Rubber glove domination   added 8 years ago    

  By: italidesign

All I want to be is tied up to the bed post, the lady will than put on the sexiest type of rubber gloves she owns. Than slowly she will tease me for what feels like eternity. Kissing one of my most sensitive areas, my neck. Ever so slowly and paying attention to detail she goes with my groans and kisses me to knock me in a trance. Only once in a while brushing my hard throbbing cock touching me every where --making me feel entirely helpless but at the same time in a total different world.


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If i tried to sit up she would push me down, look very deep into my eyes and straddle me knowing that I am loving every moment of it. She will than slowly force a finger down deep into my anus and massage my prostate while ever so lightly in between play with my balls. Seeing the sheer joy and frustration in my eyes, she looks deep into mine and starts playing with my cock, eventually starting first with a blow job to get me totally close but not quite there - she will work me over in a slow but teasing handjob. Stoping everytime I get close.

By the third or fourth time she will ask me if I want to go, and I wil lask her and somewhat beg her to let me go, finally after a few small smiles and a look that only wants to please me she lets me go, and I cum all over the place. Her look of satisfaction as she slowly milks every last bit from my now sore throbbing member. She will tell me "ooooo, that made me hot" And my body is shaking violently, my eyes roll slightly to the back of my head and I go into a state of Nirvana, or perfection. she finally cleans me up. Im still sitting there in the after moments of my large and messy situation. She takes off the gloves and gives me a few kisses on my forehead and cheek and snuggles with me.

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sorin27    (2008-06-17 12:31:09)    Flag as inappropiate
beautifull fantasy! Keep writting other like this....
Ready_and_willing    (2007-11-12 17:49:33)    Flag as inappropiate
What a wonderful fantasy! You've managed to put into words a fantasy that I've had lurking in my head for quite sometime. Thank you!

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Location: My House | Roleplay: Doctor/Nurse/Patient
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