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  By: easypeasy

Hey, before I start, a quick note.  I've been asked before if the stuff I say I really do as part of a fantasy story is really "real."  And my answer is…of course I'd rather not say!  That's part of the fun!  Of course there's exaggeration involved, of course I may embellish from time to time, and sometimes maybe I'm just adding in another layer of fantasy fun for myself, and sometimes I might even be revealing the honest truth.  It works for me to put my extreme fantasies in a "real" context, but how "real" is "real" varies widely.  But you guys knew that, right?  We're all taking these in the sexy, playful, if-it-gets-me-off-it-might-get-you-off, let's not worry too hard about reality, etc., etc. kind of spirit that I bring to writing them, right?  Just checking.  :)


Anyway, here's something I worked up a while ago.  A little merry Christmas gift for those of you celebrating the holiday, and a little anytime gift for those of you who aren't!  :)


Earlier this summer, I drove up in the mountains, and I brought a vibrator and a dildo along, as well as a notebook to write in.  I thought I might get up far away from other people, and enjoy getting myself off outside, in the fresh mountain air, maybe do a little erotic writing for fun.


I may have mentioned here before how I love to drive with a dildo or vibrator in my pussy.  Not distracting enough to be dangerous, but enough to keep me on edge, getting more and more turned on, my cunt getting wetter and wetter around the toy, my clit throbbing every time I move my legs to shift gears or brake, god, especially if I use the vibrator and keep it turned on low.  Occasionally, if I didn't plan ahead but find myself getting turned on while I'm out driving, I'll just pull the crotch of my panties up hard into my slit so the fabric rubs right over my clit, and it has a similar effect.  It all really gets me hot.  Sometimes I like to wear this black lace bra out of which I cut holes in the cups, so my nipples squeeze out through the holes. 

I unbutton my shirt while I'm driving so my tit is showing with my hard nipple sticking out of the black lace cup.  I'll pass other drivers like that and wonder if going by at 50-60 mph is enough time for them to see me, and it never fails to make my cunt get wetter.


So, on that day last summer, I had my huge purple dildo in my cunt, and I drove up in the mountains feeling my pussy get wetter and wetter around it.  I was wearing jeans a size too large so I could keep them unzipped, and with no panties underneath, I could work the dildo into my pussy and keep it there, poking out just barely from the unzipped jeans that were worked slightly down my hips and ass to make more room.  I had on the bra with nipple holes, and once I was driving up to the pass on the state route, I unbuttoned my shirt to let my tits show, and I started playing with them as I drove, one hand on the wheel, one hand rolling and pinching and squeezing my nipples until they were hard and aching and every twist sent a zing of heat straight down into my pussy, throbbing and wet around the hard thick dildo worked almost painfully deep inside. 

It was really hot driving like that, passing cars going the other direction and wondering if they saw me with my tit in my hand, grinding my cunt down onto the dildo while I thought about it, so hot I even started to think about pulling over and just getting off because I was getting so desperate to come.


But I managed to back myself off because that wasn't the plan, and I really wanted to make an afternoon of it.  I stopped squirming in my seat and making the dildo grind in my pussy, and I covered up my tits by pulling my shirt closed without rebuttoning it and focused on driving.


I eventually got high enough that I could turn off on a side road and eventually an even smaller logging road from there.  I wanted to get off somewhere far from the main road so I could really get into it when I fucked myself outside, let myself be loud and moan and really go for it.


After a while, I found a pull-off on the side of the mountain, a large gravel area with a sheer drop-off and beautiful valley view on the other side of it, and dark thick forest on the other side of the road with a smaller pull-off.  Perfect.  Lots of room to turn my car around when I wanted to go home, a beautiful open view to masturbate in, the smell of the forest, everything was great.  So I pulled off onto the side with the view, moved my seat back, unrolled the window and did a little writing with the dildo still in my pussy, pausing every once in a while to pull it out and push it back in a few times, enjoying how easily the huge purple head slid in and out of my hole after being shoved inside it for so long, or I'd grind my cunt on it and finger my clit a little, letting myself whimper out loud and moan and feel that I could come if I let myself.


