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The multi-billion dollar deal that he was hoping to put to bed seemed as if it were dead in the water, no amount of negotiating moved matters any further than they were last Friday.  His voice arrived in the study before his body made it. "Bella did you get Millhouse on the line" he bellowed. 
 "No Sir, His secretary -'"

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He lifted his hand to silence her and she quickly obeyed.
"Find him now".  he shooed her away from his desk, sunk into his over-sized chair , and got lost in his laptop.
He has been tense and stressed these past few weeks. It seemed as though nothing she said or did pleased him, he  punished her for the barest of infractions, not looking up at him fast enough, having dinner on the table 2 minutes past 6pm instead of 6m on the nose. Sex was blissful  torture since it has been 2 weeks since she had been forbidden to cum without permission and he made it almost impossible to prevent.

  He would lick her clit with such raw intensity while staring directly at her and when her expression looked as if she might explode, He would tell her between nibbles "You cum and you will be punished severely".  So she would try and think of things less appealing to deny her body what she so desperately craved.  When he made her suck his cock and denied her the joy of swallowing she wanted to crawl in a ball and weep. This was his gift to her and instead he made her spit it out, tapping his dick against her face so that she would open her mouth  proving to him that she had not smuggled any down her throat.

    It took  10 tries and 5 different numbers before she was able to reach Millhouse.  "I'll transfer you now".
        She transferred the call and when he was about 5 minutes into the conversation she arose from her seat and headed for the door. He snapped his fingers for her to remove her shirt and motioned for her to assume the position  so that he could toy with her breasts the way he always does during his phone conferences, milking her and squeezing her nipples. She started toward him and then froze. He shifted the phone and slowly looked up at her as if she had lost her mind. He did it a second time and she shook her head no and left the room.  He tried to reach for her but she had moved to quickly.
    She knew this was an intense call, one that he would not put on hold just to punish her so she knew that she had some time.
    She quickly made her way to the bedroom and  dressed, with a plan brewing in her mind. She just needed to make it out of the door before he got off the phone. It did not take her long to dress since she was use to preparing quickly so that she never kept Saxton waiting. She grinned at the idea in her head, he would either punish her without ceasing or praise her beyond words either way at this point all she could think of was hearing him say "Good Girl" . Without another worry she went to the front closet grabbed her jacket headed to the door of the study and waited until he gave her eye contact. When he looked up she waved her cell phone so that he would know that she had it and she headed out the front door.

    It took less than 15 seconds before he texted her- What the hell are you doing, get back here now.
She stepped into the elevator and gave a reply- Please don't be angry, back soon.
She knew asking not to be angry would do nothing to ease the anger he must be feeling at the moment. It was as if she could feel his presence pulling her back to him and she had to resist with everything in her from turning around and running right back into their home and begging his forgiveness. She bolted out of the elevator, passed the doorman and headed for the car that is always waiting for them. She thought for a moment and then waved him off. If she got in the car, he would know where she was and order the driver to return home, instead she hailed a cab and jumped in.

    4 hours had passed and Saxton grew worried with each passing second. It had been Millhouse who called to tell him that she was with him. He replayed the conversation over in his mind to see if there was any clue that he had missed. " I have you your property and she is eager to be returned to you, you may come to my gallery  to retrieve her."
Then he hung up. When Saxton tried to return the call he would not respond. What was going on? Was she interested in Millhouse, if she were he would have known, but why did she run to him. Why did she run at all? Millhouse did say she was eager to return to him, It didn't matter if she was or not, he would claim her and drag her back home even if she wasn't eager. He warned her that he would never let her go and he meant it.  That little slut will pay for this he thought to himself, followed by another thought "God please let my wife be alright".

    The gallery was quite crowded when he arrived, faces he knew and did not know greeted him and breezed past him eager to partake in the new exhibit. Saxton hated this place, a bunch of rich snooty people gathered around discussing strokes of color on  canvas, or disfigured pieces of clay and making monumental discussions of nothing. He was given an invitation to head to the back, for a special live  presentation. He followed the gentlemen eager to be led to Millhouse and get his property back.

 "There you are Saxton you ole fart"

"Millhouse don't toy with me where is she"?

"Now, now, she's waiting for you, we were unable to get several paintings for our opening tonite in the Art of sexual pleasure  Gallery and Isabella was eager to assist me. She infact is our main  exhibit  tonite and I must tell you we are getting alot of good feedback on this one.
He headed into the the back gallery and there she was sitting in what looked like a life guard chair, high on a podium. Her legs were spread and her fingers were poking in and out of her hole. The sign above her read "The evolution of passion".

"What the hell is this Millhouse" Saxton said grabbing the lapels of his friends suit.
"Easy Man, No one has touched her, she wanted to do this for you, It's what we call live art and she is the star at the moment, we are hoping the performance crescendos with the act  uh I mean Art of pleasure. I certainly hope you won't deny my guests."   Millhouse held out his hand for Saxton to proceed ahead, the usher who was guarding the red velvet rope, lifted it so Saxton could pass.
He climbed up onto the podium and motioned for Bella to come down the stairs to him. She remained on the chair a few moments, gyrating and pulling on her nipples rubbing her body, and throwing her legs over the arms of the chair. You could hear gasps from the patrons, and some even clapping.  Saxton gave a smile, he always knew she was a hot slut but never did he think she would go to these lenghts. Her body looked so good, he could see that juicy clit  that he knew and loved and even though she was high above him he could see how wet she was. When Bella caught his smile, she climbed down from the chair to join him on the lower level of the podium.
Once her foot hit the last rung, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close to him. She clung tightly as she  whispered in his ear, "Please I beg you, if you must punish me do so after you you take me". He slid his fingers in her wet cunt, checking as he always does to ensure that no one else touched her. He then threw her to the floor and asked if anyone wanted to sample her, she looked up at him in shock. "Punishment before pleasure my love" 

