Thinking About Kink, Plus More Masturbation!   added 5 years ago    

  By: easypeasy

I continue to be feeling turned on a lot lately, wanting to get off, wanting to get fucked but not having anybody to fuck me, so I go at it with toys.  Watching a lot of porn, still.  I'm getting off hard to gangbang still, loving to think about getting reamed by so many hard cocks, getting my pussy and asshole and mouth stuffed full of dick, whether I want it or not.

 It's funny how much I get hot thinking about being forced, dominated, degraded.  I know they're all run-of-the-mill, common kinks, but in real life I'm such a take-no-shit kind of person.  That's probably why it turns me on so much to have that taken away from me in fantasy.  Anyway, I love to think about a group of strong, rough men (and sometimes women) taking me in the ass and in my pussy, fucking my mouth, coming all over my face and my tits and my cunt and my asshole, filling me with their dirty mess over and over, making me take it and then making me come while they're doing it, so I know they know I love it.  Yeah.  My pussy is totally wet and throbbing now, just from writing that.


I'm so into my ass again, too.  I've been fingering it a lot, giving myself two fingers when I clean my asshole in the shower in the morning, and letting myself finger-fuck my hole for a bit, until my clit starts throbbing.  I've been masturbating before work a lot too, fingering my pussy in bed until I come on my hand, messy and wet, then get up and shower.  Or waiting until I'm in the shower and using the shower head to pulse on my clit until I come hard, barely holding myself up against the wall.


My favorite, though, is when I finger myself or fuck myself with a vibrator after I shower, so I go to work with my cunt wet and hot and still tingling.  I feel it in my pussy all day, the lingering wetness against the crotch of my panties, the stickiness of my cunt lips rubbing together when I walk, the way my clit is so sensitive if the crotch of my panties works between my cunt lips and rubs over it.  (Okay, I may have helped that along a time or two, just so I could feel my panties up against my clit while I talked to one of my bosses.)


One day, in the bathroom at work, I almost made myself come because I was so turned on by feeling how sensitive and hot my pussy was after I had fucked myself extra hard with my huge purple dildo that morning.  I went in to pee, and after I wiped, I fingered myself a little, feeling how quickly my cunt got wet when I rubbed my clit.  I knew I could come pretty quickly, but I wasn't sure I could be quiet enough, and the receptionist's desk is right outside the bathroom.  It was so tempting just to do it, though, finger my clit in the bathroom until I came on my hand and then walked around the office feeling my cunt even wetter in my pants.


Anyway, so turned on by my ass these days.  I've been watching a lot of forced ass-fucking porn, letting myself get wet thinking about someone making me take it hard up the ass, not stretching me enough if at all, just shoving a huge cock up my ass until my hole opens up and takes it, then fucking me hard and coming buried deep inside me.  I love to finger my hole, and I love to fuck my ass with dildos, but until recently I really only had my huge one and my vibrators, and my vibes aren't really designed for anal play.  So if I wanted to fuck my ass, I had to be prepared to take a giant cock, a dildo that I have to work up to when I'm fucking my pussy with it, because the head especially is more than 2 inches in diameter.


There have been so many times when I was masturbating and using a vibrator in my pussy and on my clit that I wished I could fuck myself in the ass with something just a little smaller than my big dildo.  I love double penetration, and I'd do it all the time if I could take it up the ass more easily.  When I got some gift cards for Christmas, I decided to do a little toy shopping, and I found the perfect dildo!  It's only about six and a half or seven inches, and only an inch and a half in diameter, so it's the perfect size for me to take in my ass with no trouble at all!  It's also got this silicone design that has spongier silicone surrounding a firm core, so the feeling is closer to a real dick.


I got the new dildo in the mail last week, but I knew I wouldn't have a chance to really give it the masturbation session it deserved until this weekend.  All week, I was so horny, watching porn, checking this site occasionally, fingering myself and fucking myself with my huge dildo and my vibrator every day, and coming so hard with my asshole clenching and thinking about my new dildo.


