Triple Treat.... (part one)   added 5 years ago    

  By: blueeyedmilf

We (B J and Keith) get to the hotel, check in, and go to our room. It is just what we wanted, hot tub, sofa, chaise lounger, jet tub, and a king size bed. We are very excited and almost ready for Liam to arrive. Keith goes to get some ice and I slip into my red silk teddy. Keith gets back and gets down to his blue silk boxers, and he is already sporting a semi. Liam knocks softly on the door, I open it and as Liam steps in, I jump into his arms. I am so excited for the weekend. 


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He just turns slightly and backs me into the wall, and we kiss hungrily. He then carries me to the bed and throws me down playfully. Keith comes over and they ‘bro’ hug. I help Liam take off his shirt and Keith starts taking off Liam’s pants. Liam kicks off his shoes and steps out of his pants and boxers, he is already hard.



Keith gets on his knees and starts licking Liam’s shaved 8 inch cock and stroking his balls. Liam looks over at me and grabs me, he fondles my breasts as we kiss. I rub his chest and abs, then rub my husbands head. It all feels so good, and we are just getting started. Liam starts moaning as Keith starts deep throating him. Liam breaks our kiss to look down at Keith and rub his head. I back away and get off the bed. Keith grabs Liam’s ass and starts slapping it lightly. Liam groans and moans.

Keith lubes up a finger and slowly slides it into Liam’s nice tight ass. He pulls back and starts licking just the head, then slowly takes a little more, then a little more till he has it all in again. Then he backs off to just the head again, he keeps slowly moving his finger in Laim’s asshole. Liam is getting close with all the stimulation, he is moaning ‘mmmm, yes, right there, just like that’ and Keith can feel his cock growing in his mouth, and starts sucking and nibbling harder. He inserts another finger and moves them in and out faster. He has all 8 inches deep in his throat and is fucking Liam’s asshole with his fingers, Liam screams ‘yes, fuck my ass, feels so good, im gonna shoot my load’,Liam grabs Keith’s head and shoves himself just a bit further in and shoots his huge hot load down Keith throat. Keith swallows it all down and licks Liam’s cock clean.



Liam takes a moment then leads Keith to the chaise lounger and takes his now wet boxers off, and has him sit down. Liam gets on his knees and starts by sucking Keith’s clean shaven balls into his mouth. Keith is already moaning and ready to blow his load too. Liam licks down all 7.5 inches of Keith’s clean cock then licks all the precum off the head. Liam swallows Keith in one move and starts fucking him with his mouth. All the way up and down his shaft, getting it wetter and wetter so it’s easier to mouth fuck. That’s all it takes and Keith throws his head back, moans ‘Oh my God, I’m going to cum’. Liam slams his mouth into Keith’s hips to get it all the way in, and Keith shoots his creamy load down his throat. 



I love watching my guys suck each other off and swallowing, it gets me so wet. They both recover and look over at me like I am prey they are about to chase down and devour. I am ready for the chase and have a few tricks in my hat to try this weekend…….

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buster    (2010-09-24 10:01:05)    Flag as inappropiate
buster heyhey, I'd be more than happy to serve as a treat for your man and yourself. Command me or tie me up for your lust and pleasure

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