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  By: anonimusrick

                                              MY SISTER

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   I was home from my summer job, camp counselor at a sleep away camp.  In a few days it would be back to college.  Due to a lack of funds I was living at home rather than the dorm.  I was a bit taken aback when I saw my little 13 year old sister.  Gone was the tomboy I remembered.  She was replaced by a delectable piece of ass in a short skirt and tight top.

   When I walked in the door she ran at me and jumped into my arms just like she used to do up to like nine or ten years old.  Legs wrapped around my waist she hugged me tightly.  Our parents weren’t home from work, yet.  She slowly lowered her body until I could feel her mons pubis rubbing against my cock through my pants.  I was just about to push her off when my dad pulled into the driveway.

   She slid down slowly and then lowered her legs.  Giving me a kiss on the cheek, she said, “I’m so glad your back big bro.  You wouldn’t believe how much I missed you.”

   When dad walked inside we greeted each other stiffly.  He had never been one for affectionate displays.  My mind was on Shelli’s actions.  She had to have felt my cock pushing against her mound.  Had she done it on purpose?  Did my little sister want to have sex with me?  Would I do it if she did?  Or maybe, she was just practicing on me because, as her brother, I was ‘safe’.  Needless to say, I was one confused puppy.  The more I thought about it, the more confused I got.

   Shelli excused herself, saying she was going to change clothes.  While dad and I made small talk she came back downstairs.  Now all she was wearing a belly shirt and Sponge Bob boxers.  I was pretty sure she was braless.  My supposition was proved true while she was setting the table for dinner.  When she stretched to reach the top shelf of the china cabinet to get the wine glasses down I got a clear view of her right tit.  Then she turned around and smiled at me, again saying, “I’m so glad your back, big bro”.

   Right after dinner I left to see my (soon to be ex) girlfriend.  While I was away she had fucked a few guys, including my friend Pat.  I had told him to ‘go for it’ because I was pretty sure she wasn’t as in love with me as she said she was.  I had printed out a few of the more incriminating pix he had emailed to me.  Besides, I wasn’t in love with her, just with her pussy.

   I drove us to a secluded wooded area I knew of.  I had her naked in the back seat playing with her tits when I dropped the bombshell.  I twisted her nipples harder than I ever had and asked her who was a better fuck, me or Pat.  She tried to deny it.  When she realized I didn’t believe her, she begged for forgiveness.

   I told her she’d have to prove her love for me by letting me ass fuck her.  She had always refused anal fucking before this.  I was adamant about it.  Finally, reluctantly, she agreed.  

  I allowed her a few seconds to lube her asshole with hand cream she kept in her purse.  Dragging her out of the car I bent her over the still hot hood of my car.  No foreplay, no preparation, I just rammed into her ass hard and fast.  This wasn’t about love, or even about sex.  This was all about revenge.  I yanked on her hair.  I mauled her tits.  I even hooked my forearm around her throat as if I would choke her.  It wasn’t long before I flooded her ass with cumm.

   When I was done cumming I grabbed her hair again and forced her to her knees in front of me.  She didn’t want to lick me clean but I coerced her to do it with promises of forgiveness.  Once my dick was cleaned, I got dressed but made her stay naked.  That’s when Pat and the two other guys, who were twins, she’d fucked drove up.  She tried to get in the car but I held her tight.  

   When the three of them got close enough for her to identify she got really scared.  “Here’s the deal slut.  I’ve got these pix Pat emailed to me.  It makes it look like he’s paying you for sex.  Yeah, I know you had lent him money and he was only paying you back.  But, no one else knows this.  So here’s the deal:  We do whatever we want to you tonight and I will delete all the pix of you and Pat, or within an hour everyone you know will think you’re a fucking whore who fucks for money.”

   She sputtered, “But… but… but.”  “Decide now slut.  We haven’t got all night.”  She didn’t answer in words.  What she did was unbuckle Pat’s belt.  She tried to give him a blow job.  He wanted to fuck.  We all wanted to fuck.  They got her pussy, I got her ass.  