I fingered my asshole so much this week!  I couldn't keep away from it!  At night before bed while I rubbed my clit with my other hand, sitting up naked on my bedside and rocking my cunt and asshole between my hands.  If anyone in my family had knocked on the door and decided to come in, they would have gotten quite a sight!  Me all spread open and grinding my pussy and my ass on my fingers.  I loved to think about that when I came!  And I fingered my asshole in the shower every morning this week too, sometimes even trying to take three fingers with just soap. 

It burned but also made my cunt so hot!  I thought about wearing a butt plug to work, but I didn't quite have the guts.  And I only have a really small one, which I can hardly even feel now that I'm so used to playing with my ass.  I guess that should be my next toy purchase:  a butt plug big enough for me to feel, so I can wear it out and know I've got it in my ass.  Then I might, MIGHT, just consider wearing it to work one day.


So, this weekend, yesterday, it was finally time to give my new dildo a try.  I took a shower in the late morning, and I shaved my pussy again, leaving just a little short hair above my clit, but shaving clean around my slit.  I wanted the smooth slick feeling when I fucked myself.  In the shower, I really cleaned my asshole well, soaping it and fingering it until I started squeezing and grinding my pussy because it felt so good to have two fingers sliding in and out of my ass, probing and rubbing all around and inside my asshole until my clit wouldn't stop throbbing.  I didn't want to just get off, though, because I knew it was going to feel amazing when I finally fucked myself up the ass with my new dildo and in my pussy with my best vibrator.  I wanted to come like that, getting fucked in both holes.  I always have a plan.  ;)


Then I downloaded some more porn, all rough fucking, and especially as much rough ass-fucking as I could find.  My home internet connection is shit, so save the big downloads for special occasions and mostly only download the cheap crappy free clips, but I've got quite a collection going of the hottest shit I can find, even if it's only 30 seconds long!


I watched the clips I had found, lots of girls getting fucked hard up the ass, taking it deep and rough and hating it, girls getting their pussies fingered and licked while they're held down, their legs held spread open while a guy sticks his fingers and his tongue in their pussies, girls getting their pussies rammed hard by huge thick cocks and sometimes taking bottles or broomsticks or fucking cucumbers up their pussies and assholes, girls taking giant cocks in both their pussies and their asses at the same time, moaning and wailing as they get double-reamed hard, or gagging as another guy stuffs his dick in their mouths.  Fuck, it's making me so hot to write about this.  My cunt is so wet, you have no idea.  I can't stop fingering myself a little in between paragraphs.  I'm going to come so hard when I'm done here.


I watched the porn and fingered my pussy a little, letting myself get wetter and hotter.  I pinched my nipples while I rubbed my clit, and I fingered my pussy hole.  I got my fingers wet with cunt juice then stood up and slid them back around to my asshole, just pushing a fingertip inside, a tease to get me wanting it even more.  I was watching the porn with earbuds in, my family home and hopefully just leaving me alone.  I was counting on them not needing to barge in, but it always gets me hotter to worry about that a little.


Finally, I wanted to take that dildo in my ass.  I thought maybe I could get it in there, maybe fuck myself with it a little, and then leave it in while I watched some more porn, sitting up in my nice cushy executive desk chair at my desk, letting my ass rock on it a little.  Yeah, that's what I wanted to do, so I got it out, rolled on a condom for easy cleanup, and set it aside.  I gloved up one hand and squeezed a good-sized dollop of lube on my fingers then didn't hesitate as I pushed two fingers in my ass.  God, it was so good! 

My asshole clenched around them and then relaxed, and I started fingering my hole, leaning forward more so I could feel my heavy tits swinging a little when I fucked my ass back onto my fingers.  My nipples were so hard, and every time I shoved my fingers in and fucked my ass back onto them, and my tits swung back and forth, a jolt of heat ran from my nipples down to my clit and made me start moaning quietly, getting so hot but needing to keep it quiet so my family didn't hear.


