My Slutty Step-Sister - Part 7: Sex Slaves   added 4 years ago    

  By: CanadianCasanova

Unfortunately Coach Stevens’ office wasn’t located in the administration building, but ten minutes away in the physical education complex.  It made sense since it put her close to the gym and the practice fields.  It didn’t take long for me to find her office.  President Michaels had apparently called her since her office door was wide open.


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“Come in Brent.  I’ve been expecting you,” she said.  “Close the door behind you please.”

I did as she asked and took a seat.  Her office was rather spartan in décor.  The only touch of personality in the office was the numerous photos of her cheer squads over the years.  The wall directly behind her was a large glass window, just like the administration building, however this one gave a view of the practice fields.

“President Michaels told me that you went to see her,” she said.

“I did.”

“And is there a reason you’re here now, or did you just want to waste my time?” she asked.  Although her tone was pleasant, there was an undercurrent of menace associated with it.

“I came to apologize to you about the other day,” I said.  I knew I had nothing to apologize about, but if it helped to get Hannah back on the squad, I thought it was a small price to pay.  “If I had known you would kick Hannah off the squad, I would have agreed to what you asked.  It’s not fair to punish her because of me.  I was hoping that if I agreed to stay away from the girls on your squad, you’d put Hannah back on the team.”

“I suppose I could do that,” she said, after a minute of silence.  “However, there will be one extra stipulation.”  She took one of her business cards and wrote on the back of it before sliding it across the desk to me.  “That’s my address.  I want you to come see me tonight, shall we say nine o’clock?”

“Okay…” I said.  “Can I ask why?”

Coach Stevens sighed.  “Just do as I say and everything will be fine, alright?”

I nodded and stood up to leave.  “This situation didn’t have any adverse affect on Hannah’s chances of becoming captain, did it?”

“Luckily, I haven’t picked the new captain yet, so no.  She’s a very hard worker, but I don’t know her as well as I should.  Do you think she would join us tonight so I can get to know her better?  It would definitely increase her chances of making captain.”

“Yeah, I think she’d be interested.  She’s desperate to be captain.”

“Excellent.  It will give me a chance to find out more about her.  You can tell her that I’ll see her at practice this evening.  If she does decide to come to my house, I’ll just give her a ride after practice.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.  “Thanks for allowing her back on the team Coach Stevens.  I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome.  And please, call me Stephanie.  You aren’t one of my girls so there’s no need for the formality.”

I smiled and nodded as I left her office.  I called Hannah on my cell phone and told her the good news, as well as Stephanie’s strange request.  Hannah accepted it without hesitation.  I hung up, feeling extremely relieved.  I guess today wouldn’t be so bad after all.  Stephanie seemed more reasonable today than the first time we met.  Maybe I had her all wrong.

I looked at my watch and saw that I had class in an hour.  I cursed quietly as I realized I should have brought my books with me.  Now I’d have to go home and come back.  If that was the worst thing that was going to happen today, I could live with it.


The day passed extremely quickly.  I had two two hour classes back to back and I found myself back at home before I knew it.  It was just after three o’clock so I thought I’d do some homework before I made myself dinner.  Hannah was in class all afternoon and then would be off to cheer practice.  She had called me earlier to thank me again for getting her back on the squad and told me that she would go with Stephanie to her house after practice.  She also told me not to be late since Stephanie despised tardiness.

The afternoon passed slower than I had anticipated.  I busied myself with homework, but I found myself glancing at the clock every five minutes.  For some reason, I felt a growing unease about Stephanie’s request.  Her re-admittance of Hannah to the cheer squad began to feel too easy.  It was as if she had used it as a pretext to further her own agenda.  I knew from experience with my own Professors, that getting even a one day extension on a paper was akin to pulling teeth, and that was with Professors who were lax about the rules.  For Stephanie to accept my request so easily seemed to contradict the impression she gave when we first met.  As much as I hated to admit it, I think I had been conned into something that I might otherwise have passed on.

My growing anxiety seemed to accelerate the clock and I soon found myself walking up the steps to Stephanie’s house.  It was a two story house with an attached two car garage.  The white siding seemed excessively bright against the night.  I could see lights on on the main floor and I looked at my watch to check the time.  I still had a few minutes before it was officially nine o’clock and I assumed that Stephanie and my sister had left practice a little early.  I was halfway up the porch steps when the front door opened.