But I still wasn't ready!  So I finished up what I was writing, and got out of the car, my shirt hanging open and my nipples tightening even more in the cool mountain breeze.  The dildo felt so good in my pussy, so thick and hard, and I knew I was ready to get fucked.  I walked to the back of my car and put a foot up on the rear bumper, and with one hand squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples in turn, I bent over with my ass and cunt pointed at the road, and I used my other hand to start fucking the dildo in and out of my cunt. 

It felt so good, so good, and I let myself shout and moan and fuck my wet pussy back onto the dildo as I shoved it in deeper and harder, my hot cunt juices starting to run down the dildo and down my hand as I kept fucking and fucking my hole.  It was almost enough, but I knew I had brought my big pink vibrator for a reason, so I managed to stop fucking myself and darted awkwardly over to grab it off the passenger seat, my cunt spasming and clenching around the dildo and making me gasp.


Finally, finally I was ready to come, to really get off hard, and I turned around right there next to the hood of my car, my ass and pussy pointed at the road again, looking out over the valley in the sunlight.  I shoved my jeans all the way down and stepped out of one leg so I could bend over and spread my legs wide, feeling the breeze so cool over my wet hot pussy lips, my cunt tingling at the feeling of openness and exposure, imagining what my pussy looked like with the purple dildo pushing out of my hole.  I grabbed the vibrator and turned it on low, bending over and reaching down with one hand to start fucking the dildo in and out of my hole again, letting myself feel it slide in and out a few times before I ran the vibrator down to my clit. 

Oh god, I bucked and yelled when I felt it buzz over my clit and my hole clenched so hard around the dildo deep inside.  Yeah, it was excellent, I was so ready to let myself go, and I started pumping the thick hard dildo in and out of my cunt, letting it fuck me more and more open as I rubbed and buzzed the head of the vibrator over and over my clit.  I could feel my huge soft tits swaying in the bra as I fucked myself, my nipples hard and aching and tingling whenever the material of my shirt brushed over them. 

My cunt was clenching and spasming around the dildo, so close to coming, and used my thumb to turn the vibrator on high suddenly, circling it over my clit while I started pounding the dildo into my cunt as fast and hard as I could, grinding and shoving my pussy back onto it, wailing and moaning every dirty thing that came into my head about getting fucked and being wet and wanting to come so fucking bad. 

It only took a few moments, but it felt like hours I was so hot for it and ready to come my brains out, and when I was right on the edge I just shoved the dildo up my pussy as hard as I could and squeezed down tight, rubbing the head of the vibrator over and over my hard little clit in tiny little circles until my cunt finally exploded.  I shouted "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK" as loud as I could while I came and came, my pussy throbbing and clutching tight at the dildo buried all the way up it, just the flared base showing between my cunt lips, bucking and grinding my hips, trying to fuck myself on it over and over while my whole body contracted and heaved, and my cunt got so wet I had hot sticky juice all down the inside of my thighs. 

Every time I rubbed the vibrator over my clit again, just barely touched the head to my clit lightly, it set off another wave of spasm and panting--I felt like I could come forever if I tried.


So hot!  So very hot!  And when I finished, I pulled the dildo out of my pussy, feeling how sore and used and open and sensitive my cunt was when I pulled my jeans back on, the rough denim making me twitch whenever it rubbed between my cunt lips a little.  I buttoned up my shirt and got back in the car, and I was writing a little more when only five minutes later a jeep with three college age boys in it--maybe high school seniors--came barreling up the road and zipped on past me, whooping a little like rowdy teenage boys do.  They must have been up there to go hunting during the off-season, and they probably didn't expect to find anyone up on the logging road either.  Well, you can imagine where my mind turned…hahaha!  How close was that? 