After just a minute of that, I gave myself three fingers, and my asshole just opened up so easily for them, taking it like I was hungry to get fucked, and I totally was.  I gave myself a few hard twists with three fingers then decided I was more than ready to take the dildo.  I didn't even add more lube, just held it down and lowered my ass onto it.  The spongy head felt so good in my ass crack, and when I pushed my asshole over it, I was so ready, and my hole took it in one hard easy shove, just sliding down over the head and taking the whole length.  It burned, and I could feel how hard it was in my ass when I clenched, and my legs started shaking like they always do when I take it hard up the ass, but god it made my pussy wet.  I loved it!  I could take it so easy, but I still felt like I was getting fucked!  Perfect!


I bent down with my ass in the air and fucked myself a little, letting myself feel the thickness of the dildo sliding in and out of my hole and loving it, getting one hand under me to finger my pussy a little while I fucked my ass.  I started getting into it, but I made myself stop and go back to the computer to watch more porn, leaving the dildo buried hard in my asshole.  I sat down in the chair, and when I rocked back and forth I could just feel the dildo sliding and grinding in my ass a little.  If I slid down more, I could reach down and fuck it in and out of my asshole, so it was perfect because both options felt so good.  I watched more porn and occasionally fucked myself or ground my asshole down on the dildo, and it just got me hotter and hotter until finally I couldn't stand it anymore and I knew it was time to fuck my pussy and come.


I got out my vibrator and watched a few more porn clips just buzzing it over my clit on low, teasing myself for what was coming, letting just the head of the vibrator push down into my cunt hole while I ground my ass on the dildo still buried hard inside me.  Then I got up and went over to the bed, bending over and fucking my ass with the dildo a few times just to loosen myself up and remind myself that I was going to get fucked.  It felt so good, burning and stretching when I pulled it all the way out and then shoved it back in hard, making my asshole open around the head over and over.  My cunt was tingling and hot and wet and so hungry for a cock I could hardly wait.


I sat back up, letting my ass shove all the way down onto the dildo, feeling it buried harder and deeper in me than ever when I pulled my ass cheeks apart and really let myself sink all the way down.  Fuck, my cunt is clenching and throbbing so hard right now as I'm remembering what it felt like to have that cock buried in my ass.  I leaned back and started buzzing my vibe over my clit, keeping it on low, just getting started.  As I buzzed my clit, I rocked my ass on the dildo, concentrating on how hard it was inside me, feeling it grind deep in my ass, feeling my hole stretched around its hardness, burning a little each time I lifted up enough to let it slide out a little, then shoving my asshole back down hard on it while the vibe circled and circled around my clit.  God, it was so hot.


I started teasing my pussy hole with the vibrator, just barely pushing inside, making myself want to get fucked so hard.  I was fucking hot, my nipples aching and my cunt throbbing with heat when I pinched and twisted them.  I started slipping the vibe into my pussy, fucking it up my hole just a little while I bounced and ground my asshole on the dildo.  It felt so good, and my cunt was clutching at it, trying to pull it in and give me the fucking that I wanted.


I needed it soon, so I pushed the vibrator into my cunt in one good shove, trying to feel it like a hard cock shoving into me, some guy pushing his dick into my pussy and making me take it, even though his buddy's dick is already hard in my ass.  Yeah, that's what I was going for.  So I pushed the vibrator in my pussy, and then bent forward so I could fuck my ass again, feeling the vibe shifting and grinding in my cunt when I started pulling the dildo out of my ass and shoving it back in hard and fast.


I was fucking my asshole like a guy is giving it to me hard, got me bent over and taking it, shoving his dick up my ass as fast as he can, trying to get off, trying to shoot his load in my asshole, making me take his cock up my ass over and over.  I was whimpering, trying to be quiet, feeling the buzzing of the vibrator still on low, grinding in my cunt, trying to imagine it's a guy's cock grinding in my pussy while his friend reams my ass, and fucking my asshole so hard and fast with the dildo, over and over, imagining it was another hard cock fucking into me, god, it was so perfect.