“Right on time,” Stephanie said.  She was wearing the white t-shirt and blue shorts that she had on this morning, as well as the day before.

“Hannah said you didn’t like tardiness.  I also didn’t want you to think that I had decided not to come.”

“Oh, I knew you would.  We had a deal, remember?” Stephanie asked, raising her eyebrow.  “Did you have any trouble finding the place?”

“Nope.  I knew the street, I just wasn’t sure how far down your house was.”

“Excellent.  Please, come in,” she said, standing aside and sweeping her arm out in an inviting gesture.  Said the spider to the fly, I thought to myself.

I stepped through the doorway and looked around the room.  I was in the living area, from the looks of it.  There was a large, black leather couch with a matching chair and loveseat.  It looked identical to the couch I had seen in President Michaels’ office that morning.  The chair was different however.  The chairs in President Michaels’ office had a lower backing.  The table that was positioned between them had a wire frame with a glass top.  The walls were painted a dark brown that matched the colour of the wood floors.  I was surprised by the large flat screen television that hung on the wall.  It reminded me of the ones that sports fanatics fantasize about owning.

The kitchen opened up to the right of the living room.  “Hey Brent!” Hannah said, a large smile on her face.  She was wiping the black granite kitchen top with a sponge where she had evidently spilled some Coke.  “Isn’t Coach Stevens’ house great?”

“It’s very nice!  I’m a little envious,” I said.

Stephanie laughed as she closed the door behind me.  “It didn’t look this way when I bought it.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money to bring it up to my standards.”

“I’m not surprised,” I said.

“Pour your brother a drink,” Stephanie said to Hannah, “and then we can sit and talk.”  Stephanie motioned to the couch and I took a seat, while she sat in the chair to the right.  “You’ll be happy to know that Hannah did extremely well in practice today.  She didn’t miss a beat, even with missing a day.”

“Like there was any doubt,” laughed Hannah as she put our drinks on the table and sat down next to me.  “I think the day off did me good.  I probably needed some rest.”

“Probably,” said Stephanie.  “I know myself that it sometimes helps to take a little time off.  But don’t think that means you can miss practice!”

“Yeah, you don’t want to get lazy and start sleeping all day,” I grinned, taking a sip of my drink.

“Whatever!” Hannah laughed, punching me playfully in the shoulder and almost spilling my drink.  “I’m not the one who sleeps in till noon on the weekends!”

“Why’s that?  Staying up too late with a girl?” smiled Stephanie.

“That’s part of it,” I laughed, giving Hannah a sideways glance.  “I’d rather keep a girl up all night, rather than hear about my lack of effort the next day.”

“Women always appreciate the effort,” said Stephanie, winking at me.  “Especially when there’s substance behind the effort.”

“There’s substance alright,” I grinned.

As the night went on, I found myself becoming more and more at ease.  Stephanie didn’t seem as bad as I thought, although that could have been due to her constant flirtation with me, and to a lesser extent, Hannah.  I wasn’t sure if Hannah had noticed, but I had picked up on Stephanie’s glances and the way she was licking her lips.  She wasn’t married and didn’t have a boyfriend, so I wasn’t completely surprised by her flirtation.  Divorced women behaved the same way, at least from my experience.  Despite Stephanie’s flirtation, both Hannah and I were taken aback by the frank attitude that seemed to suddenly jump out from behind her casual demeanour.

“I’m sure you’re both curious about why I asked you to come over.  I have to admit that I wasn’t entire truthful,” Stephanie said, leaning back in her chair.  Her eyes seemed to lose a bit of their playful sparkle, and she directed her penetrating gaze at me.  “When I said that Hannah could rejoin the squad, coming over tonight was only part of the requirement.  See, I’ve been thinking about what the girls have been saying about you, and I want to see if it’s true.  It’s not often that a girl comes across a guy who has a big cock, and I want to see it for myself… well, experience it for myself is more of what I have in mind.”  Hannah and I looked at each other, her mouth hanging open.  She seemed extremely surprised by the sudden turn of events.  I couldn’t help but feel vindicated.  I knew she had a reason for inviting me over.  I just couldn’t understand why she invited Hannah as well.

