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  By: bi4adventure

“God Dave, I can’t believe how hot this is getting me.”


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Naughty level to be set later

We were alone in Dave’s house. I was sitting on the edge of my friend’s bed, in his and his wife’s bedroom. Dave was standing in front of me in his wife Julie’s robe, holding it open and showing me what he had on underneath. I was fully nude and fully erect

I am so very new to all this…Only last month I had let Dave seduce me into my first MM sexual tryst. And now here I was, back again, hard and horny, and practically salivating for this man in front of me in his wife’s lingerie. It seemed so deliciously kinky.


 “Do you like this?” he said, taking my hands and running them up his nylon clad thighs as he moved in closer and dropped the robe to the floor. “Feel how smooth and silky my legs are, how sexy they look in these heels. Do you like my garter and panties? I feel so slutty dressed in nice lingerie.”


I could tell by the bulge in his (Julie’s?) sheer black silk bikinis that Dave indeed was feeling turned on. And damn, if I wasn’t also. He turned slowly to show me his ass and I couldn’t resist following my eyes with my hands. Running my palms over his thinly covered cheeks, caressing his hips, and feeling an almost electric heat coming from his body through mine. His butt was firmer than a woman’s, a little more muscular, but just as pleasant to squeeze.


“Uhmm…That feels nice.” He whispered. “Your touch is getting me all wet. See!”


He turned back around facing me…his panty covered cock just inches from my face. I could see the wet spot of precum, his cock straining straight up, almost peeking out of the elastic waist band. “I need you to lick my man clit…please…I’ll be such a grateful panty slut that I’ll do anything you want….just please, lick…my…clit.”


Wow…We never talked about role play. But then, we never really talked about a lot of this. Ever since Dave and I became ‘lovers’, we just couldn’t keep our hands and mouths off of each others bodies. Exploring, touching, licking…, pleasing and being pleased. And release…, always holding back as long as we could, but always sweet release


“So, you like dressing up all sexy for me,” I said as I stroked his inner thighs, “you want to turn me on, don’t you, you naughty girl.” I was getting into this now, teasing his bulge with my fingertips and breathing hotly near his cockhead without quite getting my lips on it.


“You want me to taste your wetness?…Do you want my lips on you?” I murmured as I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me. I mouthed his cock through his panties, sucking lightly and tasting his precum. I was rubbing his ass cheeks through the thin fabric, feeling them clench and relax as I exhaled around his cock through the silk. I always loved my wife teasing me through my boxers, and I figured Dave would like this treatment too. I was right…his fingers were in my hair, grabbing me behind the head and pushing me further into his crotch.


“Oh yes…lick my clit…suck on it…uhmm yeah. Like that.” He said, as I pulled the crotch to his panties aside, freeing his dick for me to reach unobstructed.


“Ohh…Yesssssss. Taste me baby…put me in your mouth.”

I was on my knees now, looking up into his eyes as I ran my lips from his balls to his tip…pausing to lick and poke the hole in his penis. Then mouthing and tonguing back down the under side of his shaft, feeling the vein pulse under my tongue. My hands were still around his ass, squeezing his cheeks, pulling him into my face and pushing his hard cock into his gartered stomach. I was enjoying this feeling of power I had over him, teasing his cock, making him squirm….and the power he had over me for wanting him like this…


Dressed in lingerie, he was certainly not a passable woman. Even with his shaved crotch, he was hard and muscled where women were soft and smooth. His scent was different from a woman’s…not that pussy scent & taste of sweetness and magic and honey and sparks, but a clean, musky aroma of manly mystery and animal taste. It was heady and erotic to my senses and I was certainly enjoying my new found sexuality with my friend. I was rock hard and my dick had yet to be touched. This was going to be about him for awhile, I decided. If Dave wanted to play as a woman, I would treat him like one.


