Some Get Nervous...I Just Get Wet   added 5 years ago    

  By: Below_The_Law

It had been another long stressful week of work and I couldn't wait to get home and plan my release. The drive was long, but before I knew it , I was naked in a hot steamy shower, caressing my own body and wishing I had a visitor or at-least plans for the night.


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Nothing was on TV so I sat down at the computer, still naked, I started surfing. I opened my email but it just couldn't hold my interest, I kept thinking about what I would rather be doing with my time and I started getting very excited. I typed in the address of my favorite adult site that I visit rather frequently and searched for something new. As I looked at short video clips of women licking other womens pussy and men entering the forbidden back door of their sex partner, I could feel a deep ache almost a hunger. I knew I wanted to be satisfied and I needed to find a way to do it.

It was time, I had to go out and drive and hopefully drive in a way that I would or at-least could get pulled over. I don't drink before I go out that way if i run across a resistant officer, all I could really get would be a ticket or maybe a harsh warning, I had been driving around for about 20 minutes when my cell phone rang, it was my girlfriend and we talked about our plans for the weekend. I told her what I was doing and all she could say was "AGAIN?"

She was telling me I was crazy, but I knew she loved to hear my stories and I told her she was just  jealous. I thanked her for the gift she left on my desk at work and told her that I placed that gift on the rear bumper of my car- I cant believe you really put it on there, Ya I try and what ? To  "THANK A COP" - I try to at-least one or two times a weekend if all goes well.

We were both laughing when all of a sudden the green light turned yellow then almost instantly red and I found myself speeding through the intersection and then in my rear view mirror I saw them- red and blue flashing lights-All I could say was Oh my God- I gotta go call you later- She wouldn't hang up so I continued to drive and then he hit the sirens and I knew he meant business. I made a left hand turn into a secluded neighborhood and pulled over. I knew from past experiences that if I told him I was trying to find a safe place to stop he wouldn't be too hard on me and then I could start to work him.

I was in a good mood tonight and humor always got me what I wanted so, by the time he made it up to the driver window, I had all of the paperwork they ALWAYS ask for ready for him.  I had to let him talk first, I needed to read him and see what way it could go.

When I rolled down the window and looked up at him - I smiled , he was very attractive and I  broke my first rule by speaking out of turn- "Now lets see its license registration and proof of insurance, if I remember right." I could see he wanted to smile, but he turned away from the car as if to compose himself and when he turned back around he had a stern look on his face, took the papers, told me to stay in the car and he would be right back. I watched him in the rear view,he looked like he was calling in my info to dispatch. I was getting nervous, this isn't what I had planned for the night, I didn't mean to run a red light. He returned to my car with my paperwork and he said...I have one question for you... when do you normally "Thank A Cop ?

That is about as loaded of a question as the piece you have hanging there ummm on on your hip. What an answer-- this could make or break the deal. You want me to be serious .. he said serious- by all means- So I said OK I don't normally Thank him till after . (I tried to be serious) after what ? I think it best to plead the 5th.

Please step out of the car I have an idea that you have been drinking tonight- and I have a Breathalyzer Id like you to blow on-blow in...I proceed to get out of the car when I realized that I hadn't put a bra on that night after my shower and I was either cold or turned on because my nipples were so big and perky and he probably already noticed. Is there a reason your not getting out of the car ? I'm just adjusting my denim skirt so when I get out the whole neighborhood wont see my rear-end. Its a little short and I'm pulling it down some---Oh shit - what /you kiss your husband with that mouth? Don't have one- so what's Oh shit for ? Oh nothing 


I think to myself-nothing is right I'm not wearing nothing- I'm getting out of the car now but standing there I'm trying to hold my t shirt out from my tits and I try and hold my skirt down to cover my ass. Dam its windy - You look nervous, are you hiding any weapons under there ?  Honestly I have NOTHING under here

Do you want to see or do you believe me ? Now I'm hoping he makes me prove it to him because all this flirting back and forth - I need to know where and when or IF  I get to Thank him. Oh for some reason I believe you -Dam- what are you going to tell me next--that you were a boyscout and you always come prepared ? Whats that suppose to mean ? LOOK>>>>

This is about the longest traffic stop I have ever been in without any outcome so just lay it all on the table. What do you have for me - a ticket ? A set of handcuffs - a long ride back to the station in the backseat of your patrol car - a paid night at the ritz ? All the above - non of the above....

You don't scare me or intimidate me - You actually turn me on and I just want you to know I didn't mean to run that light- I did turn into this neighborhood  on purpose-its dark and secluded , I wasn't disobeying you when I didn't get out of the car like you told me to- I just realized I'm not wearing anything under my t shirt and skirt SO if you tell me what you have in store for me ...I will hit you with a counter offer and see how it goes.

End of part 1 

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HardNSensual    (2010-08-28 22:31:28)    Flag as inappropiate
HardNSensual very sexy story, looking forward to part 2

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