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  By: elDiablito212

This is not a fantasy per se but a memory which I have from high school that I was reminded of reading some stories on Pandora's Secret.


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For almost two years at collge every few days I would have to push my way through the main hallway which I normally avoided to get to my 6th period class. The main hall was always extremely crowded and it took a good five minutes of being pushed and shoving people to get through it.


Now, I don't remember when it began but at some point I found myself grinding up against this girl Janine that I knew when we had to pass through the main hallway.  I don't know if she ever realized that it was me but we knew each other socially and never ever discussed it nor did she act any differently at lunch or when we hung out with our friends.


When the grinding first began it was just for a few moments but I had noticed that she never flinched, moved away or resisted so gradually I got bolder and pushed it a little further.  I would get hard at seeing her in the hallway and escalated our game by placing my hard-on between her ass cheeks.  Again, she didn't flinch and I remember the first few times even feeling the slightest flex of her ass around my dick.


I noticed that sometimes she would move slower through the crowd and I realized that she was sometimes waiting for me.  Realizing that she fully welcomed our encounters I would push up firmly against her and grind my hard-on steadily between her ass.  Although I couldn't see her face I kept mine completely neutral and it made it all the more exciting that we were having this in the middle of hundreds of other students who were completely unaware or maybe even having their own fun.


Our fun culminated and ended one day when I wore sweat pants for an entire week hoping to run into Janine in the main hall.  When I finally saw her, my dick got hard and I positioned myself behind her but instead of putting it between her ass cheeks I pointed it forward between her crotch.  I pushed it forward between her legs and she slowed to a stand still and closed her legs firmly around it and we pretty much stood/shuffled like that for several minutes.  I can still remember how good it felt between her legs and I hope that I was rubbing her clit or something because I enjoyed it so much I came, shuddering against her and even steadying myself by holding onto her waist for a moment.


After that day our encounters became even less frequent until at some point we simply stopped - the last time I pressed against her she stiffened up and moved hurriedly away.  As I said before we knew each other and neither of us let it be known to one another what we did but I always wondered had I revealed myself could we have become lovers.  I'll never know but I did enjoy our fleeting encounters and I hope you did reading about them as well.

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easypeasy    (2011-04-02 16:05:48)    Flag as inappropiate
Wow, I totally have fantasies of that kind of public groping/grinding/fondling. Very nice!

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