"Your Fetish Is My Command" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 5 years ago    

  By: paperman83

Christina came home after a good day at the office. Her boyfriend, Josh, was sitting at the dinner table, naked and reading the newspaper. Christina always thought it was funny, but could never understand why Josh liked to do this so much. She knew he liked the idea of an attractive woman wearing glasses and reading the newspaper, but this was something else. As time progressed in their relationship, she grew accepting of this odd fetish of his. She would sit with him everyday with her reading glasses on and read the newspaper. Every now and then, glanceing at him and smileing.

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The Naughty Meter

                                   The next day at the office, Christina sat at her desk in boredom. Her work was complete and she only had an hour left. Watching the clock, she decided to pick up the newspaper from the corner of her desk and began to read it. She could not concentrate, due to her mind wandering off. Her grip on the newspaper she was holding slipped, makeing the paper fall to her lap and brush upon her smooth legs, before falling to the floor. Then, she started to fantasize, thinking about Josh and his fetish. Then ideas came rushing through her thoughts. Ideas that she knew would excite her, just as much as they would for Josh. In her fantasy, she saw Josh naked and reading the newspaper. Her eyes drifted from the expression on his face, then down towards his cock. she examined the way the newspaper rested upon his naked skin, wrapped around his hardened cock. Oh the thoughts that rushed through her mind, of the wonderful things she could and would do to Josh with his newspaper fetish. She knew she could not wait for her shift to be over.

                              She drove to the nearest convenient store to purchase more copies of the newspaper, before rushing home. Her plan was to get home before Josh, so she can prepare for the big surprise. She purchased 6 copies and stood in line. While at the register to purchase the papers, the clerk asked her why she needed so many newspapers. She replied, "they are for an art project". She winked and headed out the door. Christina got home an hour before Josh, as he was working late that night. She walked in and headed straight to the bedroom to prepare, then into the shower. As her shower ended, she rushed to the dinner table minutes before Josh came in the door. She looked up at him and gave him a wide smile, knowing he was in for a great time. Knowing he was unaware of the things she had planned, instore for him.

                               Josh walked into the door and saw Christina sitting at the table. She tells him not to go into the bedroom, just yet. So he walked to the bathroom to take a shower. After his shower, he left his clothes laying on the bathroom floor and proceeded to the kitchen table. As he approached the table, he stood there in surprise. Christina 'was' fully dressed, when he walked into the front door. However, now she sat in her usual chair, naked with her reading glasses on and holding the newspaper. Only pretending to read, for Josh's arousel. His eyes grew in excitement to see her takeing part in his fetish. Little did she know, this was one of his fantasies. 

                           Josh sat down smileing toward the site of Christina. Never before had she done this and it caught his attention, real quick. He picked up his own copy of the newspaper and began to read. He found it hard to concentrate, thinking of all the things he wanted to do with her, at the moment. He cleared his throat and sent a smile towards Christina. She glanced at his hardened cock through the glass table. Then with a kinkish grin, she glanced at him for a second before attending to her newspaper. She noticed how the newspaper rested upon his hardened cock, just like in her fantasy. His face had a look that told her he could barely contain the pre-cum, comeing from the tip of his penis. She knew it was time for the big surprise.

                          Christina stood up from her chair with her newspaper in hand and walked over to Josh's back. "Stand up, my lover! It's time I taught you a lesson!". Josh stood in curiousity. Christina reopened her newspaper and laid it down on top of the glass table, infront of Josh. She then grabbed a set of red furry hand cuffs and proceeded to hand cuff Josh. She grabs his hardened cock and says, "You have the right to remain hard! Anything you want, can and will be held against your hard cock!". Then she ordered him to bend over the table and place his chest upon the spread out newspaper. Christina then grabs a roll of tape and a broad sheet newspaper, then ducks under the table. She grabbed his hard cock and wrapped it up in with the newspaper, then she took the tape and taped his newspaper wrapped cock to the underside of the glass table.

                         Christina made sure Josh was in place and secure, before heading back to the table to perform the following step in the fantasy. She grabbed a few more sheets of newspaper from the table. Takeing a full sheet from the pile, she wrapped it around Josh's head. Tapeing it around his head and ripping a small breatheing hole. Then she reached for a few more newspapers and folded them up into a whip. She returns to Josh's backside and says, "You've been a naughty boy! Allow me to be your teacher! Today's current event: boyfriend gets naked spankin' with a newspaper". She proceeded to smack Josh's naked ass with the folded up newspaper. Every swat causeing Josh to push his cock in and out of the newspaper taped to the underside of the table. He moaned in excitement. She smacked his ass harder and harder, pushing him deeper and deeper inside the newspaper.

