in a tight braid.  Despite her age, she looked incredibly young.

“I figured you wouldn’t be happy if I was late,” I said, trying to keep my voice as neutral as possible.

“You figured right.”  Stephanie turned and started walking away.  My eyes couldn’t help but focus on her exposed ass.  “Close and lock the door then follow me,” she said without looking over her shoulder or breaking stride.

I did as she commanded and quickly followed her down the hallway from the living room.  She opened a door to her right and began to descend a flight of carpeted stairs.  “Watch your step,” she said.  I could almost hear the smirk on her face.

The stairs descended into a large open recreational room that must have been the size of half the house.  The floor was covered with red carpeting that the dim lighting made look like the colour of blood.  Of all the things I was expecting to see, the large bed that was in the middle of the room was low on the list.  The group of cheerleaders sitting beside it was even lower.  I recognized many of them from when Hannah had brought them home, but I couldn’t remember most of their names.  I felt a wave of relief when Hannah’s face wasn’t among them.

“I’m sure you remember Mindy,” Stephanie said, gesturing to where she was sitting on the floor.  The other girls stifled giggles.  I nodded, but decided to keep my mouth shut.  “Do you know anyone else?” she asked.

“Only by face,” I said.

Stephanie put on a mock frown.  “You mean you don’t remember the rest of their names?  They know yours.  Let me get your sister.  I’m sure she can help you remember.”

The relief that I had briefly felt was replaced by something else.  I had a bad feeling that I knew where this was going.  Stephanie wanted a repeat performance of the other night, and had decided to gather an audience.  I felt a wave of panic wash over me as Stephanie walked toward the front of the room and disappeared through a doorway.  The girls on the floor immediately started to whisper to each other, but as hard I as strained to hear what they were saying, I couldn’t make anything out.  I heard Stephanie say something in the other room, and moments later she emerged.  She was holding a chain that stretched back to a collar around Hannah’s neck.  She was wearing a black gimp bondage suit made of thick strips of leather.  It covered nothing, exposing Hannah’s breasts and pussy.  It’s only real purpose seemed to be shock value.  I watched stunned as Stephanie led Hannah to the side of the bed and made her kneel.  Stephanie unchained Hannah from the leash, and tossed it to the floor.

“Why do you look so surprised Brent?  It’s not like you haven’t seen your sister naked before,” Stephanie teased.  The girls giggled again, but Stephanie silenced them with a menacing glance.  “Undress!” she commanded.  The girls immediately started to undress.  Stephanie turned her gaze on me.  “That goes for you too.”

“What the fuck is going on?” I shouted, finally able to find my voice.  “I’m not getting undressed.  And I’m taking Hannah with me!  This has gone too far!”

“Oh really?” replied Stephanie, raising an eyebrow.  “I thought we had reached an agreement?  Or are you deciding that you no longer wish to honour it?  Just remember that there will be consequences.”

“I don’t think they could be much worse than this.”

“Well if you are that worried, anything that happens in this room stays in this room.  If anyone talks about anything that happens here, they are punished,” said Stephanie.  “It has only happened once.  Since then, there has never been a problem.”

“What happened to the girl who talked?” I asked.

“It wasn’t a girl who talked.  My girls never talk because I make them very aware of what happens if they do.  Plus I’ve trained them very well.  The young man who talked… well… he’s not much of a man anymore….”  Stephanie’s face showed no emotion, which made her response even more chilling.  “I’m sure you won’t cause such a problem though, correct?”

“No, I won’t,” I sighed.  My only consolation was Stephanie’s guarantee that nothing leaves the room.  Something told me that she was completely serious about her unbreakable rule.

“Excellent.  Now undress,” she said.

I began removing my clothes, aware that the girls were all watching me.  Despite the situation, I began to feel the sexual excitement building within.  In fact, the air seemed to buzz with sexuality.

Stephanie smiled as I stood before everyone naked, looking me up and down approvingly.  “Would you girls like to see Hannah suck her brother’s cock?” she asked. 

