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  By: paperman83

Josh sat at his house in boredom.  All he could think about was the feel of newspaper placed around his naked chest with a broadsheet wrapped around his hard cock.  But after years of having this fetish, he wanted to try something new.  Add a little kink and spice to his daily activity.  So he went to the store and purchased a crisp newspaper off the news stand and headed for the library.

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Once at the library, he scoped around to find a hidden dark spot to sit quietly with his newspaper in hand.  The upstairs half of the library seemed to be the best place.  He glanced at each of the librarians, while waiting till night time to begin.  Then as the shift changed for the librarians, one special book lover walked in and stood at the checkout desk.  Her beautiful complexion with her petite body with full, long hair was perfect.  She had her reading glasses on, which topped it off for Josh’s sexual fantasy.  He quickly glanced around the room to make sure everyone was gone from the top floor and then started to unzip his pants.  After fully exposing himself, he then took off his shirt. He then opened his newspaper and selected a page from the pile to place it over his hardened nipple chest.

He played with his nipples through the newspaper, making his cock aroused.  Then while starring at the attractive librarian, he grabbed a broadsheet of newspaper and placed up upon his fully hardened cock.  Slowly, he began to rub the sheet of newspaper on top of it.  Back and forth, gripping his cock with the page and stretching it out.  Releasing his grip and continuing to rub the page against his shaft.  He continued to stare at the librarian, while she stood at the checkout with her eyes focused on a puzzle inside of her own newspaper. 

This made josh even more aroused. He began to day dream, as he closed his eyes to picture a perfect moment.  In his fantasy, he could see the librarian walking towards him, naked and holding the newspaper to her chest.  Her paper wasn’t long enough to cover up the view of a perfectly groomed pussy.  She would walk up next to him and ask him to debate a story she had just read about, then tell him to forget as she knew he had other things on his mind.  She would sit at the table with her chair pulled out to give him a good side view of her fully naked body.  She would pretend to read the newspaper while glancing at him and giggling, before returning to her own newspaper.  She would glance at him with a smile and place the newspaper upon her chest and playfully laugh.  And with a serious look upon her, she would run the newspaper down over her breasts. 

Josh could imagine her soft moaning, as she would open her legs to allow passage of the newspaper to glide over her pussy. She would rub her lips with the paper, slowly and passionately.

Just as Josh started to realize he was getting carried away, he opened his eyes.  The quick image of the naked librarian would say, “No! Don’t go”.  Josh quickly looked towards the front desk to find that the librarian was not standing there, anymore.  He threw up his arm to see the time on his watch and saw that there was about 10 minutes left, till the library had to close.  In a panic, he tried to pull up his pants, but it was too late.  “Sir? Sire, we are about to close in 10 minutes”.   The librarian now stood at his backside, starring at the site of Josh sitting down in his chair, completely naked with the newspaper spread out all over him.  Josh, in embarrassment, hurried to get dressed, but the librarian insisted he need not to worry.  “I’ve worked here for 4 years. 

Every day, same rules: Keep the library quiet and make customers happy.  How boring”.  She said.  “Now, I don’t hear anyone except us, tonight.  And if I let you go without finishing your business, then I’d be left with an unsatisfied customer.  And that wouldn’t make me a good and naughty librarian, now would it”?  “I’ll let you finish, under one condition: You let me watch you”.

The librarian took two sheets of newspaper and placed them over the chair for Josh to sit on.  His skin quickly molded to the page as it wrinkled at the sides.  His shaved balls rested on top of the newspaper he sat upon.  Then the librarian grabbed another full sheet of newspaper and walked towards the back of Josh’s chair, throwing her arms around Josh’s shoulders.  Her hands were placed at the middle of the page, as she slowly moved them towards the sides and then off Josh’s chest.  Then she grabbed his used newspaper and looked at it.  Intrigued, she said “Hmm… I would have used the sports page. But carry on”.  She then, smacked Josh’s fully erect penis with the used newspaper and glided it along his shaft.  Then she laid the page over his shaft, like a newspaper wrack.  Josh began to slowly rub his hard cock with the newspaper.  

“By the way, my name is Gloria. Pleased to meet you”.  Gloria starred at Josh, while she spread the rest of the newspaper out on the table.  And when she was done, she started to undress herself, slowly allowing her dress to fall to the floor.  Leaving her glasses on, she began to lay face down, on top of the newspapers that she spread over the table.  She posed gracefully over the newspapers, so that Josh could have a view of her.  He began to rub his newspaper into his cock, harder and harder.  Gloria picked up a sheet of newspaper and like in Josh’s day dream she would pretend to read it. She glanced at him, while he stroked his hard cock with the newspaper.  And then, she rolled to her side, placing the newspaper to her chest and caressing her breasts with it.  Rubbing the newspaper over her nipples, till she slowly ran the paper down to her pussy.  She started to rub herself hard.  

Josh watched Gloria’s every move, as he stroked his cock wrapped with newspaper.  He stroked faster and harder.  His heart pounded with every stroke, to the site of Gloria’s embrace of the newspaper she passionately rubbed herself with.  Josh’s cock soon exploded with his cum gushing out like a volcano. His cum quickly soaked into the words of the newspaper.  “Come over here, quickly!  Lay your newspaper over my breasts”!  Gloria demanded of Josh.  He immediately stood from his chair and unwrapped the cum soaked newspaper from his cock.  Then he placed it on top of Gloria’s breasts.  She demanded that he sit on top of her breasts, so she could suck on his cock.

  He jumped to the table and placed his knees to her under arms. Then pushing his self forward, Gloria wrapped her mouth around his shaft, sucking him hard.  The taste of newspaper and cum filled her mouth, as she continued to rub her pussy with the newspaper.  Josh could feel the tingling sensation from every moan that Gloria let out with her voice.  Gloria let out one last long and hard moan, as she had finished.

Josh and Gloria had gotten up from the table and peeled the soaked newspapers from their bodies.  Gloria grabbed Josh’s arm to look at the time. They were 25 minutes late for closing the library.  They had quickly dressed and grabbed the newspapers from the table, before heading out to the back parking lot.  Gloria threw the newspapers in the dumpster and walk over to Josh.  “You know, I had a lot of fun, tonight!  It was the best night I’ve had in 4 years!  But what you didn’t know, is that I was watching you the whole time, from the checkout desk”.  Gloria admitted. 

“How about same time, tomorrow”? Josh asked.  And then Gloria responded, “You bet that tight ass of yours”!  Then they both got into their cars and drove away.  The next morning, however, would be the funniest thing when the head librarian had opened up the library and found a torn piece of newspaper with Josh’s phone number on it.  The head librarian threw the phone number in the trash and went back to work.               

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