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I was actually very surprised when he offered to take me on the trip with his company when I did not even work for his company. Oh sure I worked with him on occasion finalizing details between him and my boss Mr. Craven. Although it seemed to me that he and Craven were close friends I was always told to do whatever it takes to keep Mr. Saxton as a client. So when he and Craven made a deal that I would accompany him on a 2 week trip because his secretary was to stay and hold down the office, I jumped at the chance.


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        Mr. Saxton has always been good to me. He was very kind and for his 50 years he was very handsome sexy even, green eyes, strong features and I loved the way he commanded a room no matter what he was doing. He reminded me of Sir Sean Connery in the first part of Legends of the Fall and if that isn't sexy, I don't know what is.

I am not really sure how much assisting was needed  of me because  I did not have to schedule anything. We took a private jet and there were people waiting on us hand and foot. I didn’t even have to call for a car, because one was already there to meet us. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted as if we were royalty. "Your suite is ready Sir." said a lovely Asian woman. "Your bags have arrived and are awaiting you, and I have scheduled your meetings exactly as requested." I felt a little dumb as I had no clue as to what she was talking about and but if everything was handled so well perhaps I would have more time to see the sights and take in some sun, as the beach looked very inviting.    When we got to the room, it was more like the entire top. 2 floors to be exact. I had never seen anything like it. He paid the attendants and asked not to be disturbed until he called for assistance.

“Alone at last” he sighed. I walked across the living room marveling at the amazing view the water looked so perfectly blue. "You can yell and scream as you like, no one will hear you." I turned to find the meaning in those last words  and before I could say anything, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to a bedroom on the first floor. I tried to fight and found myself thrown across the bed. “ Don’t move” He ordered. I lay there stunned for a moment and then I scurried to the top of the bed. He turned and grabbed me by the throat. “ What part of that sentence do you not understand.” He slapped me and I fell backwards on the pillow. I tried to lay as still as I could, He pulled off his belt, undid his pants and walked out of them. I could see how hard he was and I knew where this was headed.

“Get out of those clothes now” He ordered. I looked at him for what seemed like a second but obviously I took to long because he flipped me over lifted my skirt and his belt unleashed terror on my bottom. Fast and hard each blow came My senses were reeling. I was sure he split my skin open. “ Ok. Ok I’ll do it, I’ll do it” I screamed. The beating stopped and I was released. I quickly shed my clothes and stood before him in my bra and panties. He walked over to me and yanked them both off as if I was wearing nothing less than string.

        I reached to cover myself and he slapped my hands out of  the way. “Please I have a boyfriend” I said, hoping that would deter him in some way. “You are lying, you broke up with him over a month ago. I must have looked at him with a question mark in my face because he answered what I was thinking. “ I have been watching you for months now Bella, I know everything  you do. You frequent that cafe on 8th and Holly every Tuesday and Thursday, you spend your Sunday evenings  at the poetry forum downtown  after which you stop off at the Farmers market for your favorite chamomile tea to accompany your bubble bath. You never take a cab straight to work, you always get out 5 blocks away grab the morning paper and then head in. See I know alot about you Little Girl, I have wanted you for myself for over a year now the way you bite your lowere lip when you are thinking, the way your hips sway when you walk, when you bend over and I get just a glimpse of that lacey bra that you wear, those nipples that beg to be released from that frilly prison and placed between my fingers I knew it would all be mine and this was the perfect opportunity to get you to myself." I backed away from him shaking my head thinking I must be dreaming and if I shake hard enough I would wake up, but that was not to be. He reached for  a nipple and twisted it bringing me to my knees. "Aaaah, Please Mr. Saxton, you're hurting me."I don't recall telling you to move. He shot back. You don't move, you don't speak, you do nothing unless I allow it. Is that clear?" Yes, Yes Sir. I whispered.  "The bed now" He ordered and I moved quickly as to not anger him.

    I lay there with tears sliding down my face and my hands on my stomach, he swatted them away spread my legs and began to slap my pussy, One,two three, I wanted to beg him to stop but I dared not speak. It felt horribly delicious I tried to fight the desire that was beginning to consume me,I let a moan escape my throat. "You are aching now aren't you,You are so wet and juicy Little Girl, I never doubted that you would be. He lowered himself and buried his head between my legs. I tried to contain myself, restrain myself but his tongue was playing havoc on my clitty, licking like an icecream cone, and then like a kitten quickly lapping up his milk. Biting and licking inserting his large fingers inside me. "No one should be this wet Little Girl?" I felt my body writhing and moving. Each time I raised my hips to meet him, to plead with him he slapped my pussy harder. "You are a greedy little slut". He flipped me over and slid right into me from behind. I heard a scream and it wasn't until I heard it again that I realized it came from me. He felt so good, so strong and powerful and it wasn't from pain at that moment but from the amazing feeling that shot through me with his entrance. He started slowly and then grabbed my hair and began thrusting feverishly, I felt his balls slapping me with each forward motion.

