Cumming on Set: Part 2   added 5 years ago    

  By: CanadianCasanova

Jessica rode me faster, her pussy dripping all over my hips.  “Oh fuck!” she moaned, her hips slamming down on my hard cock faster and faster.  Finally, Jessica arched her back, pushing her breasts up against Sara’s mouth as her orgasm coursed through her body.  I could feel her pussy spasm on my cock, desperately trying to milk the cum from it.  After a minute, I felt her climb off me, much to the dismay of my cock.  Sara didn’t waste any time and took my cock in her mouth.  We were now sixy-nining each other.  I licked her pussy while she sucked Jessica’s cum off my cock.  Her mouth felt incredible as she sucked and licked all of Jessica’s juices from my cock and balls.

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The Naughty Meter

I hadn’t noticed Jessica leave the room but I noticed as she came back in.  She was wearing a big black strap-on.  It looked at least eight inches long.  She climbed up on the bed and positioned herself behind Sara.  I was now staring straight up at Jessica’s strap-on.  “Keep licking her clit,” she said as she began to tease Sara’s pussy with the head of the strap-on.  Sara began to push back against it, her body begging to be fucked.  Jessica didn’t want to make her wait and slowly pushed her strap-on inside Sara’s pussy.  I could feel Sara moan on my cock as she began to suck it harder. 

I watched as Jessica pushed the strap-on all the way inside Sara’s pussy.  It easily took its entire length.  Slowly, Jessica began to fuck Sara, sliding the rubber cock in and out of Sara’s pussy.  I kept licking Sara’s clit and rubbing it with my fingers.  She was moaning loudly and pushing back against Jessica with each thrust.

“That’s a good little bitch,” said Jessica.  “Take my cock you whore!”  Sara only moaned in response.

Jessica then pulled her strap-on out of Sara’s pussy.  I could see it glistening with Sara’s juices.  She looked at me and licked her lips.  “Suck my cock,” she said.  “I want to see you suck Sara’s juices off my stiff dick.”

Her request took me completely by surprise.  I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay,” Jessica continued, “it won’t turn you into a faggot.  It’s just a strap-on.  I promise I won’t tell anyone.”  She held the strap-on up to my lips and slowly drew the tip across them.  I could feel the wetness from Sara’s cunt on them and it smelled like her.  I think it was the smell that finally made me open my mouth.  “That’s a good boy,” cooed Jessica.  “Open wide so I can stick my cock in your mouth.”  Jessica slid her strap-on into my mouth.  I could taste Sara’s juices on it along with rubber.  “Suck my cock just like Sara’s sucking yours.”

  I began to suck the strap-on, grasping it with one hand while my other slid behind Jessica and pressed her ass, forcing her to shove it further in my mouth.  For some reason, I wanted to see how deep I could get it.  Both girls had deep-throated my cock easily and I was just over seven inches.  I must have gotten about six inches of Jessica’s rubber dick in my mouth before I gagged and pushed her away, a long trail of saliva coming from my mouth to her strap-on.  “Good boy!” cooed Jessica.  “See, that wasn’t so bad.  Was it?”

“Not really,” I gasped.

Jessica positioned her strap-on behind Sara and slid back inside her.  After a few pumps, she’d pull out and let me suck the juices from her rubber cock before fucking Sara again.  “You should see Alex sucking my cock Sara,” Jessica said.  “You’d like it.  He looks so fuckin’ hot doing it.”

“Does he suck it like a slut?” she asked between mouthfuls of my own hard cock.

“I’m not sure.  I think you’ll have to be the judge of that,” Jessica said, her hips now pounding the strap-on faster and faster in Sara’s pussy.

Sara was moaning loudly, my cock still in her mouth.  I knew she was getting close to cumming so I rubbed her clit faster.  Jessica was pounding Sara’s pussy with the strap-on, grasping her hips and fucking her like her life depended on it.  A slight shudder went through Sara’s body, a deep moan building in her throat that got louder as her orgasm built.  Jessica and I didn’t stop, and Sara’s entire body shook as she screamed in pleasure, her orgasm tearing through her.  She collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath.

