Forceful And Enoyable Fuck   added 5 years ago    

  By: Avril

I m writing this for the first time...n wanna share a fantasy that i have always been think of n never even told my boyfriend...                   It's been quite a time that we have been together now n have enjoyed sex together many times even forceful n horny...

 But i what i really wish for is the anal one...we tried to do it many times but he used to back off as it wud pain me...

i have always dreamed of being fucked by a hard n thick the extent of my satisfaction n gettin multiple orgasms...
another man forcing his hard cock inside my pussy inside my pussy in front of my boyfriend...and m shouting in hell of a pain n my pussy is turning red and still he s not stopping and gettin bang on animal....n treating me like a whore....tying my hands to a bed n licking my pussy n biting my clit n taking all d lint off it wen i am crying like a bitch....

and then just making me bend down n inserting his dick in my anal....ohhhhhh...that wud be soooo damn good....
making me shout n cry in pain....


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Naughty level to be set later

beating me off with the belt.spanking my ass till it turns red hot.....throwing me off d bed to the floor and then doing it to me on the floor...aaaaahhhhhhhhh.....

n then my boyfriend joining in while d other man is doing the anal to me my boyfriend comes n licks my pussy while i m getting fucked by the other man...


n m sucking that man's cock while my man is fingering me n rubbing my clit....n then d positions get changed n d other man starts fingering me....first he puts one in n then d second n slowly all d fingers are inside me while his thumb is rubbing my clit.... and the frsh n hot lint is coming out of it n he s licking my pussy like a dog...while my boyfriend is still enjoying a blow job from me.....n now i have got on to his balls...

nd then that man is fisting me like a wild horny animal....n m shouting n screamin....n then i throw my boy friend off n then that man is licking my pussy n taking in all d lint....n then he gets to my big boobs n sucks them n bites them n plays with them while i m still begging them to stop...

aaahhhhhh...i can go on and on about this n i want that man to give in all his cum inside my pussy...n still keep on fucking me while my boyfriend is enjoying every view of it......aaahhhh........ 

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CanadianCasanova    (2011-01-02 20:44:58)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova I'd like to read more!
easypeasy    (2011-01-02 15:07:44)    Flag as inappropiate
Yeah, those are hot fantasies, for sure! You should write more!

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