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  By: krisse7777

   Standing on the edge of a small stage, I look at the five rows of wooden chairs lining up beside each other, four in a row. Knowing what is going to take place in this room, I feel my pussy starting to throb. Sitting down on the black velvet cover chair that is in front, I wait patiently.

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A few minutes later, a group of men strolls in and stares at me with lust in their eyes as they take their seats.  Finally when the last man sits down, the room goes dark and a spot light shines on me while the music begins to play.

Dress only in a pink garter belt and matching tights, I am sitting up straight, slightly arching my back as one arm behind me and the other covering  my expose breasts. My legs are press together and my head is lower to my shoulder looking shy. Without moving my head, I place my tan hand that is behind my back, lie it on my right thigh and crawl my fingers slowly to unfasten the right garter belt and doing the same thing to the other one.  

Now looking at my audience, I remove my arm that is over my C cup perky tits, bend each leg one at a time and seductively rolling off my stocking. Leaning back, I bring my legs straight up in the air, open them wide to present my shave cunt and bring them down to each side. My index finger goes in my mouth and I glide my tongue around it as if I was licking a stiff cock. 

Spreading my pussy lips open with my fingers, the men can see how wet I am as I feel the secretion running out of my hole and down to my ass. Taking two fingers I dip into my moist, pushing it in and out, moaning at the sensation and then move it up to my swollen clit. Over and over again I slide in my fingers then rub it in a circular motion on my nub as I look at them, groaning loudly.  

Back of the room I see a man standing near the wall with his dick in his hand and stroking it in the rhythm of my fingers as if he is fucking me. Knowing there is no masturbating allow during the production, I get extremely turned on as he watches me. He licks his lips as I caress my mounts, pulling my nipples and roll them between my fingers while I continue to play with myself.  

Feeling very arouse at this point, I reach behind me and retrieve a purple dildo that is curve on top and place it in front of my mouth. I take my pink tongue, lick around the head first then up and down the length of the hard prick, pretending it is the stranger’s cock in my hand. Sighing, I put it all the way in my mouth and suck it as I swirl my tongue over the shaft, fingers still on my pussy.

 I hear grunts as I deep throat my toy, making a slurping noises and noticing the men are grabbing and rubbing their crotches through their pants as I suck faster. While my attention is still on the stranger, I put the dildo between my tits, squeeze them together and fuck my breasts. I put the head in my mouth as it comes up, making it slip easily in my cleavage. 

Getting up I turn around and wiggle my nice firm ass, put one leg on the chair, moist my finger in my cunt and start rubbing my ass hole. I slowly push the dick inside my anus and I can feel it stretch as I take all of the stiff rod in, watching the guys. In and out it goes, faster and faster.

My moans grow louder as I thrust my hips back and forth harder against the prick, feeling it push deep inside me. Looking among the crowd I say, “Oh my God. That’s right baby, fuck that tight ass harder.” Some men growl and pants as they climax in their trousers, watching me.  

Sitting on the chair again, I face the people, first put the dick in my mouth and then plunge it in my drooling pussy. I fuck myself, grabbing and licking my nipples as I hit my g spot. I can feel myself clenching around the dildo as the tension start to build. Seeing my stranger still jerking himself off, I focus on him as I ram the cock inside me. Deeper and deeper the purple toy goes, twisting it as I move it faster.  

My juices begin to roll down my hand as I hold his gaze, pumping harder and picking up the speed. I see him leaning against the wall now as he strokes his cock, in sync with my movement and he mouths out to me “Come with me.” Knowing he is about to climax, it brings my own release and I scream “I’m gonna come” then squirt my cum out, body shaking from the powerful orgasm. 

A rang of grunts and shouts floats through the air as many of my audience shoot their own load in their pants. A few minutes later, the music stops and the spot lights turns off. The lights came on and still trembling, I look around to see if I can spot the stranger as everybody is making their way to the exit. However, all I see are happy men grinning as they leave, licking their lips as they look at me. 

Feeling disappointed for not finding my mysterious fellow, I reach for the towel that is on the floor beside my chair and is about to clean myself off when I hear, “Don’t.” Startled, I look around the room and see my stranger walking towards me. “I love seeing your cum on your pussy.” He climbs onto the stage and stands in front of me. 

With his dick hanging out of his zipper, I can see it pulsing and jumping as his own cum dripping from it. I lick my lips and reach for it, wanting to taste him when he stops my hand. Confuse, I look up at him and he smiles at me. “Not yet baby. I want to taste your pussy first and see if I can make you cum harder.”  

He pulls me off the chair and lies me down on the carpet floor. He kneels down, spread my legs apart and places them over his shoulder as he buries his head between them. He inhales in my scent. “God you smells nice” he comments and licks around my pussy lips, darting his tongue in my hole “and you taste good too.” Looking up at me, his says “Now it’s your turn to watch me. I want you to watch me as I eat your pussy.”


I did what his asks, propping myself up on my elbows and my cunt starts to ache in anticipation of watching him. He dips his head back in my pussy and he starts eating me out. Seeing my lips over his mouth as he moves his head, I moan at the sight. He licks my clit, taking his time as he goes up and down over it in a steady pace.  

As I continue to watch him, he gently nips my clit, then sucks it as he proceeds on his licking. He sticks one finger in my cunt, fucking it and when he takes it out, I whimper, wanting it back inside me. He takes that wet finger, rubs my ass hole with it then sticks it in. I groan as he pushes it and move his hand around. Taking another finger, he puts it in my pussy and I gasp at the sensation of the fingers fucking both my wet holes. In and out they go, harder and faster.


He looks up at me as he fingering and eating me out. Staring at him as he devours me, I thrust my hips and grind in his mouth, wanting him to pick up his tempo. He obliges and with quivering hands, I open my pussy lips wider to get a better view then pant, “Don’t stop, I’m coming.” He increases his movements, sucking hard and licking faster on my clit as he rams his fingers inside. 

“OH FUCK” I yell, holding his head and coming in his mouth. Can’t take it anymore, I try to push his head to stop but he wraps his arm around my waist and holds me there as he continues to finger fuck me and lick my pussy. Squirming around from the torment, I try to push him away again from the intensity of the tension. However, since I am still weak and sensitive from all the orgasms I had tonight, another one came swiftly and again I climax, very quickly.

  Finally feeling satisfy, he pulls away and I can see my juices all over his mouth and running down his chin. He grins at me as he wipes his face and smiling back, I pull him down towards me. Taking off his shirt and lying him on his back, I say in a raspy voice, “Now it is my turn to make you cum.”          

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greenbird33 Very fine story. Thanks.
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WTF? Never mind! Super hot!
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Okay, the rest of my comment disappeared. It went: ..."
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Holy fuck, I'm panting

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