“Fuck that was good,” she managed to say.  “I haven’t cum like that in a long time.”

“Suck your cum off my cock Sara,” said Jessica.  Sara climbed off of me and began to suck Jessica’s strap-on, licking all her cum off the rubber cock.  Jessica looked at me and winked.  “You can help her,” she said.  I rolled onto my stomach and helped Sara clean Jessica’s cock.

“You’re right,” said Sara.  “He does look hot licking a cock.”

“And he likes it too, don’t you?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “I’d suck anything that had been in either of your pussies.”

Both girls giggled.

“Lay on your back Alex,” Sara told me.  I did as she said and she began sucking my cock again, her ass up in the air.  She wiggled it toward Jessica, who instantly got a large grin on her face.  Jessica spit onto Sara’s asshole, licking it with her tongue.  After both her ass and my cock were dripping with saliva, Sara positioned her ass over my cock.  “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?” she asked.

“No,” I admitted.

“Then tonight’s your lucky night,” she said.  Sara slowly lowered herself onto my hard, wet cock.  She positioned it at the entrance to her asshole, and then slowly slid down.  I was surprised at how easily she got my cock in her ass.  She then leaned back against me, and spread her legs wide.  “Fuck me with that cock Jess,” she said.  “I want to feel you both inside me.”

Jessica didn’t wait to be asked again, pushing her strap-on into Sara’s wet pussy.  Sara moaned with approval.  I wrapped my hands around Sara’s body and squeezed her breasts.  “Mmmmm... yeah Alex.  Play with my tits while you fuck my ass!  Make me feel like a slut!” she moaned.

“Yeah, fuck this slut’s ass!” growled Jessica as she began to fuck Sara’s dripping cunt.  I could feel her strap-on as she fucked her.  I rocked my hips, sliding my cock in and out of Sara’s ass.  She moaned in response.

“This feels so fuckin’ good,” Sara moaned.  “I love when you use me like this.”

“Too bad we don’t have another cock,” said Jessica.  “Then we could fill all your holes.”

“Fuck yes,” gasped Sara.  “That would drive me crazy!”

I could feel Sara’s ass tighten around my cock, squeezing it tightly.  I had to slow my rhythm, otherwise I’d cum – and I didn’t want to do that yet.  I was having way too much fun.

Jessica leaned forward, placing her weight onto Sara and myself and began to suck Sara’s tits, with only a slight decrease in her thrusts.

“Yeah, suck my tits,” moaned Sara.  “Suck my tits while you fuck me baby!  I’m your whore!”

Jessica grunted and fucked Sara harder.  I matched my thrusts with hers, so we’d both fill Sara’s holes at the same time.  Sara began to shake as she came.  “Shove your cock deep in her ass!” Jessica shouted to me.  “Stuff her ass while she cums!”

I did as she said, ramming my cock deep in Sara’s ass.  Jessica pushed her strap-on all the way into Sara’s pussy.  Sara tilted her head back, her eyes rolling upward as the full force of her orgasm hit her.  I could feel her ass clench tightly around my cock, her screams drowning out the moans from the movie on the television.  She came for minutes it seemed before she finally relaxed and collapsed onto me.  Jessica was laying on top of her, kissing her deeply, the strap-on still deep in Sara’s cunt.  I ran my hands over Sara’s body, feeling the warmth and sweat on her skin.

Jessica broke the kiss and climbed off us and the bed.  She crooked her finger in a ‘Come here’ gesture.  “I think she wants you,” Sara said to me.  She climbed off me, my hard cock sliding out of her hot, tight ass.

I climbed off the bed and stood in front of Jessica.  “On your knees,” she said.  “You can’t suck my cock while standing.”