    He motioned for the usher to join him, and whispered something in his ear. The usher began to undress quickly and made his way for Bella. He grabbed at her, yanked her nipples, squeezed on her buxom derrier, the look on Bella's face read confusion, she was hoping it would be Saxton who was so happy to find her that he would give her what she wanted. The usher with belt in hand began beating Bella and shouting "Your master says your'e a dirty whore. 
A hush came over the audience and then whispers and finally applause. The Usher kept this up for only a few moments, and when he could resist no longer dropped the belt and  went straight for her a** hole, fingering her pussy, raking his nails across her back. She let out a yell and the voyeurs gave a resounding applause. Silence fell and you could hear his balls slapping at her skin, Ugh Urrraaaaaaa, he yelled and came suddenly, pulling out to unload on her back.

        "You came to quick my friend, you were to anxious, but she is one good whore". Saxton added as he patted the Usher on the back and motioned for Millhouse, Millhouse began undressing while walking, Saxton knelt down to slap at her breast, enjoying every sound she made  from the pain. "I am enjoying this, I hope you are." He whispered to her. He moved towards  Millhouse whispered in his ear and then, Undid his pants and removed his clothing from the waist down,He motioned for another chair to be brought up to them, Saxton sat on the chair, Bella knelt in front of him and Millhouse was behind Bella.
 Groans and moans were released as Saxton pulled Bellas face to his hard and throbbing cock. Oh how he ached to feel those lips around him. She took both hands gripped him and slid her mouth over his shaft. Millhouse slid into Bella and let out a grunt. Bellas head was jerking from the blow job she was giving her owner, she stopped once as Millhouse slammed into her and recieved a slap across the face from Saxton for denying him, she maintained her suction on his cock, releasing and easing the tension, saliva sliding out of her mouth, she wanted to taste him so desperately. She needed to have his seed slide down her throat, whe wanted to drink him in, She massaged his balls, licking them, teasing them and returned to his cock. He thought he was going to erupt right then but he jerked himself out of her mouth almost hurting himself. "Oh please give it to me Sir, let me swallow, I beg you let me swallow. "
        " I am sure you would enjoy that you whore,'

 A shout came from the crowd, "You can swallow me honey".
 Saxton felt jealousy grow inside him, but let it subside as he knew they were enjoying this display. He could not deny he was having the best time of his life.  Millhouse was sweating, and breathing heavily as he rode her a**. "Don't you want her pussy instead Millhouse", Saxton whispered so that only  he and Bella could hear but she did not know that. Bellas eyes half closed, now grew wide as Saxton never shared her pussy with anyone. He vowed long ago,  that her pussy  was his and his alone. " Uhhh, Ahhh, no Sir please". Her response was a vibration of words as Millhouse was shaking her furiously, riding his way to release. He heard nothing but his own noises of sexual pleasure.
    "I should let all of these men rape that sweet littly cunt of yours for leaving me, your ungrateful slut." He grabbed onto one of her swinging breast and squeezed hard. Holding it and torturing it until Millhouse finished and spewed cum onto her back and the floor. Millhouse collapsed on the floor next to her body and rolled over. At that point, Saxton threw Bella over, "Cum for me slut, let everyone see how much of a wet whore you really are." Bella looked up at him and smiled, she spread her legs and began slowly letting her fingers trace across her clit.

The lights were lowered further and screens were lowered from the ceiling to make the grand moment visible for all patrons to see the crowning moment. Bella pulled her breast to her mouth and as best she could, she gripped her nipple with her teeth to keep it between her lips as she spread her pussy lips further and moved quicker over her clitoris, Oh oh...Uhh, now please F*** me now Daddy, aaaaaahhhh, she was cumming and it felt so good, she was deprived of this feeling for weeks and the release was glorious, Saxton fell on top of her and slid inside letting out a wail, Without fail she was sopping wet, the way he knew she would be. He thrusted and slammed and dove deeper inside of her.
"You are a slutty whore" he said breathing heavily, she kept repeating his words louder and louder, slutty whore, Im a slutty whore. The patrons applauded. She clung to him, wrapped her legs around his waist, and let him impale her until he was satisfied, he escaped her grasp just in time to reach her mouth. "Take it all b****, drink it all. " He smiled as he watched her throat move proving her love for him as she drained him of what seemed like a bucket load of semen. She clung to his bare a** pushing him deeper into her throat.
She wanted none of his seed to be wasted. He could feel her moaning vibrations and it seemed to make him erupt more and more. Tears filled her eyes as she drank from what seemed like a never ending fountain. "I love you Bella." She heard him say. His head lifted to the sky as he enjoyed this sexy slut who he owned completely. When she was done, she kissed his cock until it grew limp and then his thighs, she kissed his knees, and worked her way down, kissing his feet and whispering her thanks.  Her heart was content because she knew he was pleased.The applause was loud and strong, Bravo, Bravo, encoure, Bravo. What a beautiful gift she had given him. It was far more valuable then than any deal he could ever get.


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well thank you very much Soohard08
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Soohard08 My god this is one off the greatest story ever, follow me on twitter please. Soohard08
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I aim to please.
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I love it.

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