“Yes we would Mistress,” they all answered in unison.

“I told you they are well trained,” she said to me smiling.  She looked down at Hannah who was still on her knees.  “Go suck your brother’s cock like a good little slut.”

“Yes Mistress,” Hannah replied.

I watched as she crawled over to me and then took my cock in her mouth.  I heard the girls gasp in surprise.  Hannah’s mouth slowly began sucking on my cock, pulling it with her lips as she coaxed it to harden.  I could feel my cock growing in her mouth as she sucked it.  Stephanie walked over to us, placing her hands on Hannah’s head and guiding it while she sucked my dick.

“Mmmmmm… just like that my pet,” Stephanie cooed.  “Make your brother’s dick hard with that slutty little mouth of yours.”  She leaned forward and licked my lips and the tip of my nose.  “Does your sister’s mouth feel good Brent?” she asked.

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.  Any resistance I once had, had since evaporated the moment Hannah began blowing me.

“Mmmhmmm… I know it does,” Stephanie replied.  “I bet it feels better than any girl who’s sucked that big cock of yours.”

I could only moan in response.  Hannah was getting my cock very wet with her saliva.  It was dripping down her chin and onto the carpet leaving a dark red spot.  Even though Hannah had sucked my cock hundreds of times since we started our taboo relationship, this time seemed better than the rest – except the first.  I think the audience watching had something to do with it. 

My hips began rocking, sliding my cock in and out of my sister’s hot mouth.  I heard moans and noticed the cheerleaders had started to masturbate.  They all had their legs spread wide while they rubbed their pussies.  The sight was amazing and I could feel my cock throb with the desire to cover all of them with my cum.

“I bet they are all jealous of your sister right now,” said Stephanie smirking, “but don’t worry Brent, you’ll have a chance to satisfy all of them.”

I was pumping my hips faster and faster, fucking Hannah’s face.  Soft moans and gurgles escaped her throat with each plunge of my cock.  I could feel myself on the verge of cumming.  Hannah, sensing it as well began to suck the head of my cock while her hands began sliding up and down my saliva covered shaft.

“Do you want to cum, Brent?” asked Stephanie.

I nodded.  “Yes.”

Stephanie looked at the group of masturbating cheerleaders.  “Do you girls want to see Brent shoot his hot load of cum down his sister’s throat?”

Whimpers and moans accompanied their nodding heads, their hands rubbing their wet clits vigorously.  Stephanie motioned them over with a curling of her finger and the group of girls surrounded us.

“Open your mouth and tilt your head back Hannah.  Let your friends see your brother drop his load in your mouth like a good fuckin’ slut,” Stephanie commanded.  I noticed her breathing had increased as well and could almost smell the scent of her sex.  She was just as horny as the rest of us.

Hannah did as she was told and I began stroking my wet cock, coaxing the cum from my balls.

“Mmmmmm, I want to taste your cum Bro,” gasped Hannah.  “I want you to fill my little whore mouth with your big fuckin’ load.  Make me your little sister cum slut!”

Hannah’s desperation for my cum was too much and I felt my balls contract, my cum shooting from my cock into her mouth.  Rope after rope of thick white cum landed on Hannah’s tongue.  She moaned with delight as my cum filled her mouth.  Not wanting to miss any, she began sucking the head of my cock, sucking out every last drop.  Mindy moaned loudly, an orgasm coursing through her body.  Apparently the sight of me cumming in my sister’s mouth was too much for her.  Stephanie seemed pleased by her reaction.

“Show us your brother’s cum Hannah,” said Stephanie.  Hannah tilted her head back and opened her mouth.  Her fingers grasped some of it, lifting a strand mixed with her saliva out of her mouth before it slipped back into her mouth.  “Yes, that’s a good little cum whore.  Now swallow all of your brother’s sperm.”

Hannah closed her mouth and swallowed, a moan of pleasure echoing throughout the room.  “Your cum tastes so good Bro.  Can I have some more?”

