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  By: easypeasy

Just a little something for you all for today.  Because it's been so long since I've visited the site, and I spent some time catching up on fantasies, as well as watching porn, and I'm super fucking horny.

I've had some stressful family stuff going on, and today I just needed some pleasure and escapism, and I was feeling kind of horny, so I decided to watch some porn this morning.  I get kind of anal (haha) about organizing things, so I decided to go through my "hottest" porn clips folder and start weeding out the clips that aren't really as hot as I thought they were at first.  Whatever.  I'm kind of a nerd about things, apparently even my porn.


So I was watching a lot of porn, and feeling my pussy start getting wet and tingly.  And I decided to pay a visit here.  I caught up on some messages and started remembering how good it feels to write for people, and it was really turning me on.  That was when I decided to get out my biggest dildo.  It's my thickest, longest, all-around biggest toy, and I really love fucking myself with it.  It's big enough that I can just barely fit the head in my mouth--like, I definitely couldn't give a blow job to a real dick this big without accidentally scraping the head with my teeth.  Big!  But it feels so good in my cunt when I can finally work it in there, and I've written here before about how I like taking it in my ass.  Not my ass today, though.  Haven't showered, and I'm not feeling quite that dirty.  ;)


Anyway, I started catching up on reading some fantasies here, and I was playing with the dildo in my pussy, just kind of rubbing it between my slick pussy lips and over my clit, grinding my cunt on it a little and letting I rub over my hole and push just a little bit inside.  I was really getting off on reading and playing with my cunt like that, so thanks all you writers for really bringing the good stuff!


Oh, I should mention, I've been experimenting with shaving my pussy for the first time ever!  I've always been a hairy, go natural kind of lady.  My parents, as I've mentioned, were hippie types who were into all kinds of sexual and drug adventures, and I grew up finding body hair totally normal.  However, lately I've been curious about how kinky hot it might feel, so I started just by kind of shaving/grooming my pubic hair with a clipper.  Like, not shaving smooth, but getting it all neatened up kind of, and shaving it super close on my cunt lips and around my pussy opening.


That was kind of fun, felt kind of nice to finger my pussy like that, and so I recently decided to try shaving myself smooth.  It was way too much work to do it all the time, but it was pretty fun to try it out!  I definitely got off on the new smooth sensation when I played with my cunt lips, how different the slick hot wetness felt on smooth hairless lips.  My fingers slipped around and inside me so easy.  It was pretty hot!


Anyway, my pussy hair is growing back in after being shaved smooth, so it's still pretty short and soft right now.  My dildo was sliding around in my cunt and between my cunt lips really easily, and it was so easy to just grind my pussy up onto it in tight little circles, mmm.


After I finished up catching up on stuff I wanted to read and had worked the dildo all the way up my pussy, sometimes fucking it in and out while I read fantasies, my black lace panties stretched to the side while the dildo slid in and out of my hole.  Sometimes I just held it in my cunt and leaned forward to read, feeling it deep inside my pussy and rocking on it when I wanted to feel it fucking and grinding inside me a little.  That was pretty hot.  My cunt just keeps getting wetter and wetter, and it's throbbing constantly, even now as I write this.


So I realized I hadn't checked on the fire in the woodstove downstairs in a while, but I didn't want to lose my mood, and I was feeling really fucking turned on and kind of daring.  I decided to go downstairs with the dildo up my cunt, no matter who might be down there or what might be going on.  So I shoved it as deep up my pussy as I could when I stood up, and I went downstairs with it between my legs, deep in my cunt and making my clit throb every time I took a step, as it moved inside me.

So I finished my business, held the dildo between my legs, and came back upstairs to watch more porn and eventually write this.  I watched a lot of double penetration, which I continue to fucking LOVE and get off to so hard.  I haven't gone toy shopping in a long time, but I think I need some new ass toys in a medium size range, for when I'm not quite in the mood to take this huge dildo up my ass.  I think I'd be more likely to fuck my ass, or fuck my cunt and my ass together, if I had a dildo or vibrator that was a more moderate size so I could take it easier.


And after watching more porn with the dildo up my cunt, rocking on it and fucking myself with it again, sometimes rubbing it over my clit before shoving it hard back up my pussy, I started writing this.  And I've got the dildo deep in my cunt right now.  I've held it in my pussy the whole time I've been writing this, sometimes grinding myself on it, sometimes pulling it out only to fuck myself with it just a little bit before leaving it partway in and going back to writing, rocking my cunt onto it so it rubs my clit a little. 

Mostly, though, I've just had it deep up my pussy, squeezing my cunt on it and feeling my pussy throb around it.  I'm so wet right now, you have no idea.  My clit is throbbing, my cunt is so wet and open that this huge cock just slides right in and out of it, no problem--easy peasy, haha!  :)  I'm really ready to come, but I told myself I couldn't come until I finished writing here, so I think I'd better wrap this up.


You can all imagine how it ends.  My leaning back in my chair, dildo deep in my cunt, black lace panties soaking wet and pulled over to the side, short little hair around my glistening sopping wet cunt lips, clit a hard little button just begging to be rubbed or licked or sucked on.  I'm going to fuck this dildo hard in and out of my cunt, shove it deep and hard into my pussy over and over, and then pull it out and rub it all over my pussy, rubbing the smooth head over and over my clit and up and down between my slick cunt lips.  I'll be able to hear the sound of it sliding around in my cunt, all wet and sloppy and so ready to come hard. 

Finally, I'll slide it back into my hole, and it'll fill me right up, plunge deep into my cunt in one deep shove, and I'll start fucking my pussy up onto it while I pound it into my hole, over and over and over until I start coming.  I'll be thrashing around so hard, shoving this huge dildo up my cunt over and over while my wet sloppy pussy spasms so hard around it,

I'll feel it so deep inside my pussy while it squeezes and throbs and I'll be fingering my clit and moaning and grinding my pussy up and up, trying to come even harder until I can't take any more, and finally I'll relax back down and pull the dildo out of my hole.  God, I'm going to be so spent, so sweaty and relaxed and my hole will be stretched and raw and hot and wet and open, and my clit and whole cunt will be throbbing and twitching and tingling hot.


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Comments for A Little More Masturbation Just To Say Hi!

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easypeasy    (2010-12-25 12:26:16)    Flag as inappropiate
Thanks so much, Canadian Casanova! I didn't even really think of this as much of anything, so it's cool to hear it got you hard. :)
easypeasy    (2010-12-25 12:25:27)    Flag as inappropiate
Aw, biscuit, thanks for telling me how well this little thing worked for you. I love it! So glad! :)
CanadianCasanova    (2010-12-20 14:03:51)    Flag as inappropiate
CanadianCasanova Awesome story easy! Your masturbation stories always get me so hard!
biscuit    (2010-12-20 09:56:22)    Flag as inappropiate
biscuit ok...i told myself i was gonna come here, write a new fantasy then read one and make myself cum real hard then get ready for work. well i just read this one and almost came. i stopped myself cus i wanna read more of yours then cum. mmmmmmm.....

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