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Nicole and I were sitting in our friend Susie’s bedroom relaxing with our third glass of red wine catching up with each other and getting a good look at Susie’s toy collection.  Susie had a phone call, so she excused herself and took the call through to the other room.  Nicole and I were left sitting on the bed chatting away and I could feel my third glass of wine starting to go to my head, making me feel all warm and loving.  Nicole lent forward in her low cut cowl neck jumper dress to put her empty glass on the floor.  As I watched her lean over and the cowl neck gape open I caught a good look at her medium sized breasts sitting perky and rounded in her silky black bra, they looked good enough to eat!



I must have been leaning forward to get a better look as when she sat herself back up our faces were even closer together than before.  We looked at each other and in the next moment I felt Nicole take hold of my hand and as I looked down she lifted it up and placed it over her dress but on top of her breast.  I lifted my head and looking her in the eye I took my free hand, placed it behind her head and pulled her in close to me and starting kissing her soft lips, our mouths opening together and we both explored each others mouths with our tongues.  We started to get more forceful and hungry for each other so we gradually moved closer to each other and I could feel the heat radiating from her body.  As we touched bodies I slowly pulled down the neck of her dress over her bra which I pushed either side revealing her breasts and hard pink nipples that had been pushing up against her top.



I take my mouth away from her lips and start to lick, nibble and tease her down her neck – I feel her shiver with excitement and can see her hairs standing on end.  As I get down to her breasts I take one in my hand and gently squeeze it and lightly pinch her nipple while I lay my wet tongue on her other nipple and in a slow circular motion lick and suck on it.  As we get comfortable on the bed, Nicole is laying over me, her pussy rubbing against mine.  I held on tight to her with her breasts bouncing over my face.  I pulled myself up a bit so that I could wrap my leg over hers and push my pussy closer on hers so that we were rubbing each other crotches against one another still with our clothes on and we could both feel the wetness soaking through our G-strings that barely covered our throbbing and swollen pussy’s. 



I am so turned on that I just want to feel her pussy on my mouth and I want to fuck her so bad.  Nicole lay back on the bed and I lowered myself down and started lapping at her pussy tasting her juices, I began licking her clit and I could feel her pushing her pussy up into my face wanting more. I inserted 1 finger inside her warm pussy while I am still licking her clit; sliding it in as far as it would go and out again, slowly at first then getting faster.  As I pull out I add another finger and then another until she has 3 of my fingers fucking her pussy.  My fingers are deep in her pussy and I am moving them as though beckoning her towards me.  I can feel her whole body tensing up and her breathing has intensified and her moans are getting louder and louder (maybe Susie can hear us) until I feel her pussy throb hard against my mouth and her pussy tighten around my fingers as she moans out loud “I’m cumming”.  I slide my soaking wet fingers out of her pussy and lick off her juices while she takes hold of Susie’s double ended big black dildo and slides it between my swollen lips and up inside my warm wet pussy.  Nicole shoves it deep inside me, I can feel the sides of the dildo pushing and sliding against the walls of my pussy making me inhale deeply as she slides it all the way out and teases the tip of it around my pussy opening.  I tell Nicole to stick the other end inside her still wet pussy which she does.  We are both grinding on the dildo, the force sticking each end deep inside both pussies.  Her face is full of excitement as she watches my juices slide down the dildo and surrounds my throbbing lips – the lubrication making it easier for my pussy to slide further down on the big blackness.  As Nicole keeps eye contact with me she uses her fingers to stimulate my clit rubbing in circles using my juices to lubricate my clit and I start to moan and shake not wanting to cum too fast.  I can’t hold on much longer so as I push her fingers off my clit I tell Nicole to get off the dildo and put her mouth on my clit instead – as soon as her warm mouth covers me and I feel her smooth wet tongue slide up and across my clitoris and feel her hands work the dildo up inside my pussy, pushing it in hard and flicking my clit with her tongue I have the most intense orgasm I have ever had all over Nicole’s face letting her taste my sweet cum!  I slide the dildo squelching out of my pussy and hold it up between us and we both lick it clean, sucking off each others juices from either end!



Little did we know but Susie had finished her phone call a lot faster than expected and had been standing in the doorway watching us play with each other and her toys!  As we glanced over we saw her pull her fingers out of her own pussy and stick them in her mouth where she licked them clean.  Not only did Nicole and I have fun together but it looks like Susie did too watching us get each other off!


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easypeasy    (2011-04-02 16:02:36)    Flag as inappropiate
Fingered my cunt hard reading that! Nice!
jnthn    (2011-04-01 21:47:08)    Flag as inappropiate
jnthn Every guys fantasy,

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