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  By: Birdie238

I'm a girl, so I never really thought about... Girls... I mean, the female form fascinated me, but I never thought of having sex with one.


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Naughty level to be set later

Lyssa wasn't the hottest girl I knew. She was a tall, slim brunette 20-year-old with size A cups. She had these thick glasses that magnified her pretty dark brown eyes.

She had this green truck that was pretty junky, but she would always come to pick me up every morning before school. We were both in first and last period together, as well. In first period, we sat together with our little collection of friends. She would always sit next to me, gently nudging me with her elbows or dragging her nails across my skin. Again, I say, she wasn't the hottest girl, but what she was, was persistent. Either way, I always thought she was just messing with me. ...Until later that day when she texted me.

'Tori, do you like riding in my truck? And being my friend?'

I was confused, but I texted her back, 'Yeah, it's cool. You're awesome! Why?'

It took her a small while to reply, 'Good. Then, tomorrow, you'll do as I say.'

'Umm.. Lol, okay. I'll see you in the morning then, girl.' Her behavior was slightly odd, but I didn't think too much of it.

The next morning, as I was tossing my backpack into the back seat of the truck, I greeted her. Once I was seated and buckled up, I looked over to her. She didn't say good morning to me. She just stared straight ahead, which made me think she was mad at me for something. Rather than rattle her cage, I just got quiet and waited for us to arrive at school. Except, we turned into an empty parking lot, about a mile or two away from the school.

She pulled over in a spot far from the main road. I looked around, "Umm.. Why did we stop? Is something wro-" She slapped me clear across the face.

"BITCH, when you greet me, you refer me as 'Ma'am' or 'Master!'"

I was speechless. My hand caressed my sore, red cheek as I stared up at her. She was frowning, her eyes staring angrily at me.

"What's my name?"

 I opened my mouth to speak, but didn't. Call her 'Master?' How could I? Was she serious? ... That slap across my face seemed serious enough. My cheek soon stung again, seeing as she slapped me again. And again. And again. I screamed, begging her to stop, "Please, Lyssa! Stop! Ow!! No!"

All she kept asking was, "What's my name?! What's my name, bitch?!"

I tried to escape, but the rustic lock on the door wouldn't open. She kept swinging, making my body sting wherever she hit.

I cried and before I could process my thoughts and stop myself, I yelled out, "Master! Stop! Please, Master!"

She stopped mid-swing and looked at me, her eyes questioning, "What did you call me, slut?"

I was trembling, my eyes watering from the pain and humiliation. I looked down as my next words came out slowly, "I.. I called you 'Master'..."

She smirked, "That's what I thought you said." She pulled a brown paper bag from under her seat and sat it in my lap. "Now, you can be rewarded."

I tried my best not to tremble as I attempted to open the bag. It slipped from my grasp and fell back into my lap.

Lyssa sighed and reached over me, opening the bag. She sat it's contents onto my lap and waited for me to examine it. It was a small, silver oval shaped... Thing, about the length of my index finger. I didn't exactly know what it was. While I was pondering, Lyssa had started up the car and we were back on our way to school.

I didn't touch the thing on my lap, and she saw this from the corner of her eye. She laughed, "Have you never seen a vibrator before?" I looked over at her, astonished,

"A-a vibrator?! What am I suppose to do with this?!"

She frowned, face completely serious now, "You are to wear that to class."

I flushed, "N-no! That's just-.. No!!"

She pulled into the school's parking lot, shut her car off, and slapped me across the face.

"'No'?! Bitch, you are MY slut! I own YOU! You have NO rights! The only thing you should fuckin' concern yourself with is how you can SERVE ME! Got it?" She raised her hand as if to slap me again.

I flinched and covered myself, "I'm sorry! I'll do what you say!"

Her hand dropped and she smiled, "Good girl. Although, you do realize I will have to punish you." She unbuckled herself and exited the truck. Walking around to the passenger side, she let me out. She slipped the vibrator and brown bag into her pocket, then took hold of my hand and dragged me into the school.

Then into the restroom.

It was still pretty early, so there wasn't the usual gaggle of girls in there. Lyssa shoved me into the handicapped stall and pulled the vibrator from her pocket. She held it up in front of my face, "Get this nice and wet with your saliva."

I opened my mouth to protest, but that gave her the opportunity to shove it into my mouth. She pulled it in and out, making sure to rub it against my tongue. I would never admit it, but, at that moment, I felt my clit twitch. I was becoming aroused and let out a moan before I could stop myself.

