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I thought I'd do things a bit differantly for this one.  Instead of a story, I thought I'd just write out a fantasy with some ideas.  Sorry, tried to write a story about it and it wasn't good. 

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Anyway, I'll start with the rack! So my girlfriend and I were discussing sex toys and sexy costumes I had saw from Spencers. And it got me curious on racks, as she once mentioned a scene from a Grand Theft Auto game. Interested and ideas brewing, I decided to look for a rack. However, I didn't find anything near what I had imagined.  So I find this swing set on Amazon, I think it was. It's one of those metal bench swings for adults. And that got my ideas going. So my fantasy for a rack is to use this metal swing frame. Then use 2 small, light, but strong chains. After that, cut the chain of a pair of furry handcuffs and attach each cuff to the 2 small chains and hook them to the swing's frame.

Once the rack is complete, I would cuff my naked girlfriend to the rack, then light some candles and turn off the lights. I would make her wear a blindfold for awhile and use the newspaper to tease her. I would start with her breasts. Running the newspaper slowly and gentley across her nipples, till they are hard. Then I would suck on them, tasteing the aroma from the newspaper, off her breasts.  Then I would run the newspaper down her chest and to her pussy. Running the newspaper across her pussy lips and clit. When ready, I would use the newspaper as a whip and slap her pussy, while rubbing it over her pussy lips. I would do the same for her breasts and nipples. 

I did have an idea to build a rack the adjusts to an angle where she is now bent over, but this would require a built it belt and chain in the middle of the frame. Just enough to give her support. I would smack her ass and rub her pussy from behind her. Then, when she is ready, I would possition myself behind her and stick my hard cock inside of her wet pussy and fuck her. When she is ready to cum, I would place my newspaper on her pussy lips and rub her clit with it, till she cums on my newspaper. 

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