                           After the newspaper spanking, Christina untaped the newspaper wrapped around his hard cock and re-taped it tightly around his penis. "I don't want you going soft on me now, do I?". she says to him. "No", Josh replied. "You will address your teacher as ma'am! NOW! No, what?", she demanded. "No, ma'am!", Josh replied. "That's real good! Your teacher is pleased, now!", she says to Josh. Christina then pulled Josh back from the table and stands him upward. she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his lips through the newspaper. She could hear and feel his heavy breatheing as his breath pushed against the newspaper. With Josh's face and cock still wrapped up in newspaper, Christina lead him to the bedroom for the next surprise. 

                          When they walked into the bedroom, Christina stood Josh by the end of the bed and faced him towards her. She kept him cuffed and wrapped up, till she was done prepareing for the next surprise. When she was ready, she wildly ripped the newspaper off his face and uncuffed him. Then she pushed him onto the bed. The bed was covered in newspaper. The newspaper wrapped around his naked ass. He looked at her in amazement to see her wearing a newspaper made mini skirt and her breasts completely wrapped up with newspaper, as well. She looked like a naughty private school girl. Her newspaper outfit reminded him of the plad skirts that the  girls would wear in a spanking porno. 

                                She grabbed his hands and places them upon the sides of her newspaper skirt. Slowly guiding him to the front of the newspaper, toward her pussy. She felt his hands and fingers cupping her pussy caressing her lips and clit through the newspaper. She moved his hands up to her newspaper wrapped breasts. He ran his hands slowly and softly over the paper, then he began to grope them. Squeezing the newspaper against her breasts. She then pushed him to lay down on top of the newspaper spread out on the bed. And with her newspaper skirt on, she unwrapped the newspaper from his hardened cock. "I see you are still hard. Time to milk them blue balls of yours!", she said with a smile. "Yes ma'am!", Josh replied. 

                               Christina kneeled to her knees, licked her lips and wrapped them around the head of Josh's penis tip. She sucked on him lushfully and it took all he had not to cum. She ran her lips up and down his shaft, while licking the taste of newspaper from his cock. But she didn't want him to cum in her mouth. After she sucked him like a lolly pop, she stood to her feet. Staying wrapped up in newspaper, Christina hopped up on Josh's hard cock. He could feel her newspaper skirt crunch against their waist lines, as she pushed his cock deep inside of her pussy, slowly to avoid cumming. He moaned, while at the hight of his climax, as he looked up at Christina still wrapped in her newspaper outfit. 

                               After Josh's cock had tasted Christina's wetness, Christina hopped off of him and began to prepare the following surprise. "I want a facial! I want you to cum on my face!", Christina said. She then grabbed a full sheet of newspaper, looked into Josh's eyes and winked at him. She laid on her back, letting the newspaper wrap around her naked skin. Then she placed the full sheet newspaper over her face and pushed the paper inside her mouth to form a cup. Josh understood and threw his knees around Christina, sitting just under her breasts. He could feel the newspaper covering her breasts, resting upon his upper legs. Josh placed his hard cock between her tits and pushed them together, so he could titty fuck her. Feeling the newspaper on his cock, he pushed harder and harder to his climax, till he was ready to explode. Then he wrapped his hand around his cock and forced himself to cum on Christina's face. His cum dripped upon the newspaper and ran down towards the paper cupped inside her mouth. She took her fingers and poked through the newspaper and let Josh's cum drip into her mouth. She swallowed every drip.

                 Josh was so exhausted, that he fell to his back, on the bed. Christina removed the newspaper from her face and as Josh watched her, she licked, the rest of his cum from the page, while looking up at him and smileing. She got up from the bed with her newspaper skirt and newspaper wrapped breasts and walked to the edge of the bed. Placeing her glasses back on, she grabbed an unused copy of the newspaper and glances at the front page. Then she walks to the door and places the newspaper upon her chest, while glanceing back at Josh and gave him a wink and a giggleing smile. Then Christina walked away.


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Good fantasy but unlikely :-( Keep up the writing.

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