“You don’t have to,” Stephanie continued, “but if you don’t, I will kick Hannah off the squad permanently.”

“You can’t…” I began, but Stephanie cut me off.

“Yes I can.  We both know I can do whatever I want when it comes to my cheerleaders,” said Stephanie, a tight smile on her face.  The flirtatious Stephanie had disappeared and been replaced by one much more cunning.  In fact, that flirtatious Stephanie probably didn’t even exist.

I looked over at Hannah, and she stared back at me.  Her eyes seemed to plead with me to do as Stephanie demanded.

“Alright.  If that’s what it will take.  But if I do what you want, you can’t kick Hannah off the squad.”

“Deal.”  Stephanie lifted her hips off the chair and slid her shorts and panties off, draping a leg over each armrest.  “Now, come and eat my pussy.”

With a final look at Hannah, I knelt down in front of Stephanie’s spread legs.  Her pussy was already wet.  I pressed my tongue against it and slowly licked it.  Stephanie moaned with gratitude.  Her scent began to make my head spin as I teased her clit, and despite the anger I felt toward her, my cock was rock hard.  I teased the lips of her pussy with my tongue, sliding it inside her slightly before pulling it out and sucking on her labia.  Deciding that I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible, I began to lick and suck on her clit.  Stephanie was moaning louder now as I felt her hands running through my hair.  I could tell she was getting close to orgasm as her body started to tense.  I slid my tongue deep inside her pussy and felt her juices fill my mouth, making me swallow hungrily.  Suddenly the hands that were running through my hair were pushing my face away.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, slightly confused.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” Stephanie said, matter of factly.  “Besides, your sister looks left out.”

Hannah was sitting forward, cross-legged and breathing hard.  It was obvious that she was turned on.

“How would you like to be captain?” Stephanie asked.  Hannah nodded enthusiastically, but said nothing.  “Then come help your brother and I’ll make you captain.”

Hannah didn’t waste any time kneeling beside me and plunging her face into Stephanie’s wet cunt.  Stephanie giggled and wriggled her pussy into Hannah’s face.  Suddenly her reason for inviting Hannah was perfectly clear.  This had been her plan all along and something told me that it wasn’t the first time she had perpetrated this kind of ruse.

“Brent?” Stephanie’s voice called softly.  I was suddenly aware that I had been staring at Hannah licking Stephanie’s pussy, even though my thoughts were elsewhere.  I looked at her, blinking thoughts of her deception away.  “Stop staring and help your sister eat my pussy.”

I did as she asked, my tongue and Hannah’s licking Stephanie’s pussy hungrily.  Stephanie moaned louder and louder, her hands playing with her hard nipples.  Finally, Stephanie came with a loud moan, her back arching her breasts into the air.  Her cum dripped off Hannah’s and my mouth as we sat back, letting Stephanie catch her breath.

“Mmmmmmm… you both are very good at that,” breathed Stephanie.  “I’m guessing that my pussy isn’t the first one you’ve licked Hannah.”

Hannah coloured slightly.  “No, it isn’t.”

“I thought so.”  Stephanie was running her hands over her body and moaning slightly.  “I want you both to undress each other.  Unless the two of you have changed your minds?”

Hannah and I exchanged a quick glance.  “No, no change,” I said.  We both knew where this was leading.  Stephanie was going to make us fuck each other.  One step ahead of you Stephanie,’ I thought.  She was going to make us do something that we’ve been doing for months, unbeknownst to her.  Hannah and myself, one; Stephanie, zero.

We both stood up, Hannah grabbing my shirt and pulling it over my head.  “Nice body Brent,” Stephanie said.  “Don’t you think so Hannah?”

Hannah stole a quick glance and looked down.  I smiled, knowing that Hannah was playing her shyness up.  No reason to make Stephanie suspect anything.  “Very nice,” Hannah agreed.

Stephanie laughed.  “You hardly looked.  Look again.  Or have you seen it before?”

This time Hannah let her eyes linger on my muscled chest and stomach.

“That’s better,” smiled Stephanie.  “No need to be shy.  Right Brent?”


