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I get a phone call one night from a friend of a friend. Hey Jamie, it's Mark, Brad's buddy. I was'nt sure why he was calling me or how he even got my number. we had only hung around each other a few times, a little partying amongst friends here and there. So, what's up, I asked him? He asked me if I was free this weekend, Brad and he had a canoe/camp trip planned but Brad had to back out at the last minute because of work. I barely knew the guy so my first thought was no but before I could say no, he went on to say,

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I bought a brand new canoe, tent, sleeping bag and all kinds of shit, bought plenty of beer, a bottle of expensive ass tequila and a bottle of whiskey plus some other party favors ( i think you know what I mean) and now Brad can't go, I took off saturday, got the okay from the wife, IM FUCKED... come on Jamie, i'll pay for everything. Well, I was sorta stuck, so (hoping my wife would say no) I said to him, let me ask my wife real quick. Of course she said yes, he heard her say yes over the phone so, I guess I was going on a canoe/camping trip this weekend! Friday roles around, I get home from work, he is already sitting in my driveway. LET'S HIT IT, he yells before I can even get out of my car. Mark buddy, you are gonna have to give me a little bit,

I don't have a thing packed and I need a shower. Jamie, just grab a shower and clothes, I got EVERYTHING we will need, booze, ice, food, you name it, I got it. I hate being rushed but he was excited as hell so I grabbed a quick shower and some clothes and we headed out.

With the canoe loaded up we set off onto the water, he handed me a beer and we were on our way. We started bullshiting, getting to know each other a little better and the beer always helps with conversation. As always with us married men, conversation turns to the negative about our wives then back down memory lane with ex-girlfriends and the sex we had with With sun starting to set, I told Mark we better find a place to camp because it get's pitch black dark out here and we would be fucked trying to find a spot not to mention wood for a fire after it got dark.

We canoed around a big bend and came to an area I had camped before. We got off the water onto the bank and started setting shit up and I should have known, Mark was pretty clueless when it came to the outdoors and anything to do with the outdoors! He at least admitted that fact so I was'nt too pissed when I had to pretty much do it all, from setting up the tent, finding fire wood, and everything else pretty much... he did apologize and said he would do the cooking. Hell I had a good buzz going anyhow so I did'nt care and he was a pretty cool guy.

With the fire going and the buzz turning into a good drunk Mark cooked up some stirfry that he had premade and it was some good shit! We sat drinking pretty heavy, beer and whiskey and you know how guys are, they can be complete strangers but add alcohol and they become long lost best buds. I could'nt tell you what time it was but I could tell you that I was more then tipsy and ready to get in that tent and crash! I told Mark I was done for the night and I was gonna crash and I crawled towards the tent. I'll be right there with you after this beer he told me.

I get in the tent, I can't see a damn thing, I feel around, find a pillow, open up a sleeping bag and crawl in. About to pass out or I may have already been Mark wakes me, "hey man, thats my sleeping bag" sorry I say then ask, where's mine? Ummmm, I did'nt wanna say anything earlier, but ummmm I only brought one, fuck it, you can use it... im sorry man! DAMN IT!! you dumb drunk fucker, I thought you had everything! (laughing) We can unzip the damn thing and share, just don't fucking spoon me to hard (both of us laughed) We got settled and I hear "pizzzz" "Jamie, you asleep?" Nope, now I am awake, fuck, get me another beer and grab the whiskey

Im unsure on which one of us made the first move or exactly how it happend but when Mark came back into the tent with the beers and whiskey we locked lips and started kissing. I went with it and we made out for a good 5 minutes straight. I had had experiences before with men but it had been years ago and before I was married and like before I was highly turned on from it. While kissing, Mark slowly pushed me down onto my back, it was pitch black, I could'nt see anything at all as he stopped kissing me and said "IM FUCKING HORNY AS HELL" I reached up pulled him back down on me and started kissing him heavily!

He lifted up off me and I could tell he was taking off his shorts so I started doing the same and then I reached down to grab his cock and OMG he was fucking HUGE! I stroked his massive throbbing cock slowly for a minute then I had to have it, I lifted up, had a hold of his dick and put my mouth over it... "OH FUCK YEA" he said ... I worked him slowly stroking his shaft with one hand and massaging his huge balls with the other.. he slowly started thrusting his cock into my mouth so hands free I took him all the way in.. he grabbed onto my head and held me there for a second then started thrusting a little harder and deeper into my mouth..

I was SO fucking turned on having his huge cock in my mouth, my own cock was throbbing fucking hard, so much so I fucking shot a load while sucking him, without even touching my cock, I fucking cam all over! I grabbed a hold of his dick stroked on it and told him to fuck my face.. he grabbed a hold of my head with both hands and slammed it into my mouth and throat, I let out a gag then grabbed his hips and he started fucking my face... he let out and "OH FUCK" then another "OH FUCK" and I knew it was about to come.

.I grabbed his nut sack tight up near the shaft of his cock and pulled down on his balls.... he was fack fucking me so hard, I was gagging, slobbering all over the place... "IM GONNA FUCKING CUM" OH SHIT OH SHIT and he did.. his cock EXPLODED in my mouth and into my throat and started sucking him hard getting every last hot thick creamy drop! What a fucking load he unleashed down my throat! He pulled his cock out of my mouth and by my suprise he said " bend over, I wanna fuck that ass!" I jumped right to it, got on all fours, felt his wet cock head touch my asshole and he slowly pushed it it and damn if I did'nt cum again as he pushed his cock all the way in, once again not even touching my cock!

Once he got it in my ass he did'nt fuck around, did'nt ease into it, no slow to fast, he started SLAMMING the fuck out of me! It HURT but I was so fucking turned on it felt good at the same time. Ramming me hard I collapsed down onto my stomach and he did'nt even stop, he just kept fucking the hell out of me and I fucking loved it, telling him now to fuck me harder, FUCKING FUCK ME HARD... that got him going as he slammed my ass " YOU LIKE THAT FUCKING COCK DON'T YOU"... FUCK YES... GIVE ME THAT FUCKING DICK! Those words came again ... "OH FUCK..... OH FUCK....he was about to unload again.... FUCK YEAH, CUM IN ASS! ... OH FUCK YEAH IM GONNA CUM IN THAT ASS, IM GONNA FUCKING CUM!!!

I felt him explode again, thrusting hard and deep, holding it there, thrusting again and holding it deep... OH FUCK!!! he screamed out then he collapsed on top of me his thick meat still inside me.. both of us breathing heavy, he asked me, you wanna sleep like this..oh yeah, I relplied and this is how we fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning I thought to myself, "Oh man, this is gonna be weird" We both woke up, naked laying on my stomach his naked body was drapped over me and he asked "so, you cool with this?" Im cool, you cool? Hell yes he replied! It was akward but not for some reason I felt comfortable with Mark, I did'nt feel like a fag or have that guilty, I can't believe I done this feeling. We got up, we ate breakfast, got our shit packed, opened some beers again and back on the water we headed. Did anything else happen that weekend you are wondering? HELL YES it did, I was giving him head in the canoe less then an hour after we got back on the water....LOL

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easypeasy    (2010-12-05 15:47:08)    Flag as inappropiate
Dude, wow, SUPER HOT. Loved it! Really got my pussy wet, for real. Nice work!! :)
outlawandy    (2010-10-31 01:49:07)    Flag as inappropiate
outlawandy My kinda trip.
Cuckholddon    (2010-10-15 10:54:55)    Flag as inappropiate
Cuckholddon Yup--Enjoying life to the fullest!

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