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So it was a very long week at work and one I would love to forget.  You knew how tired I was and how unhappy I was about work issues, so by the time Thursday night came around, the last thing I wanted to do was go out.  But you insisted.

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You said’ “honey, go take a shower and then go onto the bedroom.  I laid out some clothes for you to wear on the bed.”

I smiled up at you and rolled my eyes.  The last time you laid out clothes for me I wasn’t wearing very much.   You pulled me up off the couch and swatted my ass with one last, “humor me honey” comment.

I showered quickly and let my long brown hair curl naturally.  Took my time adding some mascara and eye liner,  a touch of lip gloss and then walked into the bedroom to see what you expected me to wear.    On my side of the bed lay a this white pillow top dress- tied around the neck, plunging neckline and the shortest lil dress I would ever wear.    I laughed thinking about myself in it but if this is what  you wanted, I would wear it. 

I slipped the dress on and it felt incredible.  I didn’t put a bra or panties on knowing that’s how you like me.    Easier access and well as always it got down to us being naked.   I strapped on my heels and walked out in the living room.    You were standing there- rock hard in your jeans and you gave me the once over and just whistled.  I grabbed your hand and said, “I love the way this dress moves.”

You pulled back and said, “I am gonna love the way I move inside you tonight.”  I pulled you into me for a kiss. 

You grabbed my hand and we got into your truck.  You watched as I attempted to climb up into your truck and you reached out with your hands, to help lift me into the truck by touching my ass. One of your hands slipped up my skirt and just skimmed my slit.  I looked at you and smiled.  You walked over to your side of the truck and slid in.   I moved closer to you and just rested my hand on your thigh.

You leaned over me and asked me to put a blindfold on.  “Trust me?”

You already knew the answer to this and I just said, “of course baby”.  You kissed me and slipped the blindfold over my eyes and off we went.

You were singing to me while I rested my head against your shoulder.  I wondered where you were taking me but it didn’t really matter as I trusted you completely.

When the truck stopped, you reached for my hand and pulled me gently out of the truck.  Your hand cupped my breast and your touch was a little rougher.  You pushed your body against mine and whispered, “Tonight I own your ass.”

I moaned as your rock hard cock pushed against me and my lil dress. You pulled away and grabbed my hand-pulling me away from the car.  I couldn’t see anything as you navigated us into a building. I could hear music, I could smell alcohol and maybe even just faintly the smell of sex.

You pulled me towards you and said “Now be a good girl and let the feelings take you.”

We walked through a loud room into a quieter room.   You sat me down on a couch and said, “Don’t peek baby. I will be right back.”

Peek I thought to myself, I cant see under the blindfold and it was just darkness.   I could sense someone was in the room with me though and I knew it wasn’t Kevin.   “Is someone there?” I asked.  But no one answered.  I could hear someone moving around the room though.

I felt a hand slide up my leg, and move my thighs apart.  Gentle was this touch and the hand felt like a females touch.  I relaxed and let my legs part.  I could feel this person kneel before me and begin to kiss my inner thighs and pry my legs further apart. 

I felt another pair of hands reach around me and pull me back on the couch.  These hands reached around and grabbed both of my tits a little harder.  The sensations of gentle kisses on my thighs and the rougher touch on my boobs, intrigued me.

I could feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples hardening.   My dress was being pulled apart and the hands on my boobs were caressing, squeezing and pinching while the kissing of my inner thighs turned into licking of my slit.  My legs were pushed open wider and there was a tongue on my clit- wrapping itself around my sweet lil nub  and sucking on it- ever so gently.  My nipples were hard and the pinching was almost painful but yet so incredible.

I could feel heavy breathing on my ear lobe and then a tongue flicking my ear.  This was hard bites and quick licks on my ear.  Deep breathes that were full of wanton expectations.  My hair was moved to the side and then the hand slipping down over my breasts and over my stomach.   That same hand found the back of the head that was licking my pussy ever so gentle and was pushing the face into my pussy.  The I finally heard a voice that commanded, “eat her pussy harder.”  It was a woman and she was telling this gentle soul who was licking me to lick harder.
  My head was spinning- I knew Kevin had to be near watching, waiting, maybe even stroking his cock.

I could feel the woman directing this show.  She walked around to the front of me and the next thing I knew, she smacked what I could only assume was the ass of the women eating out my pussy.  The woman licking me,  stopped licking and moaned aloud.  The woman smacked her ass again and said sternly, “Did I tell you to stop licking?  Now finger her pussy while you suck her clit.”

The girl licking me, pulled me down further on the couch and hiked my dress up a little more and I could hear her lick her fingers and slip one inside my pussy.  It felt incredible.  She was fingering me with one finger and sucking on my clit with her tongue.

I then heard the sounds of a vibrator and wasn’t sure what or where but I could care less- my pussy was wet and my clit was hard.  I could feel the vibrator come closer to me and heard the woman say, “open your mouth.”  I opened my mouth and she slipped a vibe in my mouth.  “Suck on it” was her command.   I did and after a few she pulled it out of my mouth and I thought I could hear her fucking herself with the vibrator.  She was moaning and that’s when she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips.  “I want to taste you,” she whispered.

She pulled the other girl off me and all I could hear were kissing sounds.  By tasting me, she meant on the lips of the girl eating me out.    This was hot. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear well and could just about smell that sex was in the air.

I was pretty sure  Kevin was watching and enjoying…..but I wanted more.  I slipped my hand down to my pussy and began to play with myself.  I wasn’t sure if anyone was watching me or not but my pussy was wet and my clit was throbbing.  As I was playing with my pussy with two of my fingers, rubbing my clit and slipping them in and out,  someone untied my dress and it fell onto my lap.  This didn’t stop me from playing but gave me a clear indication that someone was going to play with my tits.

   Then I felt the vibrator on my nipple and when it was turned on, the buzzing just made me play with my pussy faster.  So a vibrator buzzing on my left breast, the mouth of someone sucking on my right nipple, my fingers rubbing my pussy fast and Kevin watching with his ram hard cock somewhere near.   This was starting to make me forget all about my week.

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