BANANA SPLIT pt. 1 had no Idea they were such whores!! It was awesome   added 4 years ago    

  By: juggfukkler

I grew up in a small town in Texas. I always fantasized about my friend Shane's little sis. I spent a lot of time at his place, and was pretty much like a brother to both of his sisters. There was Amanda, and Alesha. Amanda was the youngest at age 14,and Alesha was 15...I kinda had a feeling Alesha had a crush on me and I was ready to take advantage of that, after all I just turned 17, It wasn't that weird! Alesha had blossomed pretty early. Her fucking tits were so big I fantasized about coating them with my cock juice constantly!


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 Friday night came around and I decided to ditch my girlfriend Jackie and hang with Shane, My girlfriend was a fucking whore anyway, I was getting pretty sick of her(we had been going out since I was 14, and she was 13, I pretty much only went out with her cause she was really easy, I found out later I wasn't the only one who knew that!) So me and Shane went out drinking with some of our buddies for a while and had some bong rips. Shane was a real lightweight and could never get high when he was drinking, i'm glad he chose that night to do it! He was puking in twenty minutes! So as the good friend I am I decided to bring him home(full well knowing his mom always stayed at her boyfriends on the weekend!) So we arrived at Shane's and I helped him back to his room. Alesha, Amanda, and their friend Carrie were in their pj's watching movies, and they asked me if I had any booze, I had like 13 beers left and brought them in...they were intrigued, Amanda and Carrie were all for it, but Alesha was kind of a nerd, which was okay, I figured the beers would keep the other two busy...I sat down on the couch with Alesha and started chatting, the other two seemed drunk off like 3 beers and were getting really annoying. Amanda kept talking about BANANA SPLITS, i didn't get it. I finally got a moment alone with Alesha and I started moving closer to her on the couch, I got the courage to lean in and kiss her. She started to massage my tongue with hers and my cock was starting to pay attention! I immediately slipped my hand up her loose pajama top, her nipples were so huge I had to lean down and suck them, I mean it was fucked up they were so long when they got hard! She was all self conscience about them though, she thought they were embarrassing as I convinced her how hot they were I slid my hand down her bottoms and gently caressed her velvet crease, it was wet alright! I was so fired up when all of a sudden Amanda and Carrie stormed in busted us and bam...moment gone. Alesha was ashamed and ran down the hallway to her room, I pretended to follow her and b-lined for the bathroom, I had to cum!! I had jerked off in that bathroom so many times it felt like home! I grabbed the lotion and started pumping my swollen meat, I still had the smell of her pussy on my finger and about five strokes in I exploded only to an abrupt knocking on the door. It was little drunk Amanda, she finally said "I'm going to wake up Shane and tell him you were trying to fuck Alesha!" Shit, I could not have that so I panicked pulled up my pants and opened the door. She ran in pulled up her nightie and started peeing right in front of me, "what were you jackin off in here?" I walked out and went back into the living room, kinda embarrassed. I sat on the couch, I was thinking of going back to Alesha's room to try to get back to what we were doing when Amanda burst down the hall "Carrie!! look what Jonny left me!! All of a sudden I noticed a wad of cum smeared across her cheek. "what the fuck!" I yelled, "well you shouldn't have been wasting it!" Carrie went over to Amanda and started licking it right off her face "Yeah, cum goes in our fucking got it!" I was so fucking turned on, I had seen some slutty shit but, whoa! They started kissing each other playing cum tag, it was so hot then Carrie turned to me and started making out with me like she was a porn star I thought I was going to cum in my pants...I couldn't handle it! she then spit right in my mouth "have your cum back, we want fresher cum that wasn't scraped off the bathroom floor!!" It was on! I flipped Carrie around pulled up her nightie and plunged my tongue into her little 14 year old asshole, she tasted good "Hows my dirty fucking asshole taste jon?I want you to tell Amanda, look her in the eyes and tell her!!" Carrie kept saying it over and over. "Shut the fuck up slut, keep it up and soon I'll be fucking you were you shit!!"

  Amanda grinned and said "I'll be right back!" I turned Carrie facing me and started making out with her, she had such soft lips and knew how to use her tongue. "Now you tell me how your dirty asshole tastes!" she laughed and said wait til ya have my BANANA SPLIT!!" Amanda ran in and dog piled us her mom's dildo in one hand, and two bananas. She put the dildo up to my mouth, "suck my mommy's juice she begged, I did not hesitate. She never washes that thing, Its got my juice on it to! she has no idea!!"She then got serious, pulled out two condoms and started putting them on the 2 bananas, "nothing is going up my ass"I said...Not yours, Ours. The girls then got on the floor bending over the couch and arched their backs up, "put that baby oil on the bananas" ordered amanda. I jumped at the chance, " now slide tose nanners in our shit boxes!!" I started with Carrie, just to make Amanda wait. I eased it in about half way then carrie reached around and assisted me in sliding it all the way in, just the stem hanging out. Next was Amanda's turn. It slid in her ass way easier "asshole are for coming in, I have been practicing for a couple years now, I can fist my own asshole!!" she said proudly. They were side by side each with bananas up their asses, you could tell by the look on their faces it was a lot to take in! They tried to keep them up there as long as they could and finally Amanda slid hers out, took the condom off, peeled it and wiped it across her little wet cunt "Eat it" I looked at her and took a bite...She got on her knees and started choking on my cock It looked like Carrie was in pain when Amanda finally said "pull it out bitch Carrie quickly slid it out and got it ready for amanda's mouth "MMMMM,Carrie Your ass banana tastes just like your Shithole you fucking Whore!" Amanda spit in Carrie's face, Amanda then went back to sucking my cock, Carrie asked "can jon cum on my asshole??Please??" I was hoping they would decide soon cause it was coming.."NO..He needs to cum in my mouth, you don't get any, it's mine, I started spraying in Amanda's mouth, with a cum coated face she looked up at me and said "And you were trying to fuck Alesha???" I slapped her face with my cock "who the fuck is Alesha?" She looked up looking so cute with a cum sprayed face "good Answer Jonny!"   CONTINUED 

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anonimusrick    (2011-04-16 10:09:00)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Good first effort.
I hpe the three of them gang up on Alesha in part 2

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