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Rummaging through the closet to find my red heels, I felt him behind me and I turned to meet his gaze. “Yes Sir, how may I pleasure you.” I said as I worked my foot into the right, then left shoe.  He walked toward me and grabbed a handful of my hair as he pulled me into his embrace. “Bella I have some people I’d like for you to meet.”  “Yes Sir” was my reply. “What should I wear Sir”?  He took 2 steps back, turned me around and said “ You look perfect, but I would love to see one thing on you , hold still”. He walked over to the night stand in our bedroom and pulled a Gardenia from the vase, broke off the stem and walked towards me, placing it in my hair. “ Ahhh, that’s the look”.  He ushered me ahead of him and patted my rear as I exited the room. 

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            We entered the living room and there were 2 very well dressed men and 1 woman sitting on the sofa. “Incredible” said the man as I entered the room with my Owner behind me. One woman held her head down but the other’s eyes grew wide at the sight of me. Probably because I was wearing nothing more than nipple clamps, red heels and of course my beautiful Gardenia. “Bella these are friends of mine and they have come to visit with us today. “ I extended my hand to greet them and looked into Saxton’s eyes awaiting my next command.  “Good girl, you may sit now”.  He said. I waited for him to sit first and then I sat on the floor in front of him with my back to our guest and parted my legs so that he could have the perfect view of his favorite play toy. 

            “Good girl, Angel.” I smiled at him, glad that I pleased him. “Tell our guest why your back is turned towards them love, or they might find this rude.” I answered without breaking eye contact with my Husband. “Whenever I sit in any room in our home, my legs are to remain open so that my Master can view my cunt.” I whispered.

“Louder Bella I don’t think they heard you girl.” He ordered.
I apologized and repeated myself.   He patted the bulging area of his slacks and  I crawled towards him to answer his call. “Astounding” Said the gentleman sitting across from us. “You don’t even have to speak and she knows what to do.
             I worked my way up his legs, unzipped his pants and pulled out my favorite play toy. He was stiff and hot and I was eager to place my lips around his erection. He reached over and slapped my A**. “Answer the man Bella.”  Saxton said.  I was unaware that our guest had even spoke as I am always caught in a trance when it comes to my Owners cock.  “I’m sorry Sir, I did not hear him Sir.”  I opened my  lips and closed them over his hot cock, moaning as I stroked him with my mouth.  “She is very greedy is she not” The guest noted. “You have no idea, how greedy my little slut is.” Saxton breathed out as he placed his hands behind his head, his eyes smiling at me as I worked the cum from his body.  “ I will ask again” our guest said as he cleared his throat. “Does this not offend you that you are treated this way Bella?” 

            I was a bit annoyed having to answer the question only because I did not want to release his cock from my mouth but I knew that I must show that I had good manners or risk punishment when our guests left.  I stopped what I was doing  long enough to answer the gentleman. “I don’t wish to be treated any other way Sir, I love everything my owner  does to me.” I turned my attentions back to my owners blow job.  Moans left my body and I  looked up at my love with a question in my eyes.  Saxton spoke “This is the part where she wants to touch clit as she sucks, it’s quite soothing for her but for the moment I will deny her this pleasure.”   

 I heard one of the women say “No fair, she’s not doing anything wrong”.  “Answer the woman Bella is it fair that I deny you the right to play with yourself after all it is your body is it not”?  I let out a bit of a giggle while suctioning my owner. Thinking to myself when did I ever become the owner of my body.  He laughed knowing what I was thinking. “Your answer Princess, no one can hear you with cock in your mouth.”  I lifted my face off of him and answered “ I am a slave slut and I own nothing, if he wishes to deny me this pleasure it is my pleasure to be denied.” I returned to sucking my owner hoping that he would change his mind and let me touch myself as I felt my wetness increase. Our guests noticed.“She is soaked, I can see it from here, what a slut”.  

 Saxton lifted my chin, stopping me from my task. “Are you a slut Bella?” He took his cock from my hand and eased it back into his pants as  he motioned me to sit beside him on the couch. I did as I was told but I wanted him back in my mouth. I sat next to him and parted my legs as he let his fingers slide down my clit stroking slowly. “I am your slut Sir and I am happy to be so.”  

