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This is based on a true story from my life - hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed re-living it:

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I took a part-time evening job at a hotel in the city centre - covering reception, helping out in the kitchen - and whatever else they wanted me to do. It was a baking hot Friday summer evening. The kind where you work up a sweat just making a sandwich and sleep naked with maybe just a thin sheet to cover your privates.

“Go clean and lock up the gym and pool changing rooms Paul - it’s nearly 10 o’clock”

“Will do boss.” I said

I didn’t mind doing it. Sometimes you’d find all sorts left lying around. Money, jewellery - and if you were really lucky - sometimes sexy used knickers!

Hmmmmm - not so good today. Dirty towels, a pair of skinny jeans and a Playboy bracelet. Then I saw one of the lockers closed amongst all the other open ones and a red bikini hanging over the turn knob. Bit weird. Then I turned my head as I heard the echoing smooth swishing sound of water from around the corner. Someone was still in the pool………………….

Between the pool and the changing rooms was a foot wash section - about 40cm deep. There was no way I was going through there with my jeans on and soaking them wet through.

“Good job I’ve got clean pants on today!” I said to myself as I slid my jeans off.

I quietly waded through the freezing cold knee deep water and then stopped and peered around the corner to see who was in the pool. My first view was of a pert little bum in blue bikini bottoms bobbing up and down in the water as whoever it was swam away from me. I felt my prick tingle and twitch a little. It really was a peachy little ass. Still swimming toward the opposite end of the pool I could see she had light brown straight hair - just longer than shoulder length and sexily splaying in the water as she cut through it with her nicely toned arms.

Reaching the end of the pool she turned in the water and headed toward me - head down in the pool. I stepped out into full view and waited for her to reach the pool edge where I was stood. When she got there she reached for the rim and grasped it with her slim well manicured fingers while raising her face out of the water. She lay her eyes on me and without hesitation gave a cheeky smile and chirped in a sweet innocent voice:


“Hi.” I said. “You know the pool’s meant to be closed?”

“Oooh sorry - is it?” She said apologetically. “I just get carried away sometimes when I’m swimming and lose all track of time.”

With that she lifted herself out of the pool. Her firm little boobs bounced in the shimmering bikini top she had on as the chlorinated water dripped from her. My eyes slid from her tits to her flat tummy where water droplets dribbled from her belly button down to her tiny bikini bottoms. Fuck she was hot! I felt that twitch in my cock again as it began filling with blood and started to press a little against my pants.

“I’m not in trouble am I?” She said jokingly.

“No - I’ll let you off this time.” I said with a smile on my face.

“So you coming in then?” She said raising her eyebrows in a playful manner.

“I’d love to - but not sure these pants would meet the pool regulations!” I replied - pleased with my quick witted response.

“Take em off then!” She said with a naughty look in her eyes.

“Hey - I’d love to - but wouldn’t want you to feel left out. I’m all considerate like that you know. So you‘d have to do the same!” Hey I was getting quite good at this flirty talk!

“OK - you first!” She grinned - eyeing up my t-shirt and lifting her head in a suggestion for me to take it off.

I smirked and then pulled my t-shirt off over my head to reveal my shaved torso.

“Mmmmmm nice!” She said as she ran her fingers down over one of my pecs - and then slid it down my stomach - and finally hooked her finger into the waistband of my pants. I took her hand in mine.

“No no no - your turn now…….”

She stepped back and turned away from me, paused - then bent over and hooked her thumbs in her bikini bottoms. My prick strained against my pants causing them to bulge as she slid her still damp swim bottoms down her legs revealing her smooth light brown flawless ass. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself as she lifted one leg - then the other - totally removing her now tangled bikini bottoms. Then she turned to me and threw them in my face. As they fell to the floor I stared at her standing there - her pussy shaved bare but for a small strip of short black pubic hair seemingly pointing to where I so wanted to put my cock.

“You like what your see?” She said while tilting her head.

“Shit yeah!” I replied.

She stepped in closer to me and put her hands behind her back reaching for her bikini top ties. I put my hands gently round her waist stroking her soft smooth skin with my thumbs. She brought her hands back round to the front as her bikini straps fell to the side though her boobs remained covered by the loosely hanging cups. She shrugged her shoulders and the bikini top fell off.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head! Her tits were truly the sexiest I’ve ever seen. Not too big or perfectly round like you get with a boob job - but slightly pear-drop shaped and enough to fit in your hand. Her nipples were pale pink, small and quite pointy - though suppose that was from standing there all wet and naked! She obviously saw how horny I was and so eased one tit toward my mouth temptingly. I strained my head forward and tried to take her nipple in my mouth but she playfully pulled it away - and then back in close again. I suckled gently on it and felt her shudder a little in excitement.

After a few seconds she broke free and slid downwards - her boobs rubbing against my belly on the way down - till her face was parked right in front of my dick which was amazingly still being held back by the now strained buttoned fly area of my pants.

“Let’s see what’s in here shall we…….?”


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CuckNBlooms    (2011-01-30 15:21:11)    Flag as inappropiate
Correction on my comment. "Any" should have been "An".
CuckNBlooms    (2011-01-30 15:15:31)    Flag as inappropiate
Any amazingly erotic build-up to what I suspect will be a boiling hot sexual rendezvous; Can't wait to read the other parts to this hot story. A GREAT read..

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