It was so hard to be quiet, so hard not to just moan and whine and say all the dirty things in my mind, not to beg out loud to get fucked, for the cocks in my ass and my pussy to give it to me harder.  I wanted to, but I had to keep myself in check, and it was so hard, every time I shoved the dildo hard up my ass, or every time I leaned forward and my clit brushed over the shaft of the vibrator while it buzzed inside my pussy hole, so hard not to start crying out every filthy thought in my head and let myself go.


Finally, I was desperate for it, so ready to come, and I leaned back hard onto the dildo in my ass, feeling it thick and hard and hot now from fucking me for so long, buried deep inside me like a thick hard cock, like I'm sitting back on a guy who is holding me down on his dick, keeping it fucked hard up my ass, so my pussy is spread open above him and his friend can really fuck my cunt.  I turn the vibrator up to high and pull it out of my hole, leaving my pussy clenching and feeling hot and empty, but unable to stop myself from moaning quietly when I buzz the head of the vibe over my clit. 

I pretend a guy is licking my cunt, eating my pussy before he fucks me, while his friend's dick is hard in my ass.  It felt so good to buzz the vibe over and around my clit, dipping it just inside my hole like a finger or a tongue, thinking about one guy eating my pussy while another guy grind his cock up into my ass, mmm.


Oh god, it's making my heart race remembering.  My nipples are so hard right now, I can't stop feeling them, running my hands over my tits in the stretched out tank top I'm wearing, and feeling my hard nipples aching when I slide my hand in and pinch them.  I love remembering how it felt to get myself off like this, and it's getting me off so hard now to share it with you all.


After just a few moments of using the vibrator to pretend a guy was eating out my pussy, I couldn't take it anymore, and I shoved the vibe back up my cunt hard, feeling like the guy was suddenly making me take his cock, suddenly giving it to me in one hard shove, and then I was filled by both cocks, hard in my ass and buzzing in my pussy.  I didn't know which way to fuck myself, whether to lean back on the dick in my ass and fuck the vibrator in and out of my pussy, or whether to lean forward and grind on the vibe, letting my clit get some action on it while the other dick fucked my ass hard.  I did both for a little bit, letting myself rock back and forth, fucking my pussy a few times, and then grinding my cunt down on the vibe while I pounded my ass with the dildo.


I was panting and my breath was hitching as I whimpered every time the dildo fucked extra deep into my ass or my clit got to grind on the vibrator buzzing hard in my pussy.  I finally realized that I just wanted my ass to get fucked hard, so I let myself lean down on grind my pussy hard on the vibrator still buzzing hard inside.  I took it as deep as I could, and reached down to pull my pussy lips apart so my clit would get the most contact with the vibe when I fucked down onto it.  My asshole was clenched hard around the dick hard inside me, and I knew I was going to come almost right away when I reached back and started fucking it in and out of my asshole as my pussy rocked and slid on the vibrator buzzing hard inside.  It didn't take long.


I loved feeling the dildo sliding hard and thick in and out of my asshole, loved feeling the burn and stretch, loved imaging a guy was slamming his hard thick cock into me when I started fucking myself as fast and hard as I could.  My clit was grinding on the shaft of the vibrator and the head of the vibe was buzzing just inside my pussy like a guy holding his dick in my cunt, and I fucked my ass like I another guy was reaming me hard and deep.  I needed it so hard, needed to feel so fucked, and I didn't stop until I started coming, my cunt throbbing and clutching and spasming around the vibrator, grinding my pussy down onto it as I started to come, and feeling my asshole clench and spasm around the dildo when I shoved it in deep as I came.


I needed to fuck my pussy when I started coming, so I leaned back hard as my pussy started spasming, leaving the dildo all the way up my ass, and I fucked the vibrator in and out of my pussy hard and fast as I came, thinking about a guy slamming my cunt full of his cock and shooting his load of thick hot creamy come in my pussy as I writhed on the cocks filling me, my cunt throbbing and clenching and milking all that hot come out of his dick, taking it as deep and hard as he can give it to me while my pussy comes all over his cock.