I did as she said and she took a step forward.  I opened my mouth and she guided her rubber cock into my mouth.  “Show us what a good little slut you are,” she said.  “I want to see you suck all of Sara’s cum off my hard cock!”

Jessica’s words and the smell of Sara’s cunt on the rubber dick turned me on.  I slowly moved my head, taking Jessica’s strap-on deeper into my mouth.  The taste of Sara made my cock throb, and I sucked on Jessica frantically, my head bobbing up and down.

“That’s it baby!  Suck my cock clean like a good whore,” cooed Jessica.  She put both her hands on my head which pressed her breasts together.  “Look at me while you blow me baby.  I want you to look at my tits while my cock is down your throat!”

I moaned with pleasure and sucked harder, pulling Jessica deeper into my hungry mouth with my hands.

“He looks so fuckin’ hot!” said Sara.  “I bet he could make a fortune in gay porn.”

“Would you like that Alex?” purred Jessica.  “Would you like sucking a guy’s cock all day long and get paid for it?  I could hook you up ya know.”

I responded by placing both my hands on Jessica’s strap-on and stroking it quickly while sticking my tongue out and resting the tip of her rubber cock on it, like I was jerking her off into my mouth.

“I think that’s a yes,” said Sara, her hand rubbing her pussy.

“Awwwww... do you want me to shoot my load in your mouth?” teased Jessica.  “Would you like a hot load of cum to swallow?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.  “I want you to cum down my throat and all over me!”  I was now jerking off Jessica’s cock all over my chest, desperate for her to shoot a hot load of cum from her rubber cock.  I could feel my cock throbbing with desire.  If it hadn’t been a strap-on, I probably would have shot my load the minute it started cumming.

“Awwww...” giggled Jessica.  “You’re such a good little whore!  I think you deserve a reward.  What do you think Sara?”

“Oh yes!” she agreed.  “He definitely deserves a reward!”

“Go fuck Sara,” she said to me.  “I want you to feel her tight little cunt wrapped around your cock.”

I stood up and climbed onto the bed.  Sara propped herself up on her elbows and spread her legs.  I could see her pussy glisten with her wetness.  I hooked my arms under her legs and pulled her closer to me, my cock rubbing up against her wet slit.

“Fuck me hard baby,” she cooed.  “Make me cum all over that throbbing cock!”

I slid inside her, feeling the warmth of her pussy.  I slowly began to rock my hips, savouring the wetness of her tight cunt.  Sara moaned and pulled my head to her breasts.  I sucked on her nipples as my hips found their rhythm, the wet sounds of our fucking filling the room.  I felt Jessica position herself behind me.  “Relax Alex,” she said.  “This may be uncomfortable at first, but I promise that you’ll like it.”  I then felt the warm rubber of her strap-on press against my asshole.

I tried to pull away from Sara but she wrapped her legs around my lower back, pulling me deeper insider her.  “Relax baby,” she cooed.  “Jessica’s right.  You’ll like it.”

“Don’t worry,” said Jessica.  “I’ll be gentle with your virgin asshole.  Just relax and focus on Sara’s pussy.”

It didn’t seem like I had much of a choice so I did as they said.  I felt Jessica rub her strap-on against my asshole.  I tried to relax it, but it was like trying not to think of a pink elephant.  I felt some pressure for a few seconds and then I felt the head of Jessica’s rubber cock push into my ass.  There was a sharp discomfort and I quickly took in a breath.  Jessica noticed.  “It only hurts a little at first baby,” she said.  “Once I get it all the way in, it will feel incredible.  Just relax and let that tight little ass stretch around my dick.”

I focused on Sara’s warm cunt as it squeezed my cock.  She kissed me deeply, her hands running through my hair.  I could feel her tongue snaking into my mouth.  She sighed as we kissed each other harder.  I could feel Jessica slowly pushing her strap-on deeper inside my ass.  The initial discomfort had begun to fade and an exciting fullness was slowly taking its place.  I began to rock my hips, sliding my cock in and out of Sara which also began to work Jessica’s cock in and out of my ass.

