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  By: aussiemerk

My wife is away and I was so horny tonight. I was itching to do something new and different.


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 We had an enema bottle lying around from a while back when she was having some problems.  That gave me an idea. I filled the enema bottle up with warm water, and went to the bathroom. Carefully I cleaned myself out really good. Twice just to make sure. Then looking through our set of sex toys I found a set of orgasm balls that I bought my wife a while ago. She never uses them, so all if fair I suppose. 


 I grabbed a bit of lube from a tube we have spare and spread it all over the orgasm balls. My ass was quivering with anticipation as I spread a little of the left over lube around my ass hole. Gently I slid the balls one at a time into me. I could feel my cock filling with blood. Once the balls were in place the feeling was amazing. With every move I made I could feel the balls banging around my insides. 


Next I slipped on the tightest pair of jeans I have. I grabbed my keys and went to the local store. Every step I could feel the balls moving around inside of me. I went into the local grocery store and walked around. Every step sent a wave of pleasure up through my ass, around to my throbbing hard cock. I came to one isle and there was a girl stocking shelves. She had her back to me and was bending down to put things on the bottom shelf. She had tight pants on that left nothing to the imagination. 


I realised that I was staring at her perfect little ass, and that she was looking back at me. The sexy look, the raging hard-on that I had... my ass cheeks clenched sending another wave of pleasure through me. I couldn't stand it any more I had to get out of there and relieve myself.


I walked as fast as I could back through the store. The tight denim of my jeans was rubbing against my cock. I knew I was going to explode any minute.  I was just at my car when I felt the cum bubbling up inside of me. Quickly I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock as my cum went flying onto the ground in front of me. I stroked my length to make sure that I was rid of all the cum, every stroke made the orgasm balls move inside of me, sending more waves of pleasure through my body.


It seemed like an eternity before I came to my seances. Carefully I slipped my cock back into my pants and zipped myself up. I looked down at the ground and saw a massive load of cum on the ground beside my car. Then I hear someone clear there throat... 


My heart leapt into my throat as I looked towards the sound. It was the girl from the shop.  "What a shame she said", moving towards me. I swallowed hard. "Next time don't waste it!" she said with a laugh as she turned back towards the store.


I got back into the car and drove home. Each movement of the car sent the orgasm balls in my ass against each other. As I turned into the drive way I could feel myself getting hard again from there constant stimulation. I went back into the house and removed them from my quivering ass, all the while stroking my cock to mental images of the girl in the shop. 


That was an hour ago, and god it felt good. 

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aussiemerk    (2011-01-09 06:06:51)    Flag as inappropiate
You should try it... everyone should at least once. It's great because no one knows that anything is going on, but you know and feel what's going on.
easypeasy    (2011-01-08 11:22:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Awesome! I like to go in public with no panties on, but I've never quite been brave enough to do with a toy in my pussy or my ass. I'd love to, though! Very hot, thanks!

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