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  By: sunny0

My fantasy has everything to do with my sexual equal…..Kevin.  The best part about fantasizing with Kevin is that he will do almost anything to make it come true. 

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 I came home from a long day at work and needed to unwind.  I spent part of the day texting Kevin and boy was I turned on.  He knew I would be waiting at home in bed naked waiting for him…so I wanted to take a shower and let myself play.  The feelings of arousal that Kevin worked me up to had me horny as hell.  Standing naked in the shower, I began to think about Kevin pinching one of my nipples and his mouth sucking on the other.  Working the soap over my boobs I was really getting into it.  I took the shower spray nozzle and let it hit my pussy directly knowing that I couldn’t wait for Kevin to slip his fingers in me, one at a time….then a second and finally a third with me pushing against his hand until he made me cum.  Getting this out in the shower before Kevin got home, relaxed me.

 I went and laid naked in our bed….anticipating his arrival very soon. I took a few of our toys out- a purple vibrator, a bullet, a cock ring…never sure what would be our pleasure.  I could hear his truck pull up and I swear my pussy began to pool with wetness at the sound of his truck.  He came into the house and yelled for me- I knew he would find me.  He stood in the doorway and smiled at me- his cock super hard in his jeans.  I knew how swollen his nuts were and knew how much he wanted to nut all over me.  He pulled his shirt over his head and walked towards the bed where my legs were spread and he could see the glistening of my wetness on my pussy lips.  His hands gripped my legs hard and spread them wider- his mouth attacked my inner thighs and kissed his way up until he darted his tongue in, then licked from the bottom of my pussy to the top….I was squealing in delight.

I could feel Kevin’s tongue curl around my clit and then felt his finger slide inside of me.    He was really pushing his fingers inside me and I could sense some sort of urgency with Kevin.  He was burying his head in my pussy and licking like a champion.    I pulled him up and wanted to taste my pussy on him.  He slipped his tongue in my mouth and my hands went for the button on his jeans.  I knew for certain that his cock needed just as much attention. 

I pulled his jeans down as far as I could get them and heard him laugh.  He pushed his jeans the rest of the way down and I could feel the tip of his cock pushing against me.  I opened my pussy lips and begged with my eyes for him to take me.  He kissed the tip of my nose and whispered, “soon enough baby.”
As his lips closed on mine, his cock pushed into me. I could feel my tight wet pussy close in on it and squeeze him deeper inside of me.    He pushed against me hard and pulled out quickly only to drive in further.  I could match his pace and wrapped my legs around him so I could take some control.  His nuts were banging against my ass and all I could think about was sucking on them and tasting him.

He whispered to me, “if you cum like  good girl, I have a gift for you.”    My mind started to wander- a gift….a new toy?  Was he going to play with my ass?  Did he buy me something?   I could feel a tug on my hair and looked up at him.  My eyes were begging him to just own me.  I wanted to feel him cum inside of me- and I wanted my gift.

Kevin came hard deep inside of me and my pussy juices mixed with his cum.  He pulled his cock out and I reached out to him so I could lick him clean.  My hands gently touching his balls and licking and sucking them clean.     He touched the side of my face and slowly got out of bed.  He walked to the door and made a motion with his hands.

Standing next to him was this beautiful long haired red head with a full chest.  He directed her to lick me clean as he went to take a shower.   “Oh yeah babe-she is your gift.”

  This incredibly hot red head stood naked in front of me and walked towards the edge of the bed.  It was a little déjà' vu- she walked to the bed and grabbed my legs a lot less rougher then Kevin did and made her way up my legs with her lips.  She kissed my ankles, my calves, behind my knees and finally my inner thighs.  She slowly spread my puffy pussy lips and began to suck on them with her mouth.  The moan that escaped my throat was soft yet begged for her to continue.  She licked so emphatically almost as if she didn’t want to miss a spot.  I could feel her tongue slip inside of me and scoop out some of Kevin’s cum.  She crawled up my body and spit it on my nipple.  Then she proceeded to lick and suck on my nipple while rubbing Kevin’s love juices into my skin.  

 I pulled her up to kiss me and she said pulled back-looking at me.  She smiled and then slipped her tongue back into my pussy and pulled more of Kevin’s cum out and crawled back up my body and shared it with me by kissing.    Just at that moment, I knew Kevin had come back into the room.  He began stroking his cock while this fiery red head and I were kissing.  Kevin directed her to clean up my pussy more. She smiled at me and went back to licking out my pussy.  I knew this night wasn’t over but that’s another fantasy waiting to happen.

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Soohard08    (2010-10-30 21:25:11)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 i wish it was me having a cunt ,and a gift like yours.
buster    (2010-10-30 13:34:44)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Heyhey! Loved it... I was just peeping but now you got me all hot... How can I get back to work like this... Hmmm...

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