“Of course,” I said, “but you’ll have to suck even harder to get it out.”

“Now, now,” Stephanie admonished.  I think you’ve had enough for now.  You need to share with your friends.  Right girls?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Mindy.  The other girls giggled at her immediate reaction.

“Lay down on the bed Brent,” Stephanie said.  I did as she commanded.  Stephanie pointed at Mindy and a girl with small breasts and long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.  “Mindy, you can suck his cock and get him hard while Stacey sits on his face.”

The faces of both girls lit up into big smiles as they quickly climbed on the bed with me.  Mindy didn’t waste any time sucking my cock into her mouth, her hand sliding up and down it.  Stacey placed her pussy over my mouth while she faced Mindy.  Stacey’s pussy was dripping wet and I began to lick it with my tongue.  Her wonderful taste made me lick her harder.

“That feels so good,” Stacey moaned as she leaned forward, placing her hands on my chest as she began to rock her hips and grind her pussy against my face.  The scent of her sweet cunt and Mindy’s ambitious sucking soon had my cock hard again.

“Do you like watching your friends fuck your brother Hannah?” I heard Stephanie ask.

“Yes, but I like it better when he fucks me,” she replied.

Stephanie’s laughter filled the room.  “I’m sure you do pet.  After he’s satisfied the rest of us, maybe then I’ll let him fuck you.  Until then, you can only watch.  If I see you playing with that slutty little cunt of yours, I won’t let you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” said Hannah.  The sound of her voice didn’t sound pleased with Stephanie’s demand.

“Why don’t you climb onto that hard cock Mindy?  I’m sure your pussy is begging for it,” Stephanie said.

Without answering, Mindy positioned herself over my hard cock, slowly lowering herself onto it.  I could feel the heat from her pussy engulf me as she slid down my shaft.  It felt like her pussy was on fire.

Mindy began riding my cock, her hips moving rapidly as her pussy squeezed my cock.  Her moans soon joined those of Stacey, each girl desperately trying to get themselves off on me.  I pulled Stacey’s hips down onto my face, jamming my tongue deep inside her dripping pussy.  She grinded her cunt against my mouth, her moans getting louder.  Mindy, seemingly not wanting to be outdone increased her pace, the sound of her skin slapping against mine increased in volume, along with her moans of pleasure.

“That’s it girls,” I heard Stephanie say, “cum all over Brent.  Use him like a fuckin’ sex toy.”

The excitement was too much for Stacey and she let out a shriek as she came on my tongue.  Her juices flooded my mouth and poured down my face.  Mindy rode me faster and harder.  I could feel her muscles beginning to tighten but she wasn’t quite ready to cum yet.  Stacey climbed off my face and collapsed beside me on the bed, one hand gently rubbing her pussy as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Go lick Stacey’s cum off your brother’s face Hannah,” commanded Stephanie.

Hannah crawled over to me and began to lick my face clean of Stacey.  Once our mouths met, we began kissing each other deeply.  Hannah’s tongue frantically searched my mouth, begging for more of Stacey’s cum.

“Fuck yeah, kiss your brother Hannah!” Mindy moaned.  “Lick all that cum off his face!”

I gripped Mindy’s hips and began to thrust up into her cunt, matching the movement of her hips while she rode me.  Mindy moaned louder as her pussy began to squeeze my cock.  I rammed my cock harder into her dripping pussy while Hannah continued kissing and licking my face.  I felt Mindy’s pussy clench tightly around my cock as her body went rigid, her mouth open in a silent scream.  The orgasm that rushed through her shook her entire body, a scream of pleasure finally erupting from her.  I could feel her cunt contracting around me, trying to milk the cum from my cock, but I was able to keep myself from cumming – mostly because I had just shot my load in my sister’s mouth.

“I knew you’d be an excellent addition,” Stephanie said to me, a wicked smile on her lips.  “I haven’t seen Mindy cum that hard in a while.  Isn’t that right Mindy?”

Mindy just groaned in agreement, her body sprawled on top of me.

