Two Ukrainian girls trick me into gay for fake pay sex.   added 5 years ago    

  By: Supermercado88

Here is how my fantasy starts out.
Im on a nude beach somewhere in eastern Europe and I spot these two nude Ukrainian girls on the beach.
I asked them if they were interested in having some sex with me. As these UKRAINIAN girls started to
speak back to me, they had hot and sexy european accents and agreed to have sex with me. So we shook
hands and made a deal. They even prooved they wanted to have sex with me by having me fondle their
gorgous BREASTS. How could i have said no to something like this,

They were smiling at me as I was
sucking their breasts with my mouth like a baby and enjoying getting to touch them and suck their
nipples. This was too good to be true. I was so excited as i was about to have sex with two the most
prettiest UKRAINIAN girls. After i was done touching and playing with their breasts they agreed to give me a

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before they gave me the blowjob. I was blindfolded by these pretty girls and thought the two girls were
my penis. It turns out as i took off the blindfold i found these two hot young gay guys sucking my penis. I
told the girls "This wasn't part of the deal what the hell" and they told me that they wanted to give me
7,000 EURO to screw these guys in the ass.

SO i said YES I WILL DO IT FOR 7,000 Euro. The girls also told
me that they enjoy watching three guys have sex with each other, and that turned me on even more. I
watched as the girls were laughing and humiliating me as i was having gay sex. I felt so degraded that i
asked them if I could have intercourse with them and they said NO because YOUR A HOMO WHO

But they continued to deny, humiliate and laugh at me. In the end as i was done having sex
with the hot gay twinks, The girls gave me a sealed envelope, as I opened it up i only found $2.00 dollar
or 1.00 EURO. I watched as both the girls and gay boys ditched me and ran further away on the beach. As I
tried to chase them down i ended up tripping on a rock and falling and i just gave up. What a degrading
fantasy for a guy. What mean lieing girls

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Location: The beach | Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Share it only | Nature: Humiliating