Embarssed To Say I Love Anal   added 5 years ago    

  By: RubyRed

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for two years on and off. We fight all the time because hes 5 years younger than me and really imature. I feel like his mom because I am always telling him to clean his room and do the dishes and shit like that. The only place he is really dominate is in the bedroom. He is very handsome and he has a huge cock. He is a very good lover and turns me on alot more than most of the other older guys Ive dated.


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Today was the first time weve had sex in like a month and its been killing me...We were laying in bed just holding each other and relaxing but I guess my mind was else where cause my hand kept drifting to his stomach and down his boxers to his dick. I looked up at him to see if he was feeling the same way I was, and he was grinning from ear to ear. God, Hes such a cutie :) So I started stroking his dick and after about five minutes of that I was bored and horny. I wanted some satisfaction. I was on my period so sex was kinda out of the question, but my bf was already horny from me playing with his dick.

Once he gets an idea in his head, he doesnt give up. After I gave up on the handjob, he went right on beating his own dick while feeling up my titties and ass and playing with my pubic hair. I could feel my pussy aching to be touched but I wasnt down to do it while I was bleeding.

My bf started focusing his attention on my ass. He was rubbing and caressing it, geting closer and closer to my asshole with each touch. Then he licked his finger and put it in, I pushed him away even though I really liked it. I didnt want him to know I liked it and think I was gross or a slut. Next he started rubbing his cock all over my ass and pushing it against the opening of my anus. I squeezed my cheeks together and rolled over playfully saying "no your crazy" He smiled again and said " you know you like it" then he flipped me back over and put me in doggie style position. He spread my ass with his hand and spit on the tip of his dick. he slowly rubbed it around the opening of my ass and then after a couple tries, popped the head of his dick in.

It hurt a little at first, but my pussy was aching for more I was sooo horny. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled my body against him so that his whole 8 inch cock was up my ass. I started crazy moaning and licking and sucking his fingers as he pumped slowly in and out. It felt so good! After he busted inside me, he said "eww I cant believe I just did that I need a shower Babe. That was really hot" My face turned really red and I jumped up and beat him to the bathroom. I didnt know what to say and I wanted to clean up first. Im so happy I didnt make a mess on his dick that would have been tooo embarrising

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Elle    (2011-06-02 05:37:40)    Flag as inappropiate
I had the exact same fears at first. for most guys it's like hitting the jackpot to even get to do it. but for your own pleasure you could do a cleanse beforehand. it feels absolutely awesome after that and anal is ten times better... mmm...
easypeasy    (2010-12-05 15:25:04)    Flag as inappropiate
Hey, I say enjoy your ass! Just use lube next time, get him to finger you a lot first, and hopefully don't be on your period, so he or you can touch your pussy!
Cuckholddon    (2010-10-15 10:32:14)    Flag as inappropiate
Cuckholddon Why in the world would you be embarrassed?
Just enjoy--Everything comes out in the wash!

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