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Sarah's long search had been fruitful: a Dom she felt comfortable with, and could trust. It helped that he had a couple of other girls that he used, and this intial session would be so much easier given that one of the girls would be there to help with her 'instruction'. She stepped out of the ensuite and saw that puppy was still in his kneeling position beside the bed. He gazed at her freshly shaven mound and watched intently as she dressed in the clothing he had bought for this occasion.

The trip to the shops, armed with her new Master's list had been another exercise in humiliation for him, but he could not contain his excitement now that the day had arrived.


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He looked longingly at her exposed labia as she rolled first one stocking, and then the other up her shapely legs, each time resting her foot on the bed, and then slipped on the silk camisole before stepping into the dress. Minutes later she was out the door and on her way to Him.

The initial akwardness of the meeting behind her, Master left Sarah with Mel, the other submissive, to instruct her on protocol.
"Master will tell you to position yourself either like this" she said demonstrating the 'sit' position, kneeling with her butt on her heels, palms open and upturned on her thighs, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. "Master wants you to have your mouth open in case he wants to use it. Make sure you keep it open because He will slap you hard if you forget". Mel's outfit was far more 'obvious' than her own, and Sarah couldn't help a little smile at the thought of puppy having to buy thigh-high leather boots, a black leather crotchless panty and peephole bra set.

"And sometimes he will say 'Present'. That's when he wants you like this", and here she gracefully uncoiled herself forward, raising her butt into the air, and pressing her face down against the floor. Sarah was a little embarrassed to be staring at this woman's pussy as the leather underwear opened up. "Again keep your eyes closed. If He wants you to stand, just stand still and clasp your hands behind your back, keep your legs together, and always, respond with a 'Yes Master'"

"If you are ready, we will go in and see Master" Mel said with a reassuring smile and a little hug. Mel's hand rested on Sarah's arse and gave her a little squeeze, and a chill travelled down Sarah's spine as, surprised at her own naivety, she realised that she may soon have her first lesbian experience with this woman, should Master want that.

Her Master was standing at the bar making a drink, and Sarah followed Mel's lead by standing quietly by the large bed. Walking towards them with a smile he said "good little slut mel". The sub beamed with the praise. "Now" he said sternly looking toward Sarah, "Sit." Quickly she adopted the position taught to her. "Mel get on the bed and present for me" he continued.

With her eyes closed Sarah could only listen to what took place as her Master first slapped Mel's arse, and then worked his fingers into the sub's pussy. After several minutes he said "Good slut, nice and wet,.. here!" and with that he thrust two wet fingers into Sarah's waiting mouth. Sarah quickly overcame her surprise and thoroughly cleaned Mel's juice from his fingers. He stroked her face and then grabbed a large handful of hair, tilting her head to a slight angle. She could smell his cock very close to her face.

"Now, let's see how well you do..."

Sarah's breathing had increased to a quick panting, and when his semi-turgid cock slid past her open lips, her tongue instinctivly came up to meet and caress the intruding muscle. Sucking on his dick, between gasps for air, she thought "wow it's actually happening, I wish puppy could see this. I have this stranger's cock in my mouth, fucking me like his whore. God it feels good". She let out a moan and leaned forward onto Master's cock, and with that he said "That's a good girl slut." Sarah felt a warm shiver of pride.

Before long he withdrew, and Sarah wondered if he would position her to be fucked, but instead she could hear him give a low grunt and slide his now fully hard cock into Mel. "Ohh, thank you Master" she heard her moan in response. There followed at least five minutes of fucking in that position, during which Mel was heard to ask "Oh, Master, please may I cum?" at least 3 times. Each time Master's response was a curt: "No".

Mel's breathing was now a constant series of chuffs as she fought to resist her orgasm, until finally Master said: "ok you can cum now slut", whilst giving her a consistant rhythm of hard thrusts. "Ah,.....urgh!" wailed Mel as her climax rushed through her body, causing a series of convulsions and shakes that lasted a minute or so. The Master kept his metronimic thrusts going until abruptly he withdrew his glistening and swollen cock. "Thank you Master" Sarah hear Mel coo with delight, just as the hard cock was slipped back into Sarah's waiting mouth. The taste of Mel's cum was unmistakable, and Sarah was eagre to show that she appreciated being used just as much as the fellow sub. She desperatly wanted to play with her clit, or have Master give it some attention, but her hands remained firmly placed, palm up, on her thighs.

The vigor with which her Master fucked her mouth made her suspect that he too was close to cumming, and a moment later she felt his large hands grip the sides and back of her head, and he pumped wad after wad of his seamen into her throat and mouth. Holding her head so firmly onto his cock caused Sarah to gag, cough and splutter for breath, but he either didn't care or knew better than her the limits she could endure. Just as she felt she could take no more, he released her, and let his cock slip from her mouth. She gasped for air, tears and saliva, cum and snot covered her face.

A few seconds later she felt a firm slap on her left cheek: "What do you say slut?" Master's tone was firm but not at all angry.
"oh,, thank you Master" she managed to splutter.

"Good girl. Now you may rest here on the bed with me and Mel" Sarah opened her eyes and crawled onto the bed, laying down on the cool sheets, to the right of her Master, whilst Mel draped herself on him from the left. Mel smiled to herself. "Should I tell puppy about this or not?" she thought to herself. As if reading her mind, her Master kissed her forehead and said "Don't share this with your husband slut. Believe me,  he will like that even more."

"yes Master" she replied.

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Would love to help with that fantasy.
I'm dom, strong and I'm sure you'd
be comfortable with me.
I know I'd be comfortable with you.

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