“Undress your sister.”

I took Hannah’s top off, hesitating before I removed her sports bra.  Stephanie moaned appreciatively as she took in Hannah’s breasts and erect nipples.  Hooking my thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and panties, I slid them down.

“Mmmmmm… you have an incredibly hot body Hannah,” Stephanie cooed.  “Nice and tight.”  Hannah shifted, feigning embarrassment.  “Finish undressing your brother.”

Hannah undid my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers.  My cock stood straight in the air, pre-cum running down its length.  I stepped out of my pants and nudged them out of the way with my foot.

“Mindy wasn’t lying,” said Stephanie as she leaned forward to get a close view of my cock.  “Your brother is huge Hannah.  Have you ever had a cock that big?”

“No,” Hannah said, shaking her head slightly.

“I bet you’d like to, wouldn’t you?”

Hannah shrugged, her eyes downcast.

Stephanie looked at me.  “Do you want her to suck your cock?”

“She’s my sister,” I said.

“I didn’t ask that.  I asked if you want her to suck your cock,” Stephanie said coolly.  She stared at me while I pretended to debate the answer in my head.

“Yes,” I said, breaking the silence.

“Yes what?” Stephanie questioned.

“Yes, I want Hannah to suck my cock,” I said, looking down at the floor.

Stephanie smiled, a throaty laugh escaping her lips.  “I thought so.  If I were you, I’d want her to suck my cock too, but I think we’ll start with something a little less intimidating… I want to see you both kiss.  And not a brother-sister kiss.  I want to see a kiss that will make me wet.”

My eyes met Hannah’s, and we slowly closed the distance between us.  Stephanie was watching us intently, her breathing loud and heavy.  My hands slipped around Hannah’s waist and pulled her against me.  She gasped as she felt my hard cock pressed against her flat tummy.  Our lips met, both of us hesitating at first like a teenager’s first kiss.  I felt her hands slid around my back as she pulled herself against me and opened her mouth, her tongue slipping into mine.  I heard Stephanie moan with approval as our kiss became more intense, the wet sounds echoing throughout the room.

I began kissing down Hannah’s neck to her breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth.  A whimper escaped Hannah’s mouth as she arched her back, allowing me greater access to her breasts.

“That’s what I like to see,” Stephanie said, her hand rubbing her pussy.  “Doesn’t it feel good to have your brother sucking your tits Hannah?”

“Fuck yes,” moaned Hannah.  “It’s driving me crazy!”

My hand moved between Hannah’s legs and began to rub her clit.  She threw her head back and moaned, rocking her wet pussy against my hand.  Hannah was running her hands through my hair as I continued to suck on her hard nipples.  She rocked her hips faster, grinding her dripping cunt against my hand.

“Look at how much your sister enjoys that Brent,” giggled Stephanie.  “She seems to like your hand on her cunt.”  Hannah seemed lost in her lust and pulled my head against her nipples, urging me to suck them harder.  “Stroke his cock Hannah.  Make your brother feel good too.”  I felt Hannah’s hand close around the shaft of my cock, stroking it quickly.  I moaned and began to rock my hips, fucking her hand as I continued to suck her tits and rub her pussy.  The precum that was leaking from my cock acted as the perfect lubricant for Hannah’s fist.

“Make me cum Bro,” Hannah whimpered.  “I’m so fuckin’ horny!”  She seemed to be extremely turned on by having Stephanie watch us fuck.

“No!” growled Stephanie.  “You can’t cum until I say so!  If you do, you’ll be off the team.”  She had two fingers inside her pussy, obviously enjoying the scene.

Hannah pushed me away, desperate not to cum.  Her legs were shaking however; it looked like she was on the verge of orgasm, but a few deep breaths seemed to steady her.

“Suck his cock Hannah,” commanded Stephanie.  “I want to see your brother’s cock in your pretty little mouth.”

Hannah dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth.  I moaned with pleasure as I felt her tongue sliding around the head of my dick.  I slowly started rocking my hips, fucking my sister’s wet mouth.  Hannah’s saliva coated my cock and balls as I savoured the warmth of her mouth.  Her hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy.  I found myself moaning with pleasure.  This experience was reminding me so much of the first time I fucked Hannah, except now we were both more experienced.

