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"Tell Max that we missed him tonite" Marly said, as she hugged me. "I will, sweetie, and it was sooo great hanging out with you guys again.” I ran up to the stairs waved goodbye and headed inside. Dancing to the karaoke music in my head I flicked on the lights walked to the kitchen and grabbed a Mango and checked messages. I could not believe there were 7. I quickly grabbed a pen and a pad to take numbers- 1st message -”Hello Love it’s me, call me when you get this message”. It was my wonderful Husband Max.

2nd Message-” It’s me again Love, You have been a naughty girl, Call me when you get this.” Shaking my head, I erased it and moved on to the next message.


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The Naughty Meter

3rd message- Call me in the next 10 minutes or I am coming home.” This time it did not seem so funny. I thought about why he didn’t just call my cell phone. I walked to the living room to grab my bag when the 4th message began to play. “You young Lady had better be home when I get there, and where the hell is your cell phone?

     My heart sank, I threw everything out of my bag and still there was no cell phone. My mind flashed back to the computer screen that I was sitting in front of the last time we had the dreaded cell phone conversation. He pointed to a cane that he was going to purchase just to punish me should I forget my cell phone again. As the last time I forgot it I was unable to call him for a ride and had to hitch hike across town to get home. NOT GOOD.

   I ran to the phone, to check what time he called, these messages were at least an hour old, but that was crazy because if they were an hour old then that would mean that Max was home. “ He can’t be here” I said aloud. I ran to the garage to check for his car and to my surprise it was there, Max was home. I wasn’t sure what to think. I closed the door and leaned on the wall. “He’s going to do it, He’s going to do it”. Was all I kept repeating silently to myself. If there is one thing I know about my Husband when he says he’s going to do something, He means it. Nothing will deter him and my discipline is no different. After a warning, there is no mercy.

     “I’m glad you made it back safely” Said the voice at the top of the stairs.

I swung around to find my Husband in his robe. “ Good evening Love, How was your meeting” I asked trying not to seem panicked, although I knew it was not working.

“The meeting was cut short because I had an emergency to tend to at home, I take it you already know what that emergency is?”

I wanted to play dumb but I knew that would only make it worse. Most of the time I have a quick witted come back for his questions but this was not the time to try his patience. I simply shook my head yes and waited for his instructions. He walked down the stairs toward me, I froze. He kissed my forehead told me he was glad that I was ok, and to shower and meet him in the bedroom. He disappeared into the kitchen and I made a quick dash to the bathroom to shower. I knew not to keep him waiting. Perhaps he was so glad that I was ok, that he would put my punishment off until tomorrow. If that were the case I was going to give him the best blow job of his life to get his mind off of my being late. I knew that I could not prevent it, but perhaps I could lessen it.

     I turned off the water, grabbed a towel to dry my hair, I even added a spritz of perfume to set the mood. I dried my hair and wrapped the towel around my body, I was beginning to get excited about pleasing my Husband, I walked into the bedroom ready to put my plan in motion only to find my Husband had plans of his own. Laying there in the middle of the bed was the cane. The exact one that we saw online. I didn’t have a moment to think any further, before Max pounced on me. In a matter of second he had me bound and gagged across the bed .Lust and fear crept in all at once. I tried begging for mercy but the sounds were only muffled from the gag.

I have never been hit with anything other that his hand before and that brings the most amazing pleasure and pain combined. By the 3rd swat I am usually wet and begging for him to enter me quickly. I was hoping that this would be the same, but the stories I heard about the cane were not so romantic.

      Max moved around and lifted my face to meet his gaze, “When I tell you to do something I expect that you will do, it is unfortunate that it has come to this Love, but we agreed that I would make the rules and you would follow them and failure to follow thru on your part would result in punishment.”

Tears filled my eyes as I just wanted a chance to explain to him that I was sorry. I didn’t mean to leave my phone, I was just so excited about seeing my H.S buddies. It was a simple mistake. He wiped the tears from my face and pulled my hair back so It would not get in my eyes. “Next time you leave this house I think you will remember your cell phone” He whispered in my ear and moved behind me. Then it came.

Fire, Oh God it felt like fire. Raining down on my bare and still wet bottom. I screamed and wiggled and tried hard to get away but it was no use. The leather ropes were tight and there was no give. “Oh God please make it stop, Please make it stop,” I yelled but none of my words made it passed the gag in my mouth. The cane fell on each side quickly and evenly, left right, then right, right, left, left. It felt like forever before he stopped. My breathing was uncontrollable. He flipped me over and removed the gag.

“Im sorry, Im sorry” I said between sobs. I wanted to reach for my aching bum to rub it, to soothe it. I then found myself across his lap, still tied. I was hoping that perhaps he would reach for the aloe and soothe my flaming flesh, Pleasure would come soon. But I was wrong. His hand slammed down across my already sore bum. I tried hard to move but it was no use and it only made the slaps come faster, so I froze as best I could and tried hard to endure my punishment. “Please Stop” I pleaded. “Oh Max please Stop, I can‘t take anymore”.

      His hand moved to my pussy where he inserted his fingers. I knew then that I was in trouble. My body is my worst enemy, as it always betrays me. No matter how hard he spanks me, or how hard I beg him to stop I am always wet when he is done. To my surprise, this time was no different. “ You are a liar” he said “ Your Pussy is soaked, your mouth says one thing but your body screams for more". 

  He continued on with his task undetered. " Count, each one outloud, you miss is we start again" He commanded. I got to 34 and had to start again. His hand stroking my pussy made it difficult to concentrate, between the heat from my skin and fire burning between my thighs, my moaning distracted me from the number of strokes. "Again" He ordered. "We will do this until you get it right or we can go back to the cane." Immediately I began counting and did not miss a number this time. By the time we got to 40 , He threw me over the bed, untied me, spread my legs and told me not to move.

He removed his pajama pants and there it was, Hard and beautiful. He leaned over me and thrusted deep inside me, It felt like I was going to explode with desire for him. A small part of me wanted not to want him this bad after the pain that I endured at his hands, but that thought quickly left my mind as I knew that I wanted no other man but him and I wanted love no other way but this way. He rode me with such raw intensity as I screamed his name, again and again, begging for more, needing to please him, desperate to satisfy his need for me.

     I wish I could explain in detail how amazing those next few hours were into the wee morning hours, but you get the picture. He took me several times the next day, Across the couch, on the kitchen table, in the garden next to the cabbage, with my legs high in the air and nothing but the birds to witness his control of me. 1 week has passed and I have been grounded for 2 weeks. I am not allowed to leave the house except when I am with him. The marks on my body have almost dissappeared, I mentioned that I was almost sad to see them go because I love wearing Max's handywork on my body. " Glad to hear it" He said. because part 2 of your punishment begins tonight.

My head jerked as my eyes met his and with a sinister look and a smirk on his face, he said "I told you, you will never forget your cell phone again". 

I think he may be right about this one.

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unknown    (2010-08-17 18:06:02)    Flag as inappropiate
Mwahh!!!! Sounds like a good time.
Beholden    (2010-08-14 07:43:23)    Flag as inappropiate
"He took me several times the next day..."
That is just what I'd like to do.

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