“Lie on the bed for me baby, I want to be able to really spoil you.” I guided him onto his back and kneeled between his legs. “You’re dressed so beautifully…and you feel so nice.” I exclaimed, as I lifted a leg and ran my hands up and down over his hose. “So sexy,” I smiled as I switched to the other leg, this time following my hand with my lips and tongue.


“Yumm…I like these tasty parts.” I licked slowly around the back of his exposed ass cheek, past the nylon top, then spread his leg to nibble, wetly, around his inner thigh. My hands were now rubbing his stomach, moving up further to pinch his nipples through the thin little camisole top he had on.


“Oh yes, play with my tits.” He smiled as he opened his arms for me. I rose to meet his arms and he kissed me full on the lips, searching my mouth with his tongue, before breaking the embrace and guiding my mouth to his breast. I bit down gently on his nipple, flicking my tongue as I sucked it in through the fabric. We were grinding our cocks against each others thighs, feeling their hardness against each other while I was sucking his nipples. I could feel his stiff cock dripping against my bare leg, while mine was being caressed by the silk of his stockings. I was caught up in a whirlpool of stimulation. My fingers were feeling fabrics associated with a woman, yet the hardness underneath was that of a man. My body was responding as it would to a woman’s; growing harder with excitement, yet my mouth was delightedly tasting man flesh. First sucking one nipple, then another, and now; I was eagerly working my way down his belly, probing his belly button with my tongue, lower yet to slather his smooth, shaved pubic mound with hot saliva, before engulfing his cock as far as I could into my mouth.


He thrust into me suddenly, unable to contain his excitement as I gagged on the hard meat in my mouth. I twisted my head back and forth as I rose up his shaft, sucking as hard as I could. Up and down I plunged my lips, as deeply and wetly as I could, while swirling my tongue against his shaft and cockhead. I could feel his balls start to tighten…he was going to come soon.


“Stop,” He suddenly said, pushing me away and sitting up on the bed.


“I was enjoying this, dammit. What are you doing?”


I was on all fours in front of him, his nylon covered feet holding and stroking my hanging cock.


“Lie down on your back. I want you to watch me cum.” He said with a mischievous grin.


Dave, still in lingerie, still with his dick sticking out the side of his panties, kneeled between my spread legs. He rubbed his hands up and down his body, from his neck to his knees, and licked his lips.


“Do you like my outfit? Do you like having a hot sissy slut to play with and please?” He was getting into this….and so was I.


“Yes baby,” I moaned, “I like pleasing my hot little slut…I like making you squirm and moan. Come here to daddy, let me suck that clit some more.” I said, reaching out to him.


“Not yet” he whispered as he leaned over and hotly kissed me again. “Baby wants her fun too.” He kissed my neck; I could feel his tongue, flat and warm, sliding up to my ear. He blew into it lightly and nibbled on the lobe. I thought I was gonna melt. I‘ve always had a fetish for having my ear and neck licked. Too few women in my life have ever paid any attention to any body part above my waist other than my mouth. I can’t speak for other men; maybe I’m different and that’s why I’ve taken so naturally to playing with Dave. But I love having my nipples played with, my chest caressed. I enjoy the touch of someone taking time to explore my body….to feel and taste all those little sensitive places that may not lead to orgasm, but certainly lead to arousal.


And it feels especially arousing when there’s a knowing manly hand stroking my cock at the same time. And Dave was sure playing with my cock now. His lips were moving lower as his hands were coming higher. Touching my balls and stroking my shaft. I watched as he lowered his lips to meet his fingers wrapped around my hardened cock. I closed my eyes, and felt the warmth of his mouth slowly take me in. I have come to believe that only someone with a dick can know how well to intuitively please one. Sure, I’ve had great blow jobs from women; some have actually made my toes curl. But if you’re a guy; take it from me. You haven’t had fantastic head until you’ve had another man go down on you. Or at least until Dave or I have gone down on you.


