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  By: saintstephen

Introduction - Role played this with the Mrs this weekend. She still looks hot in a plaid skirt, white blouse and blazer like a good Catholic  girl should. Fantasy was also fueled by a story read on here recently.


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  The Story - You enter my office for your monthly meeting with me, your advisor/professor. Clearly you are upset and explain that a requirement to maintain your scholarship is a B+ average. The upper classes are getting more difficult and the truth is you are a B student.

"I can't loose my scholarship" and you begin to cry. I only have 18 months to go before graduating. "Professor please help me. I know you can. You have always been so helpful to me".

You lean forward towards me across the desk. I notice your white blouse is open a bit, very sheer and underneath a sheer white bra. I have fantasized about your tits for 2 and a half years but until today you were always quite conservative in your dress.

You notice my eyes looking down at your breasts and you lean forward even more and say "anything, I will do anything. Just help me professor".

I lean back in my chair, look you straight in the eye and explain that you have 12 courses remaining and 8 of which are divided among myself and 2 other professors. My eyes meet yours and I explain that if you are truly committed to doing what is necessary I can guarantee at least an A minus in each of these classes.

You understand what we are talking about as you walk around my desk and sit on the edge. You open your blazer and say "anything, just tell me what to do". I hesitate wanting to insure we are speaking about the same thing. You remove your blazer and begin to rub your tits through the sheer blouse. "Anything, professor. Feel my legs"

I run my hand up your skirt and to my pleasure you are wearing thigh highs. You stand up in front of me, hands on hips, spread your feet apart and request that I feel your pussy. My hand finds it way to your womanhood and you are quite wet. You follow my instructions and open the blouse. I can see your very hard nipples through the sheer bra.

You are warming to the task at hand but I stop. "Tomorrow night 8 pm - my house. Wear this outfit and bring your favorie toy. We are going to make sure you are committed".

At the appointed time you arrive, looking fantastic. I bring you into my den, the fire is on, the lights are low and you can make out my colleagues sitting on chairs facing the fireplace. I blindfold you and explain that when you are taking a class with any of the 3 professors here tonight once a week you will have sex with them. If you do and do the work an A minus is yours.

It is understood of course that as your advisor you will have sex with me whenever I want. You nod your head in agreement.

"Gentlemen" I say "behold Christine Cookie, the hottest coed  l We own her for the next 18 months". 
I invite each of them to kiss you hard and they do. "Feel her tits" and they are more than willing. You too are enjoying yourself.

I stand behind you and rip open your blouse and remove it. Standing now in your very sheer bra we can see your nipples which are the size of pencil erasers. I whisper in your ear and you lift your skirt, move your panties to the side and begin to rub your pussy.

My colleagues are no more than 18 inches away from your pussy.  You can feel their warm breath. I whisper something again and you step out of your panties which have a nice wet spot on them. Led over to a sofa you lie down with feet on the ground.

"Gentlemen you can rub her stocking legs. touch her skin above where the thigh highs end but not her pussy. Tonight we watch her pleasure herself. I hand you the toy.

Your legs are wide open, their hands are rubbing your legs, I at your side are rubbing your tits and remove your bra. I cup your tits. "Tell the professors  in graphic terms what you are willing to do to retain the scholarship". And you are indeed very graphic.

The vibrator is working its magic and your hips are staring to thrust forwad with more intensity. Much to our surprise you request that we jerk off on you that you want to feel our cum all over you.

As you lie there toally nude but for the blindfold we can tell that you are about to explode. Not to be outdone I unleash a load of cum on your tits, one colleague that has been rubbing his cock over your legs looses himself on your stockings and the third shoots all over your stomach.

You rub the cum all over yourself and say that you are looking forward to negotiating what you can you do to get an A or an A Plus.

Respectfully Submitted,
February 21, 2011

Saint Stephen

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shybutwannatry1    (2011-12-24 07:15:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Amazing.....I had an something like this happen once....oh the memories!
saintstephen    (2011-04-26 05:11:26)    Flag as inappropiate
#5 is written just need to retype. For some reason will not let me simply cut and paste.
If you would like a private preview send me a private message with email address.
paulcs    (2011-04-07 14:47:45)    Flag as inappropiate
I meant #5
paulcs    (2011-04-07 14:46:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Beautiful fantasy. When can we expect #4?. .

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