“Clean Mindy’s cunt off of your brother’s cock Hannah,” Stephanie commanded.  Hannah climbed onto the bed beside me and Mindy, pulling my hard cock out of Mindy’s pussy.  Mindy sighed, clearly disappointed at the empty feeling and then rolled onto her back beside me.  She obviously wanted to watch Hannah lick my cock clean.

Hannah licked my balls first, cleaning Mindy’s juices off them before taking my entire cock deep in her mouth and throat.  Her tongue slid over my entire shaft as she sucked every drop of Mindy off of me.

“So who wants to fuck Brent next?” Stephanie asked.  All of the girls raised their hands, including Mindy and Stacey.  “Now, now,” Stephanie giggled, “I think it’s only fair that the other girls get a chance.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to fuck him later.”

The next three hours continued much like the first hour.  Stephanie let each of the remaining girls fuck me, either by sitting on my face so I could fuck them with my tongue, or by riding my cock.  Hannah and Stephanie were the exceptions.  Stephanie made Hannah clean each girl’s cum off my cock and face, but she wouldn’t let her fuck me – or masturbate.  I could tell Hannah was desperate to cum.  She had never been tortured like this before.  Even her seduction by Jenna and myself was nothing compared to the teasing she had endured so far.  Stephanie wasn’t immune to her horniness either.  The inside of her thighs glistened from the wetness of her dripping cunt.  She was probably just as desperate to cum as Hannah.  Once the last two girls came, Stephanie told them that they could all leave.  She made it perfectly clear however that Hannah and myself would be staying.

I laid on the bed, my cock still rock hard as Stephanie saw the other girls out.  She made Hannah go with her, probably to prevent her from fucking me while Stephanie was out of the room.  My cock ached from being hard for so long.  I had cum two more times, and I was amazed that I was still able to stay hard, especially since I didn’t have any time to recover.  Being used like a sex toy for Stephanie’s cheerleaders didn’t bother me as much as Hannah’s submission to Stephanie did.  I never expected her to give in to Stephanie to such a large degree.  It made me wonder why?  I know Hannah would do anything to be captain of the squad, but would she submit herself to Stephanie in order to keep it?  I couldn’t help but think that there must be some other reason why.  But what was it?

My thoughts were interrupted as Stephanie came back downstairs with Hannah in tow, the chain connected to Hannah’s collar grasped in Stephanie’s fist.

“You performed well tonight Brent,” Stephanie smiled.  “Our last boy toy lacked your stamina.  There was always a few girls that wouldn’t get a chance to cum because he wasn’t able to perform.  I considered force feeding him Viagra, but decided it wasn’t worth it.  A hard cock is only good if the guy has the energy to use it.  Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I guess,” I shrugged.

Stephanie grinned at my response as she moved behind Hannah, pressing her body against her.  “I bet you’re wondering why I kept the two of you behind.”  Stephanie’s hands began roaming all over Hannah’s body, cupping her breasts and sliding over her stomach and down her hips.

“It’s because you want us to fuck you,” I replied.  “You just didn’t want the other girls around for that.”

“Hmmmm… you’re smarter than I thought,” Stephanie said.  “I would have thought that getting your brains fucked out would have left you somewhat garbled in the head.”

“I have plenty of brains to spare.”

“Apparently.  Regardless, the two of you will be able to leave once you satisfy me.  It’s up to the two of you to determine how long that takes.”

“I figured,” I said.  “I could tell that you were horny.”

“I’m always horny my dear,” Stephanie replied.  “At the moment, I’m horny as fuck.  Isn’t that right Hannah?  Are you Horny.As.Fuck too?”

“Fuck yes,” Hannah moaned.  “My pussy is dripping wet.  I’m going out of my mind I’m so horny!  I need to cum!”

Stephanie laughed.  “I know pet.  I can smell your cunt from here.  Can you smell mine?”  Hannah nodded.  “What about you Brent?  Can you smell my cunt?”

