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 Office parties are so boring.Every one is the same old routine.The annoying people at work are even more annoying after they have had a few drinks.The diva's think that they are even more of God's gift. And the men all think that their dicks are made of gold.But we always go because it just looks good to show up.


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So here I am again. Only this year I am alone and single.I am always horny as fuck but,I just can't seem to find a good partner lately.I know that I could walk up to any one of these guys,just rub against them and they would go screw my brains out.That is not what I am looking for. No,tonight I have a strong desire for some steamy hot pussy. Fat chance of finding any of that here though.There is not one person that I work with that I have ever wanted to fuck.Not even close.
Well, I have made my appearance and I am now thinking of going home and fucking the twins,lefty and righty.This year the party is at my boss's house. The deck looks inviting,so I decide to have one more drink and check out the view before departing. Wouldn't you know it.As soon as I walk out to the deck here comes Brighton,the guy who thinks he is the office stud. Ha! He tries to start a conversation. I hear him,but I am not listening.And then...I saw her.
The most drop dead gorgeous woman that I have seen in a long time!There she stood with this long blonde hair,the most mesmerizing blue eyes I have ever seen,lips that you just want to kiss all night and a body to die for.Who was she.I don't ever remember seeing her at work.That I would not forget.Was she a new gal? Was she here with someone?Although I was in my forties and she looked about 26,I just had to meet this woman.
I made my way toward her thinking of what to say along the way."Quite a boring party,huh?"I asked."Yes. they all are."she answered.Hmmm...they all are?So this was not her first.
How could I have missed seeing such a beautiful woman at one of these parties before? "How would you like to go listen to some real music?" she asked."I would like that"I responded."Follow me ,she said with a smile. I followed her into the house and up the stairs.Where the hell is she going ,i wondered.I thought she meant that we were going to leave.We walked down this long hallway to a door on the right.I hoped no one saw us going into these peoples rooms! She opened the door and led me in.Inside was one of the biggest sound systems that I had ever seen.I also noticed a huge bed in the corner of the room.I suggested that we should probably not be in these peoples room.
She laughed and asked "Why not?It is my room." "Your room?'' "Yes.I am Heather.Rick is my father."OMG...I am in my boss's daughter's bedroom! "Maybe I should go."I stated."What's your hurry?" she asked as she pulled me toward her and pressed her lips against mine.Oh fuck,my pussy was throbbing.Mostly because of her but I think also because of the risk of getting caught! "What's you name?"she asked. "Lisa"I told her ,thinking that I was probably going to lose my job over this , but screw it. I didn't care.I was not turning this down. She turned and walked away towards the sound system.I watched her firm tight ass and thought of all that I wanted to do to it.
She turned on some music,turned toward me and dropped her skirt to the floor. She then walked toward me unbuttoning her blouse more and more with each step.As she reached me ,her blouse was also thrown to the floor.She stood in her matching red silk bra and panties,pressing her tongue between my lips,into my mouth. I grabbed that tight ass and squeezed hard as I proceeded to remove her panties. I then moved my hands up to undo her bra and release her awsome white breasts. Her nipples were hard and so inviting.I couldn't help to keep staring at them,or her for that matter She was so very attractive.

As she began to undress me, I slid my hand between her legs.Oh yes.that pussy was soaked.I could not wait to taste it. She continued to undress me as I slid my fingers inside of her as far as I was able to.I loved the feel of her wetness dripping on my fingers as I slid them in and out of her.Her moans told me she was enjoying it as well.
She then pulled me toward her bed.I lay on top of her caressing and sucking on her lovely soft breasts. I notice her reach inside of her drawer beside her bed.She pulls out some nylons."Tie me up." she begs
I tie both of her hands to each side of her bedposts.Nice and snug so that she will not be able to pull free."I am yours to do with whatever you wish.Mmmm baby! I put my hand behind her head and grab a handful of that beautiful blonde hair and pull it tight,causing her head to tilt back.She let's out a moan of pleasure.I then straddle her face and demand she eat my dripping wet pussy.Fuck yes! Her tongue seems to be doing somersaults inside of my vagina.I am rubbing my pussy up and down over her mouth,Up and down,yes. I am literally fucking her face as I continue to pull her hair tight.
She asks me to pull it harder please.I feel myself reaching climax.I order her to lick up and not miss a drop of my cum.I tell her that she can not stop until she completely eats me out. When I think that she has sucked and licked all that she possibly can,I move my mouth over her breasts and down to her swollen throbbing cunt. I lick it so gently,barely touching it with my tongue,making her twich and scream with anticipation."FUCK ME NOW!" she screams out. "Shut the fuck up. I will fuck you when I am ready to fuck you" I tell her.I can tell that she likes this.
I lift up her ass and put her legs over my shoulders as I ram my finger up her ass. She screams from the pain and the pleasure.I slide my finger in and out of her asshole as I slowly slide another one in. Her face is full of agony and delight.As I finger her ass,I shove my tongue deep inside of that hot ,hot pussy.I am pushing in and out of her and sucking on that clit.Her legs are wrapped tightly around my neck.She is thrusting wildly.Her breasts are bouncing with her every movement,nipples rock hard.She pleads with me to untie her ,but I do not.I can tell she is about ready to cum,so I lower her down,climb on top of her,and rub my pussy on hers,mixing our juices well.
She is pulling her arms tight trying to release herself from my restraints.Our pussies are pulling hard against themselves.She is moaning uncontrollingly and loudly now. She informs me that she is about to cum.I quickly move my mouth down on her just in time to get a mouthful of her sweet cum Mmmm...tasty.Ohhh HEATHER!I reach up and untie her wrists.I go back down on her making sure to get every last sweet drop. She pushes my head down hard on her mound.

It is late now. Most of the guests have gone.I get dressed and she shows me a back exit from the residence.I smack her ass hard as I am leaving."Nice meeting you Heather."
Damn...I can't wait for the Christmas party 'cumming' up!!!

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BOAGRIAS    (2011-08-07 21:55:32)    Flag as inappropiate
BOAGRIAS "Her tongue seems to be doing somersaults inside of my vagina" love that line :)
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 15:23:25)    Flag as inappropiate
Nice! Very hot! :)
Soohard08    (2010-10-30 05:25:11)    Flag as inappropiate
Soohard08 Absolutly awesome. Thanks for your holy bibel off sex stories.
jeb56    (2010-10-24 17:07:37)    Flag as inappropiate
Mmm, love reading stories from an adventurous woman's point of view. Very arousing.

sexNsane    (2010-10-23 17:25:53)    Flag as inappropiate
sexNsane Thank you,Buster.
buster    (2010-10-21 22:10:11)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Loved it! Every drop of it mmmmmm... Sure made me wanna touch myself...

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