I've been really into giving myself multiple orgasms lately.  I like to come once with a cock buried in my pussy, either a dildo or a vibrator, fucking myself hard and fast with it until I come and feeling my cunt clench around it.  Then I like to buzz my vibe over my clit and come again, buzzing and buzzing, and fucking myself a little occasionally, until I come a second time.  Usually the second time it feels like I can make it go on forever, just keep coming and coming as long as I want.  It's pretty great.  ;)


So after I came with the dildo fucking hard and fast up my ass, fucking my cunt hard down onto the vibrator, I leaned back onto the dildo again and pulled the vibrator out of my pussy, buzzing the head right over my clit.  It gave me a jolt, and I knew I was going to be able to come again, so I started buzzing it around and around and over my clit, leaning forward to grind my clit and my pussy down onto it, teasing my pussy hole over and over with the head while I kept grinding my clit on the shaft, feeling the dildo hard in my ass every time I shifted and squirmed and tried to make myself come again, 


Finally I just needed it on my clit, and I kept the head buzzing there, right there, just right on my clit, while I clenched my ass on the dildo over and over, and finally I started coming in waves, feeling the shivers wash over me and over me, my pussy flooded with hot come, my asshole spasming again around the dildo hard and hot up my ass, and my cunt clenching and throbbing as I came and came again.


It was the hottest masturbation session I've had in a long time, and I'd say my new dildo is a perfect success!  It's just the right size, and it feels so fucking good in my ass that I can tell I'm going to be fucking myself with it all the time for a while.  It feels good to have my pussy shaved again, and I took a few pictures of my cunt yesterday, which I haven't done in a while.  It's such a novelty to see it shaved, and I love the way it looks with my finger between my cunt lips, knowing it's rubbing over my clit even if I can't see it.  I wish I could get a good picture of the dildo in my ass!  Maybe I'll try using the timer for that.  I wish I could do video on a timer! I'd love to watch myself come while I fuck my ass with the dildo!


Anyway, I'm enjoying this phase while I'm in it.  We'll see how long it lasts, but for now I'm having fun.  ;)


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Comments for Thinking About Kink, Plus More Masturbation!

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easypeasy    (2011-04-24 11:51:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, jnthn! Glad you enjoy my filthy mind! ;)
jnthn    (2011-04-01 16:24:36)    Flag as inappropiate
jnthn That was so hot! I could hardly keep my hand off my cock I love it that girls think as dirty as guys.
Get one of those remote control vibrators You could fuck your pussy or ass for as long as you can stand it
easypeasy    (2011-01-16 16:02:43)    Flag as inappropiate
Glad my kind of cock-hungry fantasy works for you, HardNSensual! Hot to think I got you off! :)
HardNSensual    (2011-01-14 18:26:53)    Flag as inappropiate
HardNSensual now that is the kind of woman I'm into. One that craves cock and wants to scream from a from a good hard arse fucking.

you made me cum ;)
easypeasy    (2011-01-12 18:09:09)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, aussiemerk! Excellent, glad to hear it gave you such a strong reaction!
aussiemerk    (2011-01-11 06:28:39)    Flag as inappropiate
Great story. Got me rock hard, and short of breath reading it.
easypeasy    (2011-01-10 22:33:15)    Flag as inappropiate
Well, I hope you had a good time, bikerjohnny. ;) Glad my story worked so well for you,
bikerjohnny    (2011-01-10 05:20:41)    Flag as inappropiate
bikerjohnny Glad youre enjoying your horny phase, cos we sure are.
So hard now, might just have to slope off and do something about it!
easypeasy    (2011-01-09 19:47:38)    Flag as inappropiate
I love, love, love that it worked for you! Love that your cock is wet! It sure got my pussy wet to write it. Thanks for the comment!! :)
CanadianCasanova    (2011-01-09 19:05:50)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova HOLY FUCK! That was so HOT easy!! Pre-cum is dripping down my cock after reading that! So incredibly hot!!

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