For The Sake Of A Pair Of Shoes   added 5 years ago    

  By: ora_lee

I sat, impatiently, in the short stay car parking area, waiting for my phone to ring. It was 9.30, dark outside and here I was dressed only in a loose fitting white shirt, stockings and suspenders. His flight was due in any second, I drummed out the rhythms from the stereo on the dash board, checked my make up in the mirror, adjusted the clasps on my stockings and tried not to think too much about the night ahead.


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The sound of my phone made me jump – this was the call I’d been waiting for, I started the engine and drove round to the arrivals pick up point. My pulse rate soared, was it nerves or sexual energy – this was my last chance to opt out, I could just drive away… but I had been waiting for months to get my shoes back.

My mind was all over the place as the car door opened and my dom flung his bag into the back and took his place in the passenger seat. Too late to change my mind now… He punched a postcode into the sat nav and we set off.

As I concentrated on the traffic and the robotic instructions coming from the sat nav, he spoke to me in that soft cool voice of his; we would go back to his apartment, have a drink and relax for a while and take things from there.

We reached our destination – I stepped out, stockinged feet, onto the cold pavement and followed him into his flat.

He poured two glasses of wine and headed for the shower, leaving me standing – I switched on the music channel and found some club that throbbed to the beat of my clit, pulled the blind down and the heating up – my feet were still cold from the icy pavement, then I wandered through the hall to watch the steam escaping from the half open bathroom door.  At the sound of the toilet flush, I headed back to the living room and took a slug of wine.

He appeared in the doorway, still damp from the shower, smelling of soap, with my shoes , a collar and lead in his hand. Sensing my tension he took my glass from me and put it on the mantle above the fire. His strong arms went to my shoulders and drew me to his warm body, melting the nerves in his passionate kiss, his arousal pressing against me igniting a desperate sexual need. Then stepping back a pace he relieved me of my shirt and looked in approval at my, flushed and excited exposed body . My shoes, he placed on the table, “you’ll be needing these later” he instructed as he tightened the collar around my neck and lead me to the bedroom by the attached lead.

Laid out on the bed was a selection of black leather, rope, and toys – he ignored the paraphernalia,  slipped off my soaking knickers,  and slowly sank his hard cock deep inside my tight throbbing  cunt . The first thing within reach was a thick leather belt , I flipped it around his arse, using it to pull him in deeper and harder… but the relief was only momentary, a taste of what I had been waiting for, he was getting me hungry – he wanted this slut begging! He took hold of my wrists, making me release my grip “I see I’m going to have to make you behave” he said pulling away.

Taking up the rope, he secured my hands behind my back and left the room. The aching in my cunt was excruciating, and I fidgeted trying to get some relief  “you can’t just leave me here… wanting… starting something you’ve not finished” I protested wildly – 2 mins later he was back with 2 glasses, he offered me a drink and then filled my complaining mouth with the soaking knickers to silence me. He then attached the spreader bar to my ankles to stop me from fidgeting and pulled me to the edge of the bed. With expert fingers he started to stretch my tight cunt. My muffled moaning turned to pleasure as I watched him fill and fist me, but as soon as he felt the first sign of contractions begin, he pulled away. The moans of pleasure turned back to moans of frustration again as the promise of an orgasm faded.

I was still secured as he stood up in front of me, that thick cock just inches from my mouth.  He pulled the knickers from my mouth, but kept complete control of my actions with the leash, I couldn’t even lean forward to taste his hard erection. Slowly he turned, pulling me to my feet and lead me hobbling in my restraints to the living room, where he helped me into a kneeling position on the coffee table.. The last thing I saw as he pulled a hood over my head was the flickering candle light. “Now, can you be trusted to behave if I untie you” he said “you’re going to need your balance for this”, I nodded in eager anticipation.

The ankle restraints came off and my hands were untied leaving me free to grab the tables edge, but I couldn’t  see a thing to get my bearings and he still had a tight reign on my collar. I felt his warmth touch my thighs as he adjusted my position and slowly but firmly penetrated my arse. As his cock drove deeper and harder my grip on the table tightened, his grip on my leash tightened and I cried out in ecstasy, pushing and grinding back at him. Ripples of heat exploded from my very core spreading to my stretched cunt, and pulsing out of my clit as he fucked me to that desperately needed climax.

With his cock still deep inside me I felt the trickle of hot wax begin to pour down my back, he slid out his cock pulling me upright as he covered my skin in the soothing hot liquid, the mix of sensations washing over my body and mind.  I slumped into a state of euphoric bliss, dazed as he uncovered my head, smiling up at him. “are you ok?” he asked. I nodded soporifically, automatically stroking his still hard cock with one hand. “Good girl – now, suck that properly” he replied, pulling me closer with the lead. I gently lapped at the head, stroking his length and caressing his balls, before enveloping his shaft with my mouth.

He took hold of my head and pushed his cock deeper into my throat, I wrapped my hands around his arse cheeks pulling him in and began to finger his arse hole as he fucked my mouth. As I swallowed down on his head I felt the pulsing begin, he pulled out quickly, grabbed my shoe and shot his white sticky load into it…. I was knelt before him, mouth open, begging for a taste of that spunk as he poured my shoes contents into my mouth and let me lap up every last drop.

I savoured the tingling taste on my lips as I pulled on my shirt and shoes, knowing full well that I’d left my knickers in the bedroom – I’d have to come back for those another time…

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naughty51 very hot
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bikerjohnny Very horny indeed, you really made me feel like I was there inside your head. Xx

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