A very close call!  Five minutes earlier, and they would have come up around the corner to find me bare-ass naked and bent over, shoving a huge purple dildo in and out of my obviously sopping wet pussy, rubbing a vibrator over my clit, and coming so hard I'm screaming and writhing while I fuck myself.  Yeah!  Not so great if it really happened, holy shit, but reeeeaaaally hot to think about since it didn't.


Mmm, so let's think about what that would have been like, yeah.  They would have come around the corner and seen me like that, but they might not have noticed in time to stop immediately.  They'd probably screech to a stop slightly further up the road, and it would give me time to try to scramble for my jeans and get back in my car, but the two boys in the back would hop out of the jeep and come jogging back to me.  I might even make it into the car, but I certainly wouldn't be able to get my jeans all the way back on or get my car started or drive away.  The other boy would back the jeep up until he could pull off, too, and he'd also hop out and come over. 


So, I'm in my car, jeans around my knees, bare cunt wet and used and smelling like come, and I can feel my sticky pussy lips rubbing on the seat of my car, dildo and vibrator clearly visible on the passenger seat where I threw them, obviously used, my pussy juices glistening all over them.  I've pulled my shirt closed but haven't had time to button it.


They come right up to the open window, looking both awkward and brazen like only boys that age can.  I know I’m busted, so I just sit there, waiting to see what happens.  The driver clears his throat, and I see the other two look at each other nervously.  I start thinking of him as the driver both because he was driving and because it's clear he's the boy who in their group who makes decisions, takes initiative, drives their actions.  The other two I start thinking of as trucker hat and redhead since that's their most notable features--otherwise they just look like boys, probably football players, hicks like all the normal guys around here, kinda dirty since they're out hunting, the kind of boys who would have teased me mercilessly in high school.  But now here I am, in my thirties, and they can't be older than 21, and these boys just caught me masturbating, and it's clearly turning them on in ways they don't know what to do with.


Except the driver apparently, who leans in the window and pushes my shirt open, revealing my tits in the black bra, showing them all how hard my nipples are still.  I hear redhead gasp a little, and the driver smirks back at him before reaching in and grabbing one of my tits, pulling at the hole where the nipple is and making more of my breast squeeze out the hole, distending it a little grotesquely as the flesh squeezes through, but even the weirdness of the sight doesn't stop my nipple from aching and sending my cunt into a little rippling wave of tingles.


They all notice my shiver, and it seems to make them bolder.  Trucker hat reaches and opens the door of my car, the driver stepping back, and they all come around so they can see me in the opening.  "What were you doing??" the driver finally asks, his voice gruff but also a little freaked out, like he still can't believe this is happening.  I can't believe it is either, so I just laugh a little and respond that I thought it was pretty obvious.  "Get out of the car," the driver tells me, so I swing my legs out and get out, stepping out of my jeans again, all the way this time, because it's useless not to at this point.


They're all shaking their heads a little, looking at each other and shoving each other, and grinning, until finally redhead looks at me and says, "Hey, bend over again."  My cunt tingles when he says it, remembering what it felt like to feel them drive by me, knowing what they saw when they did.  So I turn around, put my hands on the side of the car, and bend over, spreading my legs until I feel my ass cheeks parting and my cunt lips opening, leaning way down so they can see everything.


"Holy shit," I hear trucker hat say.  And there's a rustling sound, and a muffled groan, and I know he's taken out his dick.  I hear the driver give him shit about it, about not wanting to see his dick, and he just fires back that he knows the other two are going to have their own dicks out within five minutes anyway, so it's no good trying to play it off like they're not.  I hear them shoving each other more, but I also hear more unzipping, and I squirm my pussy around a little, squeezing my cunt and my asshole, feeling the breeze on my cunt lips and the stickiness that still hasn't completely dried on my inner thighs.