“Yes, that’s it,” said Stephanie.  “Fuck your sister’s face Brent.  Shove that hard cock of yours down her throat!”

I did as Stephanie commanded, placing my hands on Hannah’s head and thrusting my cock rapidly in her mouth.  Hannah opened her mouth wide, the wet sounds of my cock hitting her throat filling the room.  One of the things Jenna had taught Hannah was how to deep throat.  They both practiced on me so much that they could easily take my entire cock down their throats.

Stephanie seemed pleased at our effort.  “Do you want to fuck me Brent?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said.  “I want to fuck you until you can’t walk.”

Stephanie’s laughter filled the room.  “Good boy!” she said, pleased with my response.  “You can’t stop until I’m satisfied.  That won’t be a problem, will it?”

I shook my head.

Stephanie spread the lips of her pussy open with her fingers.  “Then come satisfy me.”

I pulled my cock from Hannah’s mouth and positioned myself between Stephanie’s legs.  My cock easily slid into her tight pussy due to Hannah’s saliva and Stephanie’s wetness.  She let out a low guttural moan as I pushed deep inside her, her pussy easily accepting the entire length of my cock.  I hooked my arms under her thighs and pulled her closer, slowly moving my hips back and forth.

“Fuck,” Stephanie moaned.  “Your cock is fuckin’ huge!”

Hannah was leaning over Stephanie, sucking on her tits.  I increased my pace, fucking Stephanie faster, my hips smacking into her.

“Harder!” Stephanie gasped.  “Fuck me harder you whore!”

I fucked Stephanie harder, the chair she was reclined in was slowly being pushed across the floor.  Hannah was still sucking Stephanie’s nipple, but she was now rubbing her clit with her fingers.  Stephanie arched her back and moaned loudly.  Her pussy was squeezing my cock.

“Don’t stop!” she growled.  “Don’t fuckin’ stop!”

I fucked her harder and faster, Hannah’s fingers rubbed Stephanie’s clit furiously.  Stephanie began to gasp, a loud cry rising in intensity escaping her throat.  Suddenly her whole body spasmed.  “FUCK YES!” she screamed.  Her pussy clamped down tight around my cock as every muscle in her body spasmed with her orgasm.  I could feel myself on the verge of cumming, so I slowed down my thrusts.

“Holy fuck,” Stephanie finally said between deep breaths.  “That felt incredible!  I haven’t cum that hard in a long time.”

“I tend to have that effect,” I said, grinning.

Stephanie regarded me coolly, still catching her breath, and then pushed me away.  “You think too highly of yourself.  It’s unattractive.  Your sister played a part in it too.”  She cupped Hannah’s face with her hands and then kissed her deeply.

I had a feeling that I was nowhere close to cracking Stephanie’s hard shell.  Even in post orgasm bliss she was still cool and composed.

Stephanie motioned to the couch.  “Sit down,” she said.  I did as she said, my cock glistening with the juice from her pussy stood straight up.  “I bet you want to cum, don’t you?” she asked.  The tone of her voice let me know that she wasn’t going to be the one to make me cum.

“Yes,” I said.  “I need to.”

Stephanie smiled.  “What about you Hannah?  Do you need to cum too?”

“Uh huh,” she responded, nodding her head.

“Well, I think we know how to solve this problem, don’t we?”  Hannah hesitated, and then slowly positioned herself between my legs.  “Why don’t you suck my cum off your brother’s cock first?”

Hannah bent over, and her lips swallowed my cock.  I could feel her sucking Stephanie’s juices off it, making my cock twitch.  I watched her head bob up and down, the shaft of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth.  She finally released it, making a popping sound as she did so.  She placed her knees on the cushions as she straddled me, guiding my cock to her pussy.

“Yes, just like that hunny,” I heard Stephanie say.  “Slide down onto your brother’s big cock.”

The heat of Hannah’s pussy surrounded my cock, and I could feel her pussy squeeze it tightly.  I tilted my head back and moaned.  Slowly Hannah began to ride me, rocking her hips so she could get maximum penetration with each thrust.

“Fuck you feel good,” I moaned.