“Suck me baby…suck me slowly and deeply like the good little cocksucker you are.” Eyes shut; I was just rambling. “That’s it; yes…use those hands too.” I was babbling in the throes of erotic pleasure. My senses were overloading with the sensations running through my body. The lips on my crotch seemed to be everywhere at once. The hands on my thighs were now on my chest, tweaking my nipples, now running through my pubes, only to magically caress my balls. His hot mouth was all the way down my cock, his lips licking my balls, and then I was feeling the coolness of his mouth leaving my shaft, only to move to my inner thighs, nuzzling my crotch, suckling my nut sac and warmly covering my dick again. He was humping my leg, moving up, and grinding his cock against mine. I felt him straddle my hips and caress my slick cock.


“Open your eyes,” he ordered huskily, grinding his ass onto my dick. “I want you to watch me cum.”


“See how wet you’ve made your little slut” he smiled as he rubbed some of his precum onto my cock, mixing it with mine as well as the spittle he left on it. “My little ass is so hot for daddy’s cock.”


He had lifted himself up a little and was rubbing my cock head against his asshole. Wiggling and moving up and down, he was rubbing his crack on my soaking wet cock. Sliding it between his cheeks and pressing against the tip.


He was whispering now, his words having the desired effect on my swelling dick “I want you in me…I want to feel filled like a woman feels. I want to ride your cock.” He was wiggling and shifting, his weight pressing down onto my engorged dick. I could feel the resistance of his asshole pushing against my cock. Suddenly, it relaxed and the head of my cock slipped inside. It was tight as hell, almost uncomfortably so, but he let out a sigh and I could feel the smooth walls of his anus expand ever so slightly as they descended further down my shaft. Finally, his ass cheeks touched my hipbones and he sighed.


“Ohhhh……yeah……that’s nice.” One of us moaned out loud. But I knew we we’re both thinking it. My cock was buried in my friend’s ass and by the smile on his face, he was loving it. He started moving up and down a little and soon my pelvis was rising up to meet him. We were building up a nice rhythm, both into this now, the sensations of anal lust taking over. He would pull up, almost until just the tip of my cock was in him, and then lower himself as my cock rose to slam into him. We were really fucking now. Two men caught up in others bodies, lost to the eroticism of it all.


His cock was as hard as mine, swinging and flinging small drops of juice from the tip…I could feel their warmth as they dropped on my chest. I reached up and started jerking him in time to our movements.


“Yes Dave…you’re such a good little slut. Do you feel nasty Dave? Do you feel all hot and sexy with your dick sticking out of your panties? Does your pussy feel all filled with my dick?.”


“Fuck me…..yes….fuck me. He moaned through closed eyes, “ I’m a wanton bitch…I want your hands on my clit. I want to ride your cock. I want to feel your cum inside me. Take my ass….I want you to have it. Fuck me, fill me, oh yeassssss…”


His moans were so hot and his ass was tight that I could feel I was past the point of holding back.


“I’m gonna cum in your ass you slut…I’m going to fill your pussy with my seed….can you feel it? Can you feel my dick swell and explode?” I yelled.


And Dave slammed down on my hips just as I shoot my load of hot juice into him.


“I can feel your cum inside of me” he said, just as my hands milked his own orgasm out of his pulsating dick. I watched jets of his cum pulse out, shooting on my chest and neck, the first shot missing my eager mouth to land in my hair and on my forehead. Thankfully, not got in my eyes, so I got to watch the expression of pure bliss come over his face unobstructed.


“My God Dave, that was incredible. I’ve never seen you this turned on before, me neither for that matter.”


“It’s the panties & nylons” he said, “They always bring out the sissy slut in me. You should try it sometime”


and that’s another story……..

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pantielover    (2013-06-25 16:59:36)    Flag as inappropiate
So sexy!
Peter65    (2012-07-16 09:40:17)    Flag as inappropiate
Great story, very well written, you took me there with you
Petra    (2011-06-03 04:00:21)    Flag as inappropiate
Petra OOooh! Your so yummy!!!
easypeasy    (2011-04-24 11:29:56)    Flag as inappropiate
AMAZING genderplay, so hot!!

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