"Daaaamn," one of them whispers, and I can't tell who, but I know they're watching me, and I know they have their dicks in their hands, probably hard or getting hard fast, watching my pussy and my asshole spread open in front of them.  I move again, just to see what happens, and I hear a sharp intake of breath as I push my cunt and ass back, letting my holes open and relax before clenching them tight again.  Suddenly, one of them is behind me, and I hear a muttered "what the fuck" and know it's the driver before I feel fingers pushing right into my pussy hole.  I can't help moaning and squeezing tight around them, letting my cunt try to grip his fingers hard as he fucks them in and out a few times, feeling how loose and wet I am already.


"Let me, let me, c'mon," I hear redhead say as he comes up behind me too, and then trucker hat is there at my side, reaching under to me to feel my tit hanging down, hard nipples pointed at the ground, and as he squeezes my tits and pinches my nipples I reward him with lots of whimpers and little moans, and I tell him how good his rough fingers feel on my tits like that, squeezing me, mmm, pinch my nipples harder, I tell him.  Trucker hat's fingers rub into my pussy alongside the driver's, rubbing up and down between my cunt lips while the driver fingers my hole with two and sometimes three fingers, giving it to me hard and steady until I start rocking my cunt back onto his hand, feeling the redhead rubbing down over my clit and making me jump.


They all laugh and the driver says, "Jesus, I think we're going to make her come."  I moan and grind my pussy back onto his fingers, and he adds an extra twist when he pulls them almost all the way out and then shoves them back deep in my hole.  "Are you going to come?" he asks me.  I can only keep moaning, feeling my cunt getting tighter and tighter every time the redhead's fingers brush over my clit, but not quite there.  Suddenly, I stand up and feel the redhead's fingers fall away from my pussy, even while the driver's fingers stay buried inside me.

  I grab trucker hat's head and pull his face down to my tits, rubbing his mouth over one of my nipples until he opens up and starts sucking, pushing his tongue under the hole in my bra and licking all over the exposed skin before sucking hard again.  I put one leg up on the wheel well, and grab the redhead, pulling him down to his knees in front of me and pushing him back against the car.  I push my cunt forward and tell him to eat me, and he only hesitates a second, looking up at the driver behind my shoulder before grinning and pushing his face into my pussy, licking right over my aching clit.  I bend forward a little again, leaning over the redhead so he can keep licking my pussy, but giving the driver room to finger-fuck me some more. 

Oh yeah, it feels so good to have my nipples sucked and licked and bitten, and the redhead is licking my clit over and over while the driver starts banging my cunt hard and fast, and I come suddenly, my whole body tightening before I even know it's happening. So they finger me and lick me through it, helping to hold me up as my body shakes and I try to fuck myself on both the driver's fingers and the redhead's tongue.


When I stop coming, they step away from me, and I turn around to see how hard and red their cocks are, hanging out of their pants where they left them when they got me off, but I know they're going to want to come, and no more waiting.


"Okay," I start.  "God, that was hot, thank you, now who wants to fuck me?"


I laugh when they all look at each other frantically, like they have just realized they can't all fuck me at once.


"Look, I'm happy to blow one of you while one of you fucks me from behind or I ride you, if that helps."


They do some complicated negotiation with their eyebrows and some grunting and muttering I can't quite make out, redhead punches trucker hat's shoulder at one point, but it seems friendly, and I'm left just waiting again to see what happens.


Finally, they turn to me, and the driver says, "Okay, I'm going to fuck you."  I figured it would be him, that's why he's the driver.  So I nod, and he comes over to me, grabbing my tit roughly and giving my nipple a pinch, watching me shiver and sticking his other hand between my legs to feel how wet and sticky hot my pussy is.  I can't help whimpering a little when he fingers my clit, still so sensitive, and I smile when I realize I could probably come again without too much fingering, this whole thing has been so hot and intense.


