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  By: buster

I knew this Thursday evening was gonna be great! Tonight I was gonna go out on a hot and kinky surprise party with my hottest fuckbuddy, Isabel and her French friend, Julie.

Isabel and I loved to do it anywhere, anytime and with a special love for public places and being watched. Tonight was going to be special, though… She told me she met this awesome guy, K. and that we were help him to use and abuse his woman any way we could. Always happy to lend a hand!

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The Naughty Meter

Julie and I had never met before but I liked her immediately… Cute, fresh, funny and with a little touch of rebel. She was dark-blond, pale, petite and with a nice head of rastas. She had a piercing in her tong and above her right eye.

Isa took us all to a big, buzzing sex-club. There seemed to be loads of people in but Isa led us around the building and went in that way. Some guy opened us and we came in a corridor with several doors. We went through a door and arrived in a bright, big bedroom with two large beds next to each other and a lot of imaginative toys and mirrors everywhere. Through the thick walls we could hear and feel the pumping of the music playing in the club.

“So, where are they?” Julie asked. “Give them time. They’ll be here soon enough. In the meantime, we have to decide who’s gonna be tonight’s slave! We’ll let Buster decide.” Isa laughed. “He can be our toy in the meantime.” Roughly she pushed me on one of the beds and tore down my clothes ‘till my underwear. In the meantime Julie was tying me up on the bed. She was skilled, that little one and her touches tickled my fantasy even more. From a corner I could hear her take of her clothes. She then bended over me and looked me in the eyes giving me a naughty little smile. “Let’s see how hard I can get you before we start our contest.” She stood next to me and started massaging her breasts. She had great tits too! Pale skin and pink nipples. A nice handful. I could feel my cock starting to rise in my underpants.

She moved a little and let her pussy slide on one of my bound hands. It was smoothly shaven, petite and verrryy wet! I started massaging it with 2 fingers and dipping it more and more in. My cock was rising quickly now and my underpants felt all the more tighter. I had these urges to lick my fingers but couldn’t move a muscle. She now moved her thighs right over my head, giving me a close up and opening wide her pussy lips to let me peep inside. It was nice and wet and the smell of sweet sex was intoxicating. She started to masturbate hard right over my head. I felt Isa pull of my underpants and my cock grew to full height, standing proudly in the air. As I felt it getting harder and harder I tried to lick Julie’s pussy but just couldn’t reach it.

“Now blindfold him” Julie said and the next minute I couldn’t see a thing anymore. “The one that gets his first load into her has to be the slave” Isa then said. “Great! 1 minute per turn and no talking…” I heard Julie answering. “It has to come purely from the pussy!”

I lay there, helpless, not knowing which pussy I was gonna get served first when a hand grabbed my dick. I felt it being rubbed against wet, moisty lips with a circular motion. Faster and faster, sliding it just a little and then all the sudden I felt the whole pussy around my cock. Deep and tight. It was still going in circles around me and it was like feeling her insides over and over, touching her everywhere. Then I felt her slowly pulling back out. I felt someone else coming over me and felt a vagina push against my hard cock.

The lips opened slowly and took just the head of my dick. I felt her rocking back and forth like that a bit and it was getting me wild. If I thought the other pussy was tight. This one seemed to be even tighter and I guessed it was Julie’s. I felt the pussy holding still and lingering on the top of my cock. I was almost shaking with anticipation. Then one smooth movement downwards forced my dick deep in her. She stayed  like that a while before moving gently up and down over me, wilder and wilder. I was about to feel myself cum when she withdrew and I felt yet another pussy slide over me… Oh Godddd…

They both continued to swap pussy with me for a couple of minutes until all the sudden, when some sweet pussy was gently rocking me, deep and always on the verge of exploding big loads of sperm into her, I heard a door open. People were coming in.

I felt someone put a finger on my lips and I understood I had to be quite. The pussy continued to fuck me gently but the knowing that other people were in the room, probably watching the whole scene finally took me over the edge. I almost moaned as I thrust my hips deeper still into that pussy and felt great squirts of sperm swimming into her.

Whoever it was that was fucking me bend over me and gave me a big hug, my dick still deep inside her pussy. She pulled off my blindfold and the room came into focus. Isa was lying on me and we kissed passionately. Sitting on the bed next to me I could see a pretty woman, blindfolded and staring around in the darkness. I could feel Julie taking my cock in her hand and Isa moved up just a little, keeping just the tip of my cock inside her. Huge drops of cum was dripping of her pussy down my cock and Julie licked it all clean.

 Meanwhile the unknown woman, still blindfolded, was seated down on the bed just next to mine while this guy Kevin walked over to kiss Isa and Julie, bits of sperm still around her mouth. He looked at me and gave me a thumbs-up while I smiled and mouthed the words “freaking hot”, pointing to the woman. He gave me a nod meaning “Go right ahead, champ”. Isa untied me and together we stood before the woman who began to breath a bit heavier with anticipation.

Isa took my cock in one hand and with the other she opened the woman’s legs a bit to expose a beautiful little pussy. The lips opened up a bit and she looked really wet. My cock started to grow quickly again while I was eyeing her vagina.