“Yes,” I said.  “I’ve seen your thighs get wetter and wetter all night from your dripping pussy.”

Stephanie’s hand slid between her legs, as she rubbed her fingers over the inside of her thighs before sticking her fingers in her mouth and sucking her juice off them.

“Mmmmm… I love the taste of my pussy,” she cooed.  “What about you Hannah?  Do you like how my pussy tastes?”

“I do,” gasped Hannah.  Her legs were shaking from her horniness.

“I know you do pet.  Undress me.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I watched as Hannah took off Stephanie’s dominatrix outfit.  I could see her pussy glistening in the dim light.  She climbed onto the bed with me and laid down on her back, propping herself up on her elbows.  Her legs slowly spread open and she crooked her finger towards Hannah.  “Come here my pet and lick my dripping wet pussy.”

Hannah did as she was told, kneeling beside the bed and eagerly lapping at Stephanie’s cunt.  I sat up, watching as Stephanie made my sister eat her pussy.  Stephanie’s hands began squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples as my sister buried her face in Stephanie’s cunt.

“Come over here Brent,” Stephanie said between gasps, “I want your cock in my mouth.”

I crawled over to Stephanie on my knees, as I slowly stroked my cock.  Stephanie licked her lips and opened her mouth.  Slowly I slid my cock between her wet lips.  I could feel her tongue lapping along the bottom of my shaft as she began to suck.  Her mouth felt incredible as she bobbed her head on my hard cock.  I placed one hand on her head, guiding her mouth as she sucked me off, while my other hand began squeezing her breasts.  Hannah was frantically sucking and licking on Stephanie’s clit, causing her hips to buck.  I could feel her moaning on my dick.

“Don’t stop Hannah!” she gasped, releasing my cock from her mouth.  “Keeping sucking on my clit!”

Hannah apparently obeyed as Stephanie raised her hips high off the mattress and ground her pussy in Hannah’s face.  I bent down and began to suck on Stephanie’s erect nipples.  Her nipples were the kind that stuck out a full inch when fully erect.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed.  “Suck my tits like a good little boy!  Show your mommy how much you love her!”

Stephanie’s remark caught me off guard.  She obviously didn’t know that Hannah and I had been having sex with our mother, so did she have similar fantasies and this was her role-playing with me as her son?  The thought of having a mom away from home made my cock throb.  While Stephanie was no match for my mother, she’d do as a surrogate.

“You love when your boy sucks your big tits, don’t you mommy?” I asked.  If Stephanie wanted to act out her mother-son fantasy, I wasn’t going to turn her down.  Besides, perhaps this would help Hannah and I later on.

“Mmmmmmm… yes hunny!  Make your mommy cum like a good little boy!”

I sucked on Stephanie’s tits harder, pulling on them with my teeth.  Hannah had put two fingers into Stephanie’s pussy and was rapidly finger fucking her while she continued to suck on her clit.  Stephanie’s cries of pleasure grew louder, and her body began to tense up.  Sensing she was about to cum, Hannah and I increased out pace, desperately trying to get Stephanie off.

Her orgasm exploded through her.  She arched her back off the bed and grasped my head, pulling it against her breasts.  “FUCK YES!” she screamed as her body shook from the force of her orgasm.  I kept sucking her tits, while Hannah gently licked her pussy.  Stephanie shivered a few more times before she pushed both me and Hannah away.  “Fuck that was incredible,” she managed between gasps.

Hannah climbed onto the bed with us and we kissed deeply.  I could taste Stephanie’s juices in her mouth and began to lick them off her chin and neck.  “Mmmmmm… mom’s pussy tastes good,” I moaned giving Hannah a wink.

“I know,” she replied.  “I love when mom cums on my face like that.  It’s so fuckin’ hot!”

“Of course my pussy tastes good dear,” said Stephanie.  “Now come here and slide that thick cock of yours between your mommy’s tits like a good boy.”

Hannah suppressed a slight smile as I straddled Stephanie’s chest and placed my cock between her breasts.  I pressed them together as I began to slide my cock between Stephanie’s breasts.

