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  By: Roger_Usenseless1


I have always wanted to experience a threesome but despite being very open to most sexual experiences my wife has never been keen. My venture into the world of online sex was therefore a new and rather nervous affair. I was surprised at how many couples there are seeking a man but most seemed to require big muscled black men with huge cocks. I am in my 50’s, in good nick (I’m a runner), but certainly not big and in any event, for me, great sex really is in the mind and I’d hoped to find something , I don’t know, more subtle.


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The Naughty Meter

Eventually, after a few false starts, I made contact with a couple in their late forties, also venturing into this for the first time. I’ll call them Carol and Joe. We arranged to meet in a pub for an initial chat to see if we got on, and whether we would be able to go through with it, I suppose. It helped that we hit it off straight away, they were a great easy going couple with a good sense of humour and a pretty laid back attitude. It also seemed that they were both keen to try this. I suspect Joe had been the initial driving force but clearly Carol had a big naughty streak and was interested to see how the whole thing might turn out.


The initial meet was supposed to just be an ice breaker but as we had a few drinks, we laughed a lot and the talk gradually started to turn dirty.  Finally it was Carol who took the initiative, simply saying “I think it’s time I took you two home and fucked you”. I could see Joe was a bit taken aback but, not one to lose momentum, I said “right I’ll get a cab”.


Like a complete moron I got in the front seat when the cab came so the ride to their place (thankfully short) was uneventful, though Joe and Carol did have a bit of a snog.


Once in the house there was a bit of tension. Joe disappeared to organise some drinks whilst Carol, bizarrely, set out some crisps and nibbles. I made some asinine comment about fancying a bit of a nibble then just realised I had to get on with it or the whole moment would pass. As she moved past me I moved slightly to block her way. She looked at me and I kissed her, quite tenderly really, one had lightly touching the side of her face. She responded, turning fully into me and pushing my mouth down onto her more forcefully by a hand on the back of my neck. When Joe returned with the drinks we were on the sofa in a very heavy clinch. 


Joe said nothing, put the drinks on the coffee table, and sat down in the armchair opposite from where he could watch us. I desperately wanted to see Carol naked and decided to forego the usual awkward gymnastics required to undress somebody whilst lying half across them and kissing them passionately.  I pulled her to her feet and just undressed her. The sheer lust in her eyes  as I slipped off her top, slid down skirt and knickers in one movement and, thankfully without fumbling, unhooked her bra, was a real turn on. Once she was naked I held her at arms length to drink her in. She was lovely , petite with small but firm breasts  and the small puckered red nipples that I prefer, a lovely deep belly button, good legs and, joy of joys, a recent Brazilian.

I love to give oral sex. The feel of a woman’s slit, slickening under my tongue, is a huge turn on for me. As soon as a saw that lovely hairless mound there was only one thing I wanted to do. I pushed her back onto the sofa and got down between her legs. As I was doing so I glanced quickly across at Joe. He was sitting in the chair, with an impressive erection poking out of his flies, looking at his wife spread on the sofa with a strange mixture of awe, sexual arousal and, yes, horror, on his face.  The look was so striking that as I pushed my tongue into Carol it stuck with me.


As I say I love it. I love to stick my tongue out, as far as it will go, and twirl it out round the circle of muscles at the head of a woman’s pussy. I adore lapping a clit, long slow strokes with the flat of the tongue, alternating with short very rapid flicks with the tip. I love to clamp my mouth round the top of the slit, sucking in the flesh, whilst lightly circling the clit with my tongue and, most of all, I love the wetness, the increasing sensation of slickness as her juices start to flow, feeling them trickling against my chin and slipping over the fingers I push inside as I lick.


Carol was superb. She was already disgracefully wet and started to just run with juices as soon as I got into my stride. She moaned wonderfully, demanded I do filthy things to her and rubbed herself against me. Even as I revelled in her, the look on Joe’s face was ticking away in the back of my mind. I realised that we had discussed a threesome but in fact Joe was sitting back watching his wife giving her all (and she really was) to this stranger.


I understand the masochistic thrill of the cuckold. I have many times masturbated whilst my wife was out on a girl’s night, fantasising about her coming in, slipping me into her and telling me some outrageous tale of how she’s just been fucked in a car/pub/friends house by some guy she picked up in the pub.  Most male mammals have to fight for the right to mate and then go to great lengths to ensure any offspring are theirs.

Foxes, for instance, remain physically stuck in the female for quite some time after ejaculating to ensure no other Reynard can come along and impregnate the female before their spunk has done the job. At some really deep level, well below rational thought, men are hard wired to be very jealous of their females. It is the depth of this emotion that makes doing the exact opposite such an extreme sexual experience. It’s always turned me on hugely as a fantasy but I think I think I’d find the reality too painful. Nevertheless it was clearly Joe’s thing and I decided to make sure I gave both of them a good time.


I sat back on my heels leaving Carol spread wide on the sofa, panting, and making a lovely mewling noise of outright desire. I love fucking a woman in this position, and edged closer, kneeling between her stretched legs with the tip of my cock just in front of her opening. I looked over at Joe and said “I’m going to fuck your wife Joe, she’s gagging for it”.