Lyssa smiled, "That's right. Lick it. Good girl." While still holding the off vibrator in my mouth, she reached her hand down and began to remove my pants. I was too involved with my licking to really notice. Her fingers slipped into my panties and danced near my clit.

I moaned again and she enjoyed that. She quickly flicked her finger across it then plunged one finger into me. I flinched from sheer surprise and taking my mouth from the toy, I let out a moan.

Lyssa immediately removed her hand, flipped me around, and smacked my ass extremely hard. "I didn't tell you to stop!" She shook her head. "Tsk tsk tsk. You need some serious training!"

I groaned, just as she pulled my ass out and knelt down, putting her finger back into my now wet pussy. After a moment, she quickly yanked it out. I moaned again and she took the vibrator and shoved it into my pussy. I swear, I would've cum there and then if she had continued pushing it in and out, but she didn't. Instead, she used her long beautiful fingers to shove the vibrator so far into me. She pulled away as I sank to my knees, my bottoms around my ankles and my wetness flowing down my legs, onto the floor.

Lyssa stepped back to admire her work. Her eyes burned with heat and passion. She licked her lips and I could tell she liked what she saw. I was breathing hard as she reached into her pocket and produced a small silver remote with a red knob on it. She brought it to her face and smirked, "Hmmm... You were disobedient in the car. And when I told you to lick. AND you stopped licking even though I didn't tell you to stop. That's three." She turned the knob and the vibrator suddenly sprung to life.

My back arched and I groaned excitedly. A remote controlled vibrator?! I reached my hands down to my pussy's lips to try to pull it from inside me, but it was too deep for my fingers to reach. I groaned and moaned, tears forming in my eyes. I was about to cum! But... I didn't want to cum for her! Atleast, not THAT soon... "Get it out of me!"

She smiled more and shook her head, "Why would I when you like it so much? No. And, you neglected to address me in the proper way." She pulled out the remote again and turned it up a notch. The vibrator picked up speed and I moaned again.

I bit my lip and looked up at her, wanting the vibrations to stop. "M-master... P-please make it stop..."

She smiled more, "But you wouldn't like that as much, would you, you little slut?" She helped me up and pulled my bottoms up, fastening my pants buttons. "Your training starts today. Don't expect me to go easy on you." She held up the remote and smiled. "This remote controls that vibrator, as I'm sure you can tell. See, you're at 4. It goes all the way up to 10. Displease me today and I won't hesitate to turn it up that high. And, you're not allowed to cum."

I flinched, "N-not allowed?! But.. But.." The fear of being hit again caused me to add in "Please, Master... It's hard not to!"

She smiled more, "Oh good. You're learning." She patted my ass and pushed me from the stall.

I tried so hard not to focus on the vibrations, but my mind kept returning to that one thought as we exited the restroom and headed to first period. I desperately wanted to cum. I NEEDED to cum! But I couldn't.. Thoughts of what my 'Master' would do to me if I disobeyed her filled my head and I trembled.

She saw this and smirked, "Today's gonna be a fun day, isn't it?" She smiled, "I can see it. You're gonna be a great little slutty slave, aren't you?"

I don't know what came over me, but the words, "Yes, Master." escaped my lips.

To be continued...

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CanadianCasanova    (2011-04-24 18:27:33)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Great start!! You're an excellent writer! I hope you keep it up because you sure got my attention.
Birdie238    (2011-03-26 16:34:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Thanks! And Wow, if u do write it, let me know so I can read it!! I'd actually love to know!!
anonimusrick    (2011-03-26 01:35:49)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick I liked the story very much. I can't wait for the sequel. I started thinking about what would happen when Lyssa meets a 'more' dominant GUY. You probably won't go there..... but, I will.
Birdie238    (2011-03-16 09:11:45)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Sorry about the formatting. i have no clue how to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Birdie238    (2011-03-16 09:11:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Sorry about the formatting. i have no clue how to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Birdie238    (2011-03-16 09:11:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Sorry about the formatting. i have no clue how to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Birdie238    (2011-03-16 09:11:43)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Sorry about the formatting. i have no clue how to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
Birdie238    (2011-03-16 09:11:38)    Flag as inappropiate
Birdie238 Sorry about the formatting. i have no clue how to fix it. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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