The driver takes off his jacket and throws it on the ground, pushing me forward and onto my knees on it.  I lean down and feel him get down behind me, knowing he's going to fuck me with his jeans still on, his hard dick poking out the fly, so his knees won't get dirty or full of gravel.  The thought that I'm half naked hits me, that they've all still got clothes on, just their dicks out, and I feel a wave of hotness pass over me, ending in a throb that sends me squirming my pussy back and whining a little.  I feel the driver's fingers rubbing in my pussy again, and then redhead drops down in front me, his fat hard cock bobbing in front of my face. 

I see trucker hat move closer, watch with his dick in his hand as I take the head of the redhead's dick into my mouth, barely able to fit my mouth around it, but I try, letting myself slobber all over as he starts to fuck my mouth.  I'm trying to adjust to the redhead's dick filling my mouth and stretching my lips when I feel the driver rubbing the smooth head of his dick all over my pussy, and I moan around the redhead's cock when I feel the driver shove inside, filling my pussy with his long hard dick in one smooth push. 

When I moan, the redhead fucks his dick into me really quick, and I gag.  He apologizes, it was an accident, but when I grab his ass and pull him forward again, he gets it and starts fucking my mouth a little, making me take his cock just a little farther than I'm comfortable with, but I'm loving it, feeling my mouth and my cunt get filled together.


I realize my eyes are closed, and when I open them, I can see trucker hat off to the side, pulling slowly on his dick, his eyes moving back and forth between redhead's cock fucking my mouth, and the driver's cock fucking my pussy.  It's so hot feeling myself get watched, and I moan around redhead's cock again, sucking harder when he grunts and fucks my mouth faster.  My pussy is making sloppy wet sounds, and the driver starts fucking his cock into me faster, really ramming my cunt with his dick, until I'm grunting and groaning every time he shoves inside.  My cunt is so hot and so wet, and it's throbbing every time the driver shoves his dick in me or every time redhead fucks my mouth a little too deep and almost makes me gag. 

I know I'm not going to come again yet, just from getting fucked, but I really want to feel the driver shoot a load of come in my pussy, so I start fucking back onto his cock faster, and he really starts to go wild, pounding my cunt fast and hard with his dick, hammering me with his cock so hard I think I'm going to split wide open, until he finally lets loose a huge groan and falls over my back, his dick shoving and grinding inside me and shooting jet after jet of thick hot creamy come deep up my cunt with every hard shove.  I let redhead's cock fall out of my mouth and hang my head down, and I take it, squeezing my pussy around his dick over and over until it starts to get soft and he pulls out, leaving my cunt even messier and sloppier than it was before, even more fucked open.


As soon as the driver pulls out of me, I sit up and lean forward, grabbing redhead's cock and sucking it down again, letting my tongue lick all over the head and sucking hard, over and over, jacking the thick hard shaft with one hand while I let him start fucking my mouth again.  I'm hungry for him to come, and I really go to town on his cock, not letting up for a second, sucking him hard and as deep as I can, over and over, squeezing and gripping the velvety hard shaft, rubbing his balls and fingering the skin behind them, rubbing the head of his cock with my tongue, letting him rub it all over my tongue when he fucks my mouth. 

When I hear him whimper, I suck him in deep and hard and press up hard behind his balls, swallowing and sucking over and over as he grinds little circles into my face, until finally he shoves deep and starts coming down my throat, and I'm gagging and trying to swallow and feeling his come and my saliva run down the sides of my mouth and over my chin.  I suck him dry, let him fuck my mouth until he's totally done, and then lean back, panting and feeling my pussy clenching, knowing I want to come one more time.


I look at trucker hat, and reach out a hand to him.  "C'mon, fuck me," I tell him, and I know he's already pretty close to coming, his dick so hard in his hand, the head all wet and swollen.  "C'mon," I repeat, "I really want to come on your dick."  And that seems to do it because he comes forward, and I see the driver watching from where he's leaning against the car, redhead still trying to recover on his knees next to me.  I pull trucker hat down onto the jacket on the ground and turn around so my I'm kneeling in front of him, facing the driver and the road.  I reach back and grab his dick, rubbing it down between my ass cheeks and into my cunt. 

