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  By: Beholden

A sequel to “Mr. Saxton” by Isabella


My Boss, Mr. Saxton, called me into his office one afternoon.  I knocked on his door and he called me in.  When I entered the room, I saw that he had his PA with him, a lady called Bella.  There was a funny atmosphere in the room, as if I had just interrupted something.  Bella was standing to the side of Mr. Saxton’s desk, looking slightly flushed and not meeting my eyes.  Mr. Saxton was his usual urbane self, speaking to me as if there was nothing unusual in the room.  But I could sense something had just been happening.  Had they been arguing about something?


After Mr. Saxton and I had finished exchanging pleasantries, Saxton said something that surprised me.  He told Bella, cool and calm as you like, to kneel down on the floor beside me.  I was even more surprised when she did it, obedient as a dog, hitching her black skirt up around her waist.  As I stood there with my jaw on the floor, Saxton said, quiet bluntly, “You can fuck her mouth if you want to.”  I didn’t know what to say, or where to look, but I noticed Bella turn her face up towards me and open her mouth.  My God, he was serious.


Saxton got up from his desk and walked around to Bella.  He stroked her hair with his hand, and told me “You can fuck her in the mouth, but I’m afraid you have to leave her pussy alone.  That belongs to me, you see.” As he spoke, he pushed the toe of his black leather shoe up between Bella’s legs from behind her, as she squatted on the floor with her mouth ready to accept me.  With a wriggle of his ankle, he was sliding his shoe back and forth across the soft mound of her panties, as if he was polishing the leather.  I noticed Bella flinched a little, but she remained in position without a word.


“Come on boy, I’m a busy man.  I haven’t got all day.  Fuck her face before I change my mind.”  I didn’t need a second invitation.  I opened my zip and fished my stiffening cock out of my suit trousers, pressing it tentatively onto Bella’s red lips.  My cock twinged at the touch of her mouth, and I felt the blood rushing down, rapidly swelling my penis. “Don’t be shy, boy,” said Saxton. “Pretend I’m not here.”  He bent down and lifted Bella’s skirt up around her waist, revealing her curvy butt, and pulled her panties to the side of her pussy, exposing her. “After you’ve shot off and gone, I’m going to fuck her in the ass while your cum is still fizzing in her throat.”


Shit, the guy was a lunatic, I thought.  I better get out of here as soon as I can.  Holding Bella’s head in my two hands, I fed my cock into her mouth, feeling her warm cheeks enfolding me and starting to suckle me.  Saxton leaned against the edge of his desk, arms folded across his chest, watching me.  I started to fuck Bella’s mouth, driving my cock deeper into her throat, feeling my head nudging against the tight ring at the back of her mouth.  She really was very good.  She barely winced, so I started to thrust my cock harder into her mouth, pushing my cockhead through the narrow opening between her tongue and the roof of her mouth.  Spit was starting to dribble out of Bella’s mouth, and a string of it made a wet spot on the collar of her blouse.  Saxton smiled.


When I couldn’t hold my eruption back any longer, I let myself explode in a gush of cum onto Bella’s tongue deep inside her mouth, fucking her face slowly, my pulsing cock easing past her lips and belching another spurt of semen into her mouth.  Emboldened by Saxton’s commanding presence, I slid my cock out of Bella’s mouth, watching her neck muscles as she swallowed my load, and slapped her cheek with my sticky wet cock.  I slapped the other side of her face, against her cheek and nose, and then with the base of my cock in my fist, I tapped the underside of my cock against Bella’s forehead two or three times.  I could feel Saxton’s approval.  He said “What do you say, Bella?”

“Thank you, sir”, she whispered in a quiet voice.  There was a fleck of cum on her bottom lip.


“Now put that cock away and get out of here,” said Saxton to me.  “I’ve got an ass to fuck”.  He was already opening his suit trousers as I turned to leave.  As the door closed behind me with a click, I heard Bella squeal.  I thought about staying out in the corridor and listening, but thinking better of it, returned to my own office, my dick still twitching in my trousers.


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unknown    (2010-08-24 13:53:02)    Flag as inappropiate
At least you followed the rules. Very nice story indeed.

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Location: An office | Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later | Nature: Agressive