I noticed the gentlemen guest stroking himself but I did not care I only wanted my owners cock to invade me.  The woman who had her down when last I looked kept it down.  “Bella, I want you to speak freely to our guest, tell them how you feel living this way.” I stared into his eyes and I began to speak: I remember a time before my Husband when I felt incomplete and that previous relationships were lacking, but when he uh introduced me to this way of loving, I never wish to live any other way. When he says my name, when I hear his voice, I grow excited. When he calls me his slut, his milking cow, when he leashes me I am wetter than anything I have ever experienced before. I know others may think this is strange but it fills me with feelings that I can’t begin to describe. I love him, I love this twisted pleasure that we share because it works for us, both he and I.” 

            “What about the spankings” blurted out the shy lady whose head was down. “Do you like them”? Saxton reached up and pinched my nipple during and I let out a purr as I spread my legs further hoping and as I hoped he inserted his thick fingers inside of me.” You never disappoint me Bella”  he motioned for me to move up and lay on the couch and I did so, parting my legs so he could enjoy a snack. “ You are going to eat her right here”? The shy guest said in astonishment.

            “One question at a time”, Saxton growled and buried his head between my things.  “UUUhhhh, aaahh, I uh”. I was trying hard to get the words out but his tongue on my clit caused amazing sensations to flow through me and I was dumb struck. He slapped my inner thy and I knew that meant to answer the questions. “ Uh I love when he spanks me, um it makes me wet to know that he owns, Oh Yes, Yes, oooohh, Uh..” I ran my fingers through my hair releasing the Gardenia from it’s place. Oh  this felt so good and it was hard to concentrate on our guest but I tried to be a good hostess. He slid his hands beneath me squeezing my bum, I was ready to release but he shook his head no and I knew that I could not cum.

“Oh my Gah, uh” I tried to take my mind off of him and his tongue so I did not cum.  I need his discipline, it let’s me know that he loves me. I know it sounds crazy but it’s like each slap is an I love you. It makes me feel as though he pays close attention to me.” Talking about his discipline and feeling his lips on my swollen nub made me cry out in ecstasy.

“ I can barely control myself Sir, Oh please!!” I was almost afraid of his reply, but I could not contain my desire for him. “Cum Bella, cum for Daddy”. As soon as the words left his mouth I felt my body shake …Ahhhhhh  eeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuhhhh. He pulled himself out of his slacks and right there in front of our guest he slid into me. “Ahhh F***”  You juicy cunt” He let out as he went deeper. It felt as if he grew even thicker and larger inside of me.  I raised my hips to match his stride.
“Thank you, Thank you Daddy” I whispered. Grabbing him, clawing his back. Needing him deeper and with every need he provided. This man is so amazing. I don’t know how much time passed, nor did I care until finally he honored me with his semen in my mouth. I quickly raised up so none of it would spill and moved my face from left to right, sucking in his semen. It’s like liquid gold to me, so precious is each drop. I suck harder as more is released. The harder I suck the more he deposits into my ready tongue. He once called me his sperm bucket and he is right. I am glad to be so. 

            When we were done, I turned to look at our guest whose positions  had shifted. The shy girl had the gentleman’s fingers between her legs playing with her pussy, while the not so shy woman was on her knees giving special attention to the gentleman’s cock.  He had a very sinister smile on his face as he watched us. “ It seems that Bella gives inspiration to my girls, I would hope that we can meet like this often.”  “Bella is a good girl, and very obedient slut, she would be more than happy to be a role model for your girls. Isn’t that right Bella?” “As you wish Sir”.  I replied.  “Good girl”.

            Our guests pulled themselves together and the men walked ahead to talk as the ladies followed behind. “Bella” said the shy woman.  I feel the same way and I only hope to be as happy as you are, I was a bit afraid of my feelings but you seem so happy to be owned.” I looked past her to my owner , the reason that I am as happy as I am. “This is what I was born to be. His and his alone, I know the alternative and it only leaves you frustrated and aching. I pity anyone who has to live a lie. I was made to be Bella Saxton." I hugged her and our guest departed. "So Bella, is it true, do you really believe you were made for me" Saxton asked. "Yes Sir, you are my every fantasy"

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