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Pussy Worship


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Denis Clark was a quiet introverted boy, always nice, always well mannered, always neat and clean, infact the model teenager. To add to these admirable qualities he worked and studied hard, hoping to qualify as an accountant by the time he was twenty.

Denis had virtually no sexual experience and at night he would lay in his bed dreaming of women, running through all those he knew in his mind, and ending the day with a wank to reduce his stress. Not that Denis came into contact with many girls and most of the ladies he saw to speak to were relations or friends of his mother.

One such friend was Angela Logan who always seem to take a friendly interest in Denis and chat to when ever she visited. Angela was a fine figure of a woman with long blonde hair and voluptuous looks she still drew the eyes of far younger men. Not that Angela was a tart, or a flirt, but she was full of life and always laughing, she did not miss much and she quickly assessed Denis's character.

While his mother was upstairs she chatted away to the boy setting him at his ease.

"You and I should have a private little chat one afternoon I'm always free on fridays." She pushed a card into his hand which he promptly put into his pocket.

This little incident played on Denis's mind and he wondered if she was going to make sexual advances towards him. The very thought excited and frightened him yet he knew he must find out. He imagined himself making love to Angela and wondered what she would look like naked on her bed.

That same friday he found her address and paid the visit. Denis was an absolute bundle of nerves and blushed deeply as soon as Angela open the front door.

She poured him a large glass of red wine and sat down opposite him in a comfortable armchair.

"Fortunately I will be able to help you Denis as I understand your predicament perfectly I've had lots of experience with sensative men like you and if your prepared trust me you will be rewarded.

Denis stared his face red as a beetroot he did not know what to say.

Angela smiled and laughed gently, "relax I won't bite and I hope you won't.

She then held up a pair of red nylon panties, "I've just taken these off so under this skirt Im completly naked."


Denis was thunderstruck he could not look her in the eye and shuffled uneasily in his chair.

"I think you are a pussy boy Denis but you are too shy to admit it,"she smiled "kneel down Im going to show you my pussy."

Denis said not a word but knelt as instructed and looked up between Angela's legs as she raised her skirt.

"Well don't be tongue-tied what do you think of her?"

Denis gazed in absolute wonder, "oh Mrs Logan it's beautiful he stammered.

Angela was watching from over the top of her skirt but Denis did not notice he was enraptured by a wonderful sight he had never seen before: around the outer lips were long fine light brown curly hairs which were trimmed in a neat triangle of thick hair which covered her lower belly; the outer lips were long and bulbous and the delicate pink inner lips could be seen moist and delicious looking.

At the top was a slight swelling and a neat hood underneath which nestled her clitoris. As he watched sniffing the air he saw her long fingered hand come down and she ran her middle finger along her lips opening them slightly. Then the prying finger entered her vagina and she stroked herself with long slow deliberate movements and she removed her wet finger, held it out to Denis.

"Taste me my boy taste Lady Logan," and she laughed a musical sweet torrent of laughter.

Denis just loved the smell and taste he wanted to lick that beautiful long hairy slit.


" Start at the bottom of my lips and with nice steady long licks run your tongue up the full length to the top first on one side then the other come closer I want to put my legs over your shoulders ahh thats comfortable ohh lovely boy long smooth licks swollow as you move backdown oooh lovely.

"Ohhh darling boy your going to make a first class pussy worshipper oooer I will soon cum put your lips around my clit at the top part ohhh my god thats wonderful " she began to move her dripping cunt up and down and Denis could feel her hands holding the back of his head.


" Put two fingers in underneath she moaned ohh hear it cums darling eat it up and she began to buck against his mouth as he lapped furiously.

It was Denis's first experience and he was covered in her juices as he surfaced from her skirt she did smile to see his sticky face.

Denis was in love with Lady Logan he could not get the sight and taste of her beautiful pussy out of his mind he was desperate for her all the time.

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easypeasy    (2011-04-02 15:55:34)    Flag as inappropiate
I always appreciate some good pussy worship! :)

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