Isa kneeled down and started licking around the vulva, opening the lips even wider and gently sliding in her tong, licking her insides. I heard the woman moan a bit and her chest was going up and down, her nipples sticking out to me. I touched her first gently and then a bit harder, rolling her nipples between my fingers, massaging her breasts, while watching Isa lick her out

Julie in the meantime just sat down with Kevin and were watching the show, kissing and stroking each-other. She was bud-naked and he was still wearing his pants. Her hand moved over his crotch where I could spot a gigantic hard-on. His hand went right to her pussy. She willingly opened her legs and his fingers started playing with her sweet sex.

My hard-on didn’t go unnoticed by Isa who was still holding my cock and now started to pull on it on the rhythm of her licking. It was like her tong was my dick, fucking this girl. This made me go wild and I started to lick her ears and nibble and what not. I took her head in my hand and started conducting her, faster and deeper I wanted to plunge my cock into this girl!

I stood back and grabbed Isa’s hips while she was still fingering like crazy. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her and could feel she was really wet. I grabbed her firmly and pushed my cock deeeep in. She moaned and curved her back. She just wanted to get fucked senseless! The girl took over and started masturbating, inches away from Isa’s face. I started to move inside her on the rhythm of her fingerfucking herself.

Julie grabbed a vibrator and started playing with it. She bend over with her pussy right in front of Kevin’s face and started fucking herself with it. Then looking at the girl she told her to open her mouth and put it in there. She continued fingering herself while casting hungry looks at her tong moving around the plastic cock. She then half stood on the bed, her pussy right in front of the woman’s mouth and started to fuck herself hard and deep with the vibrator.

Man, I really love Isa’s pussy… It’s so tight and wet and always ready for action and for something new. I glanced at Kevin who was now fully naked and standing next to me. Brotherly I pulled out of Isa and presented her to him. After all, she also was our slave for the evening.

Kevin had a really nice cock. I’m usually for the pussy but hey, when the vibe’s nice I love to suck cock as much as any queer! I could tell I wouldn’t mind a taste of his stuff… He slide into Isa and I could tell she was approving.
I moved back a little just enjoying the show before bending over Miss blindfolded and pulling her soaked fingers out of her pussy and licking them clean. I then started licking her deep. Her pussy tasted really sweet! I put in a finger, then two, moving them inside her. Her pussy was wide open and I started rubbing my cock of with the tip touching her.

She had her mouth wide open, breathing in Julie’s pussy-odors and trying to lick the air. I pushed my dick deep in and started fucking her harder and harder. Isa, right behind me opened my buttocks and started licking my anus while Julie, her pussy right between my face and the woman’s, pulled out the vibrator and started massaging her insides deeply. She pushed her pussy against the woman’s mouth and I could see her licking like crazy while I could feel her pussy tighten on my cock. She liked it big time! Julie pushed her pussy even deeper into her mouth, grabbing her by the head and pushing it and I could hear her moan. She was squirting hot jets into the woman’s mouth and was forcing her to drink it.

“Keep some for me” I said and when Julie stepped away I kissed her full on the mouth, filling both our mouths with Julie’s hot squirt, our tongs playing around in it.  This made my cock so hard I stopped fucking the woman not to explode right into her pussy. Instead  I continued kissing her wildly, licking the squirt of her face while my dick was just inside of her.

Kevin stopped fucking Isa as well for a minute and was grinning at the scene. Julie told me to lie down on the other bed and started to tie me up on it. Meanwhile Kevin put a leash on little miss Blindfold and took her for a walk on hands and knees, like a dog, around the room.

When I was well tied up Kevin took the woman over to me and told her to sit on my cock. She did so, with her back towards me and my dick deep inside of her and she wanted to start fucking me again but Kevin whipped her on her titties, making her scream and moan. Julie went between my legs and started licking my balls, up to the shaft of my cock and the woman’s clit and wet pussy. Isa stood over my face and started rubbing her soaking pussy in it. I could feel the wet pussy-juices on my face and in my mouth. Then she invited Kevin to fuck her deep, just inches away from my eyes and mouth.

It was amazing, I saw Kevin’s great dick sliding in and out of her wet cunt, I could feel the woman’s pussy squeezing around my dick as Julie was licking her and playing with her clit. I wanted to move my hips, I wanted to fuck her deep but Julie kept pushing my hips down on the bed.

Then Kevin pulled out his dick and pushed it deep into my mouth. I started sucking it and licking it like crazy. I loved the touch of his hard cock in my mouth, the smell of it, mixed with the smell and taste of Isa’s pussy.
Meanwhile the woman, also wanting to fuck hard and pushed down by the licking Julie started to get into a frenzy. I could feel her pussy tighten and then explode jets of cum down the shaft of my dick. I could feel and hear Julie slurping and licking it all of my cock and down my balls. My dick, though motionless in the woman’s pussy was about to explode by pure lust again when Kevin pulled his dick out again and continued fucking Isa.

Harder and harder, deeper and deeper he fucked her and her moaning turned to screaming. Then, with a loud moan I knew Kevin exploded in Isa’s vagina. He pulled out and with two fingers Isa opened wide her pussy for me. Jets of sperm were falling on my face as she pushed her pussy on my mouth. With both arms she grabbed my head and she was actually fucking my head.

 I was so horny by now that I couldn’t stop moaning and making fuck-movements with my hips. The woman was lead to the other bed by Kevin and he took of her blindfold to let her watch the scene.
“Oh, look at my poor darling” Isa laughed “He’s sex-crazed… Let’s have a little pussy-dance on him…”. She took the woman’s blindfold and put it on me. I could feel some fingers playing with the tip of my cock while I heard the door open… A lot of people seem to be coming inside now… Oh my god!...

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