Without taking my eyes off his face I pushed forward just enough to get the helmet in. “God Joe” I said, “she’s wet, it’s like slipping into hot cream. I’ve never know a woman need fucking this much”. Carol dug her heels into my buttocks trying to push me all the way in, breathing “do me, just do me, put your dick in me, fuck me” over and over again. Joe was transfixed as I pushed it all the way in and started to fuck her with long slow stokes . She was so beautifully wet, I kept taking it completely out and shoving it all the way back in again, just loving the noises she made with each stroke.


That should have been enough but I was really getting into now. I had a deliciously horny woman writhing on the end of my cock whilst getting a huge vicarious thrill from the agony and ecstasy that was creasing Joe’s features as he masturbated furiously. Without a word I slipped out of Carol and stood. Both were a bit nonplussed for a moment but, bless her, she cottoned on very quickly when I walked over to Joe’s chair. I just stood on one side of it, thighs pressed against the arm rest with my cock, glistening with his wife’s juices, proudly standing about a foot in front of his face

. Carol came round to the other side of the chair and with a wonderfully languid movement brought her face down to its tip. A real part of the feminine lure is their capability for psychological cruelty and she didn’t spare him anything. She licked and sucked, rubbed my cock up and down her face, gobbled it as far as it would go and all without every taking her eyes off Joe’s. I was already covered in her juices and dripping pre cum and she was salivating so much she was able to do that porn film thing, where she takes her head away, leaving lips and cock joined by a thick strand of mucus. She did this a couple of times, moving her head from side to side so her chin and cheeks were glistening with it and finally, inevitably, she turned to Joe and kissed him.

She tongued him, she rubbed her cum smeared features all over his face she demanded he lick her cheeks clean and then she whispered “I might let you fuck me when he’s finished with me”. It was too much for Joe. He came impressively, spurting a great geyser of spunk up onto Carol’s belly and tits as she leaned over him. With a lascivious smile that had everything, lust, desire and triumph she stood up slowly,  smearing the spunk across  her breasts. “Let’s go to bed” she said to me.


When we got there she just laid down and spread her legs. Her lovely bare pussy was engorged and swollen, glistening with juice and just begging to be entered. There were so many things  I wanted to do to her but I couldn’t resist, I mounted her and started to move. She was magnificent,  knees up high, back arched, throat exposed and that  wonderful mantra again, low in her throat and interspersed with gasps and little moans “do me, do it, fuck me, stick it in me, just keep giving it to me, fuck me, go on shaft it to me , fill me with your spunk, do me...” I couldn’t help it I just kept going , feeling the control slipping away.

She absolutely knew when I passed the point of no return and urged me on, heels in buttocks and nails raking my back. I came like an express train, the best orgasm I’ve had in years, I thought it was going to blow the top off. 


As I came down I realised that Joe had entered the room at some point and it crossed my mind he might not be as OK with it as he was before he came. I rolled off her to look at him (and defend myself if necessary). No need to worry, he had stripped off and was already hard again. Carol was smiling at him, legs still wide and with a river of my cum trickling between her buttocks. She did something with her pelvic floor and there was a gush of spunk. He gave a little groan and just flopped onto her, slipping straight in. They fucked slowly, almost comfortably for a little while then Carol said “let me suck you”. He sat back on his heels on the bed and before he could move she wriggled round onto her hands and knees in front of him taking him straight into her mouth.

The invitation was obvious, I was still recovering but to be honest she was so wet I didn’t need to be fully hard to slip it into her and I didn’t hesitate. I’ve fantasised about a spit roast for years, the thought of it would have been enough to bring back the bone and the reality was more than enough.


Strangely, I have often fantasised about talking to other people whilst having sex, it’s always been part of the appeal of group sex. As I watched my cock slipping between Carols lovely buttocks in a gentle rhythm I looked up at Joe who was blissfully watching his wife suck his cock. “Isn’t she just magnificent at that?” I said “Oh yes” he breathed looking over at me “but I do want to fuck her again, I loved the soggy seconds”.  I laughed and said “you can’t beat it can you? Why don’t I give her a real shafting until I’m getting too close and then we’ll swap.”


And that’s exactly what we did, comparing notes on how gorgeous the view and sensations were from each perspective. I don’t know how many times we swapped but we really gave her a very thorough fucking until, eventually, she came. When she did, it was really something to see. She bucked and screamed, one hand rubbing furiously at her clit, heaving flanks shiny with sweat and pussy dripping onto the bed. She was just magnificent. Joe was in her at the time and nobody could have been inside that wonderful ,shuddering pussy and restrained himself so Joe just let it go, absolutely hammering the glory strokes into her. 

As she started her orgasm she’d stopped sucking and dropped her head to the bed so all I could do was rub myself while I watched this incredible little tableau. I’d have loved to have held on long enough to slip back inside when she’d calmed, but it was just too much. I spurted all over her head and back and then collapsed onto the bed.

All in all, a pretty good night.       

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puppy    (2011-04-06 10:43:36)    Flag as inappropiate
fabulously written and kept me hard as a rock from start to finish. If only I could do this for real. Thans.

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