   Before we were done we all came in, or on, her 3 times.  The twins even managed to fucker her simultaneously.  Somehow they managed to get both dicks in her at once.  When we had slaked our lust she just lay there while we smoked a cigarette.  

   She got dressed quickly when I tossed her skirt and blouse on top of her.  She hadn’t worn a bra.  Just for shits and grins I set her panties on fire.  The twins and Pat drove off first.  Then I finally put my car in gear and took her home.  I told her she had to be at my house to see me delete the incriminating photos.  Due to work and family stuff she couldn’t be there the next day.  It would have to be the day after.  It was about 2:00 in the morning when she got out of my car.  Then I went home.
   At the top of the stairs I looked in on Shelli before I went to my room.  I almost always checked on her before I went to sleep.  I am a very protective big brother.  I smelled pussy as soon as I opened her door.  She was totally nude on the bed.  She had fallen asleep with her hairbrush still in her pussy.  I couldn’t believe it.  My little sister was doing that!?  I was so turned on at the sight that my cock was immediately rigid.  I quickly got back to my room to jerk off.   

   The next morning after the ‘rents left for work she stuck her head in my door and asked if I wanted to see her new swim suit she had just bought with her baby-sitting money.  Of course I agreed.  I thought she’d go back to her room to change and give me a chance to get some clothes on.  I always sleep nude and only use a sheet to cover myself in bed.   

   Instead she pulled off her black blouse, revealing a green bikini top.  The movable triangles were all scrunched up so more tit was showing than was covered.  I was so fucking turned on.  My little sister was showing me her tits!  My cock sprang to life, forming a tent under the thin sheet.  She stared at it and licked her lips.  I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew I was horny.  I slowly stroked my cock beneath the sheet.

  She walked over, standing close to my head.  Silently she tuned around before dropping her hot pink skirt to the floor.  Just like her top, more of her ass was showing than was covered up.  My hand moved faster on my dick.  Then she turned around and I almost came.  

   Not only was the front of her bikini all scrunched up, it was pulled into her tiny twat.  I never said a word.  I knew what I wanted.  I assume, dressed as she was, she wanted the same thing.  

   I pulled her on the bed.  Pushing the small triangle to the side I licked and fingered her until I felt her trembling with orgasm.  That didn’t stop me.  I kept at it until she came a second time.  Then I kissed my way up her body to spend a few minutes kissing, sucking, and fondling her teeny titties.  I couldn’t wait much longer.  I had to get my dick in her.

   Pausing only to play tonsil hockey for a few moments I got in position.  I rubbed my cock head against her tiny clit.  Then she reached down to guide it in her almost hairless pussy.  I was so turned on I wasn’t able to be gentle.  

   As soon as I felt the tip against her cunt, I couldn’t help myself; I rammed it in her tight teen twat.  She was so wet that, even though mine was her first ever dick, I was buried to the hilt; all seven plus inches.  Her legs spread wide, and then she hooked her ankles around the backs of my knees.  

   She didn’t fuck like a tyro, more like a seasoned veteran.  Every time I pulled back she’d pull back, squashing her ass against my mattress.  And, every time I slam down into her, she’d meet me halfway, trying to push more of me into her.

   It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy spasming in orgasm.  The sensation pushed me over the edge.  I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I pumped what felt like a gallon of cumm into my sisters teen pussy.  Totally spent I collapsed on top of Shelli.

   “So, do you like my bikini, bro?”  “I like it just fine, Shelli.  Why did you do… I mean we…”  “Bro, I love you.  I know you love me.  I’m on the pill because of the bad acne problem I had.  That means I can’t get pregnant.  I’m not going to give birth to web footed sideshow freaks.  So why not?  I wanted to do it. And you sure didn’t seem opposed to it.”  I couldn’t think of any real good argument.  We weren’t religious, so sin wasn’t a factor.  

   It didn’t take much to convince me.  Especially since my cock was still in her pussy.

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Maik0    (2013-07-13 19:03:55)    Flag as inappropiate
yumm...thanks for the orgasm, would so like to be with you both right now
easypeasy    (2011-04-02 16:01:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Whoah, intense.
Birdie238    (2011-03-23 14:45:53)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Wow...

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