“Mmmmm... that’s it baby,” cooed Jessica.  “Is your ass feeling better?”

“Mmmm...hmmm,” I managed to say, my tongue still wrapped around Sara’s.

I began to fuck Sara faster, while Jessica’s cock worked itself further into my ass.  I could feel my cock getting harder with each thrust; it was throbbing, my balls tightening with the extreme pleasure that was coursing through me.  Jessica began thrusting her rubber cock in and out of my ass, slowly picking up speed.

“Do you like that slut?” asked Jessica.  “Do you like my hard cock up your fuckin’ ass?”

“Fuck yes,” I moaned.  “Fuck my ass hard!  It feels amazing!”

“I think he likes it,” laughed Sara.

“I knew he would,” said Jessica.  “He’s as big a slut as we are!”

I fucked Sara faster and harder.  She was moaning and digging her nails into my back.  I could feel her cunt tighten around my cock and I knew she was close to cumming.  Jessica’s cock was easily sliding in and out of my ass now.  Jessica was holding my hips as she worked her dick inside me.  Each thrust felt incredible and caused my cock to throb.  I could feel my cum building up in my balls.

“Don’t stop Jess; you’re gonna make me cum,” I moaned.

“Don’t cum until I do!” Sara shouted.  “I’m so close!  Just a little more!”

I began fucking Sara harder.  The pleasure was incredible and I knew I couldn’t stop.

“Make that whore cum!” Jessica growled.  “Make her cum all over your stiff dick!  Show me what a fuckin’ slut this bitch is!”

Sara was moaning, her back arched and her breasts pressed tightly against me.  Jessica’s dirty talk pushed her over the edge and she climaxed.  Her scream filled the room and her pussy squeezed my cock, begging for my hot cum.  The feeling, along with Jessica’s cock in my ass was too much for me to take.  “I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

“Cum all over me baby!  Shower me in your hot cum!” screamed Sara.

“Do it Alex!  Cover the slut!” hissed Jessica.

I pulled my cock out of Sara’s tight slit, which shoved Jessica’s cock all the way up my ass.  My cum erupted from my cock, thick strands of cum landing all over Sara’s taunt stomach and round breasts.  She moaned with pleasure and arched her back as each thick stream landed on her body.  The feeling was incredible.  I had never cum so hard, or so much.  It was like my dick was forcing out every drop of cum from my balls.  I came for what seemed like minutes, my cock pumping out all of my hot load.  When my orgasm finally ended, Sara was covered in my seed.  It was running down her sides and her tits, and had pooled in her bellybutton.  It looked like three or four guys had shot their loads on her.

“I’m impressed,” Jessica giggled.  “You covered her!”

“I think I have you to thank for that,” I said.  Jessica grinned and kissed me.

“Now we have to clean her up,” she said.  “Show me what a slut you are.  Lick your cum off her body.”

I didn’t hesitate.  I had given Jessica’s rubber cock a blowjob and then let her fuck me in the ass with it.  Licking my cum off Sara’s tight body didn’t seem so bad.  I leaned over and licked a trail of cum off Sara’s stomach.  It tasted salty, but also had a pleasant sweet taste and wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.  I swallowed, feeling the thick, sticky cum in my mouth.  Jessica raised her eyebrows questioningly.

“It doesn’t taste bad,” I said.

“Let me taste,” said Jessica.  She leaned down and licked Sara’s stomach.  “Mmmmmm... your cum does taste good,” she said, leaning forward and kissing me.  “Now let’s clean Sara up, but don’t swallow any more cum.  I think Sara will want to try it.”

“Lick it off me and spit it in my mouth,” moaned Sara.  “I love being a cum slut!”

