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You leave your hand resting on my thigh. The tips of your fingers are just under the hemline of my dress, only centimeters from my already wet pussy. I wonder if you can feel the heat my body is giving off. Surely, you must know the way my body is reacting to your simple touch.



Turning your body towards mine, you lean over to kiss my lips. As my mouth opens under the gentle pressure of your lips, our tongues meet and they begin to caress each other. The longer our mouths are kissing so passionately, the harder it is for me to stay still. I want to take your hand and move it those last few centimeters to touch me. I am aching for your fingers to be inside of me. It takes all of my will power not to scoot down and force your fingers to pleasure me.



 Moaning, I whisper, "Touch me, touch me now".



Anticipation finally over, your fingers move that small distance and I feel your fingertips caressing the outer lips of my pussy. Just that afternoon, I shaved the hair from that area. I know that is what you like. The feel of skin on skin is extremely erotic.


As though possessing a mind of their own, my legs separate, giving you better access to what you seek. I feel your fingers as they slide into my wetness. They become slick with my pussy juice as they begin to slide in and out of me. First one finger, then two, and then finally, you insert three fingers. Breathlessly, I tell you how wonderful that feels as your fingers discover my clit. By this time, I am so sensitized by what you're doing, that my hips reflexively jerk off the seat.  



Our eyes meet as your fingers bring me closer and closer to orgasm. Your fingers are stroking my clit now in a steady rhythm. I am so wet now, so slick, so slippery, and your fingers are using that to their full advantage. My legs are spread wide open now, giving you full access. My hips pump up and down on the seat, mindlessly fucking your fingers, as I begin to cum. I don't even make an attempt to be quiet as this tremendous flood of sensation overpowers my body. As my body begins to return to semi normal, I push you back on the seat, lean over, and slide down the zipper on your trousers. I reach my hand into your pants and pull out your very hard cock.

Wrapping my hand around you, I begin to stroke you, I lean over and slide your cock into my wet, warm mouth. Just the head at first, and then more and more goes into my mouth until I have you buried to the back of my throat. Moving my head up and down, I begin to fuck you with my mouth. I know you are in heaven as you throw your head back and your hand goes to the back of my head, guiding me, showing me just how fast you want me to suck your cock.



I hear you moan my name....Sunny.....mmmmmmmmm. I really get into what is going on. My hand strokes you up and down, as my mouth sucks the very breath out of your body. Your hips are bucking wildly under me. Your hands clutching the hair on the back of my head, forcing my head up and down in a faster rhythm, sliding your cock in and out of my mouth, over and over. Your cock slides deeper and deeper down my throat with every desperate thrust.



Finally, unable to bear this any longer, you reach over and pull me quickly onto your lap, impaling me on your rock hard, eight-inch cock. Your hands on my hips help set the frenzied pace.   Sliding down on your dick as hard as I can, I bury you inside of me. Pressing downward with all my strength, I grind your cock into me as deeply as I can before I slide back up and back down again, fucking you as though my life depended on it. Over and over, up and down, in and out, deeper and deeper, I mindlessly drive you closer and closer to that moment of release.    As your orgasm engulfs you, you throw your head back, frantically gasping for every breath. Watching you lose control triggers my own release, and we reach that ultimate plateau together. Panting for every breath, I slip off of your lap and fix my dress.




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buster Simply hot... Mmmmm

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