My first fisting experience...   added 5 years ago    

  By: Shaydee

I'm not sure if this counts as a fantasy as it has already happened, but I really want it to happen again! ;)


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I was being a bit naughty and snooping through my boyfriend of 2-years' computer when I found some porn.. nothing new, I thought. I thought I'd have a little look at what type of porn he was into, and although I knew he was incredibly kinky, I didn't expect to see a hardcore fisting video. Then it struck me... How he is always trying to fit a little more inside me, always trying to stretch me (literally) to my limits and make me take that little bit more, though nothing anywhere near as big as a fist yet. I didn't tell him I'd seen his little secret, as he always denies his naughtiest fetishes, but later that day tempted him to act it out.. ;)

Later on we started kissing and touching each other, obviously starting to get horny. Foreplay started normally, he pushed a finger in to me under my panties while we kissed passionately, soon enough we were naked and he was enjoying stretching my little pussy with 3 fingers, he loves to see how much I can take. I held my legs open as wide as I could, and he covered his fingers with lube and carried on finger fucking me, I noticed him slowly trying to sneak a fourth finger into me, he stopped doing it every time I looked to see what he was doing, so I closed my eyes and invited him in with my moans. Normally we talk dirty to each other alot during sex, but this time we didn't say a word, just looked into each others eyes every so often and I felt so in love with him, it was so romantic.

I could see in his eyes that he was holding back, almost gritting his teeth. His face was flushed and his eyes were so full of lust, yet still it felt romantic staring back into his almost tortured face, I knew what he wanted, so did he but he wasn't going to admit it, he wasn't going to let himself... I saw his self controll break and as I felt his thumb join his other fingers in sliding into me and he pushed his face into my neck and moaned out loud, his cock was absolutely ridgid.

Very slowly, I felt my pussy stretching over his hand, his knuckles slowly pushed into me and it hurt a little bit but I'd never felt so full, it was so intense! suddenly, his whole hand was inside me and he was pounding me like no tomorrow, he kissed me passionately then started to lick my clit as he fisted me, God his tongue is amazing! We played for hours, we had amazing sex afterward and he shot a massive load on me, he was so happy after, as was I. I want to do it again ;)

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Comments for My first fisting experience...

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Shaydee    (2010-10-05 10:05:32)    Flag as inappropiate
It's happened a few times now! Very hot ;)
Anissa1985    (2010-10-02 22:25:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Anissa1985 Yes did it happen again? I've never done it but it sounded like it was so incredibly hot. If you enjoyed it so much, I think he would love it if you told him so. I also think he definately would do it again.
buster    (2010-09-24 10:23:30)    Flag as inappropiate
buster Great! loved it... did it happen again?

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