Jessica and I began cleaning Sara’s body with our tongues, licking up all the cum that covered her body.  I sucked it off her tits while Jessica cleaned Sara’s stomach and sides.  By the time I had licked Sara’s tits clean, my mouth was full of my cum.  It was thick and sticky in my mouth, and for some reason it turned me on.

“Give it to me baby,” begged Sara, sounding like a complete whore.  “Spit your load in my mouth.  Let me taste your sperm.”

Sara took my head in her hands and opened her mouth.  She stuck her tongue out and I slowly let the mixture of cum and saliva drip into her mouth.  I then watched Jessica spit her mouthful of cum into Sara’s, big, thick gobs of cum and saliva dripped into Sara’s hungry mouth.

“That looks so fuckin’ hot,” I said.  Jessica smiled in response.  “Gargle it Sara,” I said.  “Show me how much you like my cum.”

Sara did as I said, gargling my thick load of cum.  She couldn’t do it for long due to how much was in her mouth.  It would spill down her cheeks otherwise.  Sara then began pulling some of the cum out of her mouth by her fingers and then letting it drip back into her mouth.

“Spread some on your tits baby,” cooed Jessica.  “I want to suck that cum off your tits.”

Sara pulled some cum from her mouth with each hand and rubbed it over her nipples.  Jessica immediately began to suck on one of Sara’s tits while I sucked on the other.  Sara moaned, her mouth still full of cum and saliva.  Jessica and I sucked Sara’s nipples clean of cum, swallowing the sticky mess.

“Give it to me baby,” said Jessica as she laid down on her back.  I watched as Sara let her mouthful of cum pour into Jessica’s mouth.  Jessica then sat up and pushed me onto my back, letting the cum drip into my mouth.  “Don’t swallow it yet,” she said.  “I want to see you gargle your own cum.”  I did as she asked, big cum bubbles forming as I gargled my load.

“Give it back to me baby,” purred Sara.  I again spit the thick load into Sara’s mouth.  She then sat up, and pulled me and Jessica in for a kiss.  The three of us kissed, swapping the cum and saliva, letting it drip down our chins.  Sara and Jessica then licked it off my chin and chest, swallowing it.  Once I was clean, Sara and Jessica licked it off each other’s breasts and faces.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done,” I said once we laid down to relax.

“Pffftt!  That was nothing,” said Sara.  “You wouldn’t believe some of the things Jessica and I have done.”

“She’s right,” said Jessica.  “You’d probably cum if we told you.”

“Whatever!” I laughed.

“Maybe I’ll tell him some of the stories the next time we’re filming.  He’ll have to walk around set with a wet spot on his jeans because of the cum!” Sara giggled.

Jessica joined in Sara’s laughter.  “It would be a huge wet spot!  The crew would think he pissed his pants!"

“You’re both terrible!” I said.  “You both tease me to make me fuck you, and then you tease me afterward.  I just can’t win.”

“Oh, I’d say you won alright,” Sara said, trying to stifle her laughter.  “If this is a loss for you, I’d love to see what you consider winning.”

“Me too!” chimed Jessica, her eyes glittering.

“I might just have to include it in my next script,” I replied.  “But you’ll both have to be in it!”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” said Jessica, smiling at Sara.

“We will have one condition,” said Sara.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“You’ll have to be in the movie with us,” she said, a large grin on her face.  I looked at Jessica who had the exact same grin.

“That won’t be a problem,” I grinned back.  “Not a problem at all.”

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easypeasy    (2011-01-09 13:23:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Fuck, site lost my comment. Loved the strap-on action!
easypeasy    (2011-01-09 13:22:54)    Flag as inappropiate
Pt 1 was a nice build-up, but this got really hot, really fast! Holy shit! My pussy is totally wet. LOVED you sucking
CanadianCasanova    (2011-01-03 18:03:14)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova See Cumming on Set: Part 1 for the beginning.

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