“Sister pussy always feels good,” said Stephanie.  “Right Hannah?”

“Fuck yes,” she replied, her hips increasing their speed.  I slid my hands over Hannah’s ass, squeezing it and eliciting a moan.  “Suck my tits Brent,” she said.  I took turns sucking on one, then the other, my tongue teasing her hard nipples. 

“You both can cum, but only if Brent cums in your cunt Hannah,” said Stephanie.

“Yes!” cried Hannah.  “Cum in my pussy Bro!”  Hannah fucked me harder, her moans of pleasure getting louder.

“That’s it,” Stephanie growled.  “Flood your sister’s cunt with your sperm!”

“Faster Hannah!” I moaned.  “I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum inside me Brent!  Fill me with your hot cum!” Hannah moaned.

Hannah’s words were too much for me and I pulled Hannah down against my cock, thrusting it deep inside her as I came.  The feeling of my hot cum splashing against the inside of her cunt was too much for Hannah and she screamed as her orgasm took her.  She collapsed against me, kissing me hard once both our orgasms passed.  The sound of clapping brought us both back to reality.

“Bravo you too!” said Stephanie.  “That was quite a performance!”

“Fuck you!” Hannah spat.  Now that she had gotten off, her head seemed clearer.  “You just used us like your own personal toys.  You can keep your captain bribe.  You can even kick me off the squad.  I don’t fucking care.  I never should have let this happen.”

Stephanie burst into laughter.  “It’s a little late for that now.  You just begged your brother to cum in your cunt!  Besides, you’re in no position to throw anything back in my face – and that goes for you too Brent.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Stephanie stood up and walked to a table that was next to the front door and in line with the couch.  It had a lamp, as well as a black wooden box on it.  Stephanie removed the lid of the box and pulled out a digital video camera.

“I recorded your entire performance,” said Stephanie, a cruel smile appearing on her face.  She held up a black cord running from the back of the camera.  “Not only does it record on the camera, but this feeds it to my computer as well.  I have another one on the shelves by the fireplace,” she said, motioning with her hand.

“Big fucking deal,” said Hannah.  “So you recorded us?  So what?”

Stephanie laughed again.  “So what?  Don’t you see?  I own you now.  Both of you.  You’ll either do what I say, or this video just might find its way onto the university website.  Someone might post the link to it in the forum for example.  You wouldn’t want everyone in school to see you fucking your brother, would you?”

Hannah went pale as Stephanie’s words struck home.  I could feel my stomach clench as I realized the implications, and something told me Stephanie meant every word of it.

“You fuckin’ bitch!” Hannah shouted.

“Oh please.  You seemed to enjoy fucking your brother.  I didn’t force you.  You could have left any time you wanted, but you didn’t.  You chose to fuck him, and you liked it.  So did he.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Because you decided to fuck with me Brent, that’s why.  If you would have done as I had asked when I came to see you, there wouldn’t have been a problem.  Instead, you thought it would be funny to go against me.  Well guess what?  No one gets the better of me.  Now you both belong to me,” hissed Stephanie.

“Holy fuck,” I managed.  “You’re fuckin’ nuts!”

“No, I just take what I want.  Fucking your sister in front of a virtual stranger, that’s nuts.” 

“You’ll be on the recording too,” Hannah challenged.  “If you release the tape, you’ll ruin your own career.”

“You stupid slut!” Stephanie giggled.  “Do you really think I wouldn’t take that into account?  Why do you think I stayed in the chair the whole time?  Give up?  Because it was out of the frame.  How dumb do you think I am?”

“There must be something we can do,” I said.  “You don’t have to do this.”

“This isn’t open for debate Brent.  The matter is closed.  You’ll both do whatever I want, whenever I want, or I’ll release the tape.  I’ll make sure everyone you know sees it, friends, family, everyone.”

A silence descended on the room.  “You’re not going to get away with this,” I finally said.

“It’s too late for that my dear.  And if I even suspect any retaliation from either of you, I’ll release the tape, even if you weren’t going to.  Is that clear?”

Hannah and I could only nod in agreement.

“Excellent,” said Stephanie.  “Now get dressed and get out.”

Five minutes later, Hannah and I were driving home in silence.  Even the crickets were quiet.

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