     Louder and louder I screamed, Needing him, fearing him.....needing him. He pulled out of my vagina and in one quick movement his big delicious cock was in my mouth. I sucked and licked and slurped as I stared into his eyes, this man who  astonished me with his force and dominance. Do I try to run, do I fight, here in this moment I had total control,I could do more damage to him in this second and yet I did not want to . It was quite the opposite. I only wanted to bring him to release to please him. He held on to my hair and jammed himself in my mouth faster and faster and I sucked harder and harder until I heard his words "Swallow it all Slut".  suddenly his cum filled my mouth and slid down the back of my throat, I reached for his balls massaging as he jerked and groaned while emptying his seed into me. 

        Over the next 2weeks I was taught the art of obedience Saxton Style. When the phone rang, he gave 1 of 2 commands. If he said table, that meant that I was to lay over the table with my titties hanging free so he could milk me like a cow while he talked. If he said knees, I was to undue his pants and let my tongue pay homage to his swollen cock, if it were a 2 hour phone conference so be it. I was to hold my position until it was over and only then would I suck him off.  For the former command, my nipples are very sensitive and sometimes lead me to orgasm but I was never allowed to cum myself, I did once while he toyed with me and he told the party on the other line that he would call them back. He tied me to the bedpost and paddled me with the hair brush as I recited 100 times that I was never to come without permission. I learned that lesson very well and have not since repeated it.  Not to mention when he leaves the suite if he doesn't take me with him, he ties me to the bed so I can't get to my little clitty and play with myself. I smile at this.

        By day he treated me like a 2 bit whore spanking me, squeezing my nipples, denying me climax, allowing his fellow comrades to gaze at me as I walked the suite wearing a leash and my red Carlos Santana heels and nothing else. If they brought him some good news or a deal went his way, each gentlemen could finger me or taste my goodies, but none were ever allowed to plant themselves in the walls of my pussy as he made that quite clear that particular job was his and his alone. I almost came when Mr. Bolden was licking me and Mr. Millhouse was playing with my nipples all at the same time, but I pretended to have a sneezing fit as to distract myself as I knew if I came I would pay with my hide. Never mind the fact that it was almost impossible to stop myself from cumming  but to Mr. Saxton disobedience was disobedience whether I could help it or not. 

 By nite he treated me like a delicate princess Bathing me, holding me, massaging my throbbing bum with aloe that was usually red from the days festivities. He hand fed me dinner and dessert. We had the  best conversations as that is really the only time I was allowed to talk freely. As long as I was  not disrespectful and referred to him as Daddy I could say just about anything and I was not punished. It felt like paradise and prison all in 1. It was if I was being owned by 2 seperate men. I fell in love with both of them. But the last nite of our trip was different.....

       As I lay in bed I  felt his eyes on me but he was not laying next to me. I tried to position myself to see what was wrong and there he stood lubing his cock, "Bella you do realize that this does not end here, I am not going to release you when we return. Turn over love" I did as I was told and he straddled my back. "What are you doing Daddy?" I asked. "I want to be the only man that has ever raped your a** hole." I tried to turn back over to throw him off but it was no use. "Now Little Girl you know better than to defy me" I began to cry "Oh please Daddy, I beg you don't do this, I have never had it done and I know it's going to hurt if you could just-  Aaaaaah UUuhhhhh, Noooooo  He slid in gently at first working his way past the tightness and then he jammed a little further and finally he rammed in then out like a rutting pig. "Now you belong to me Little Girl and there will be no parting us. If I have to keep you bound and gagged

to keep you from leaving I will do it. Surely you don't doubt me? I will not be without you ever again. Ever.

 I felt the room spinning and I wasn't sure if I would pass out or leave my own body. He steadied my breathing by massaging my pussy and suddenly fear and panick turned to passion and possession. His fingers darted in and out of my pussy mouth while his cock filled and

claimed  me from behind."I own you, I own you"  was all he kept repeating as our bodies moved in

unison. We both climaxed together and in that instant I knew there was no way I was leaving him, he was right.  This sealed my destiny. I was owned and this made it very clear.


    It has been a week since we have returned. Life is back to normal, whatever that may be. I no longer work for Mr. Craven as Mr. Saxton, l Chancellor and I were married the next day. I am now his  very personal assistant Although he works from home much more now. I find time to do work in between fulfilling his more pressing needs, Satisfying his bulging cock and the desperate need that he has to punish me. I have never been happier or more satisfied in my life. Sure I spend most of my days over his knee, on my knees, my orifices filled simultaneously, but my nights are sweet and soothing and passionately perfect and I am in a constant state of wet pleasure. What my friends could be better than being Mr. Saxton's slut.


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