“How does that feel dear?  Do mommy’s tits make your cock feel good?” Stephanie asked.

“It feels great mommy.  Your tits are so soft.  They feel incredible pressed against my hard cock.”

“Mmmmm… good,” Stephanie giggled.  She glanced over at Hannah, “Play with your pussy pet, but don’t cum.  If you do I’ll be very angry with you.”

“Yes Mistress,” Hannah answered.  “Thank you.”

 A silence fell over us as I slowly tit fucked Stephanie.  Her breasts did feel amazing around my dick.  Hannah was getting some relief as she was finally allowed to play with herself, but it was obvious that she was craving a good fuck.

“Have you ever imagined fucking your mother’s tits Brent?” asked Stephanie.

The question caught me off guard, and I knew that Stephanie would know if I was lying so that left me with only one option.  “Yes,” I answered.

“Does she have big tits too?”

“She does.”

“And does she know that you think about fucking her tits?”

“I don’t know,” I said.  “I don’t think so.”  I wasn’t sure where she was going with this line of questioning.  Was she trying to find out if I had fucked my mother?  The thought made my heart beat faster.  It’s bad enough that Hannah and I were caught up in this; I didn’t want to pull anyone else in.

“I bet she thinks about you fucking her tits,” Stephanie continued.  “All mothers imagine what it would be like to have their son sliding his hard cock between her tits… fucking them while she tries to drain the cum from his cock.  Do you like the thought of that Brent?”

“I do,” I said.  “I used to suck the milk out of my mom’s tits, and now she uses them to suck the milk out of my cock.”

Hannah moaned loudly at my comment causing both Stephanie and myself to glance over at her.

“You like the sound of that, don’t you pet?” Stephanie smiled. 

Hannah nodded.  “It sounds so fuckin’ hot!”

“I know baby.  Come over here and tell your brother how hot it is.”

Hannah crawled over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling her face close to my ear and whispering, “The thought of mommy milking the cum out of your cock with her tits is so fuckin’ sexy; especially since I used to suck the milk out of mommy’s tits too.  I want to suck on her tits and cover them in my spit so it feels even better when she milks your cock with them.”

“Fuck Hannah,” I moaned.  I turned my head and kissed her hungrily while my hips continued to thrust my throbbing cock between Stephanie’s tits.  I could feel my precum leaking out between them and acting as a lubricant.

“I want to watch you fuck mommy’s tits until you cum all over them so I can lick it off them.  I want you to shoot your hot load on her nipples so I can taste your milk and mommy’s milk at the same time,” cooed Hannah.

Hannah’s dirty talk was driving me crazy, and it seemed to have a similar effect on Stephanie.  “Suck on my tits Hannah.  Cover your mommy’s tits with your spit for your brother.  You too Brent.  Come and suck on your mommy’s tits.  I want them dripping with your spit.”

Hannah immediately started licking where my precum covered Stephanie’s breasts.  I began licking Stephanie’s breasts from bottom to top, spitting on them and then spreading it around with my tongue.  Stephanie was moaning slightly as she ran her hands through our hair.  “That’s it,” she moaned.  “Make your mommy’s tits all wet and slippery for my boy’s hard cock.”

The two of us kept licking and spitting all over Stephanie’s breasts, covering them with our saliva until it was dripping down her sides.  I straddled Stephanie’s chest again, and turned to Hannah.

“Suck my cock Hannah.  Make it nice and wet for our mommy’s tits,” I said.  Hannah did as I told her, deep throating my cock and coating it with her spit.

“Yeah, suck your brother’s dick pet.  Make it nice and wet for your mommy’s big tits,” Stephanie moaned.

Once Hannah had covered my cock with her saliva, I slid it between Stephanie’s wet breasts.  Stephanie pressed them together, enveloping my cock between them as I started to thrust.

“Fuck this feels good,” I moaned.  “Your tits are so fuckin’ wet mommy.  Milk the cum out of my cock.”

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