He gets the idea and rubs it around in my pussy until it slips into my hole and I gasp, leaning back onto him until he's buried all the way up my hot pussy.  I grab his hand and pull it around to rub into my cunt from the front, and he gets that right away too.  He starts rubbing his fingers in my pussy and fucking his dick up into my cunt, and I love it.  I lean back on him, knees spread wide, feeling open again, loving how it feels to get fucked and rubbed like this while I’m spread open, while I'm being watched.  The driver and redhead are both watching, and I see the driver grasp hold of his dick, but loosely.  Maybe he'll get himself off again watching me get fucked.


I want to come again too, so I start fucking myself up and down on trucker hat's cock, taking it deep in my pussy, then raising up until it almost slips out, only to slam back down hard again, liking the feeling of it ramming hard up inside me when I fuck myself down.  Trucker hat is moaning nonstop now, and he really starts fucking me harder too, shoving his dick up my cunt faster while his fingers find my clit and just rub and rub over it, circling and rubbing lightly, but never stopping.

  I'm about to come, and I reach up and start pinching and rolling my own nipples as I bounce my pussy on his dick, feeling jolts all the way to my clit when I squeeze them a little too hard if he fucks up into me with an extra deep thrust.  He rubs and rubs over my clit, and fucks my cunt hard and deep, over and over, until finally I start coming, wailing and squeezing my tits and grinding my spasming cunt down onto his cock as he fucks me, feeling all the wet come from me and the driver running out of my hole and down around his dick as he fucks it up into me really hard and fast and starts coming too, hot jizz spurting deep in my dirty hole as he holds my pussy down hard on his pulsing dick.


I can feel how sloppy and loose and hot and open and dirty my cunt would be after all that, how much my nipples would ache from all the pinching and sucking and squeezing.  Mmmm.  And it all could have been true if they were only five minutes earlier.


Now THAT would have been extremely hot.  ;)


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Comments for Masturbating Outdoors & Caught By Younger Guys

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easypeasy    (2011-06-12 12:37:22)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, case2000! Something about being up high above it all
case2000    (2011-05-12 02:40:46)    Flag as inappropiate
I love mountain stories and always get turned on when I am up there too, I will have to look a little harder next time for something happening like this ;)
case2000    (2011-05-12 02:40:20)    Flag as inappropiate
Great setting, great story, it was so hot when they helped hold your body up when you were cumming..
easypeasy    (2011-04-24 11:56:51)    Flag as inappropiate
Happy to be an inspiration, anonimusrick! Thanks! :)
anonimusrick    (2011-03-26 07:34:02)    Flag as inappropiate
anonimusrick Hot, like all your writings. Reading you gives me ideas for my stories.
easypeasy    (2011-01-01 12:35:06)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, buster! Very glad it works for you. :)
easypeasy    (2011-01-01 12:34:10)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks, Canadian Casanova! I'm glad both parts work for you. For whatever reason, I find it super hot to construct these fantasies that way, so I'm glad it gets other people off, too!
easypeasy    (2011-01-01 12:33:19)    Flag as inappropiate
Aw, creamqueen, I'm so glad! You know I love to hear how well my stuff works for you. ;)
buster    (2010-12-28 20:17:53)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Love your style, Sweety!
CanadianCasanova    (2010-12-26 17:48:44)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova That was so incredibly hot! Not only was your naughty masturbation adventure sexy, but the whole fantasy of being caught and fucked was great too! Definitely turned me on!
creamqueen    (2010-12-26 17:31:10)    Flag as inappropiate
creamqueen This is SO HOT!!! The outdoor setting really worked for me and I loved all the detail, it really got me going - this one is definitely a favorite!

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