My Honeymoon With My First Husband   added 5 years ago    

  By: partywife

It was the honeymoon with my first husband, Roman.  We had gone to Maui right after getting married.  He had wanted a big affair with his family, but I wasn't really into all that so I made him agree that we'd get married and right after the ceremony catch a plane.  There's nothing more boring to me then sitting around talking to strangers or boring old family members when I could be partying and having fun.  I told him if he wanted to pay for them to stay behind and party without us that was fine, but I was getting on a plane right after the ceremony if he wanted to follow me that was up to him.

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He of course agreed knowing I'd be up to no good.  I guess he figured it would be better to tag along at least.  The whole plane ride there I couldn't wait to get on the ground and let loose.  I kept telling Roman about all the dick I was going to suck.  I knew it turned him on to hear me talk like that, but the truth was he had never really seen me in action.  I'm not sure if he realized how honest I was being at the time.  I had cheated on him already, but he didn't really know about it yet.  I hadn't felt the need to enlighten him.

I drank my way to a nice pass out on the plane and when I woke up we had already landed.  I told Roman to get me to the hotel pronto.  We caught a cab and were whisked away to the gorgeous hotel Roman had booked for us.  Stepping into the luxurious suite I was impressed he had definitely outdone himself.  I walked around admiring all the amenities.

"This is really a great room Roman, thanks so much for getting this for me" I said pecking him on the cheek.

"Your welcome baby" he replied as he put down his suitcase.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I demanded.

"I was going to unpack" I stammered.

"The fuck you are! This is my room tonight. I hope you booked another room for yourself because I plan on partying" I informed him.

"What do you mean? I thought we were on our honeymoon?" he asked sheepishly.

"We are and during the honeymoon the bride gets to do whatever... or whoever she wants.  I plan on fucking a lot of men tonight and the last thing they'll want to see is my husband.  You understand right?  Now get going I've got to get ready" I said as I patted him on the ass.

He just stood there staring at me sheepishly as I motioned for him to go before disappearing into the bathroom to get ready.  I yelled through the door that I'd find out what room he was staying in from the front desk and see him in the morning. Then I heard the door slam as I smiled at myself in the mirror and got ready.

To say I had an amazing night was an understatement.  I really got my fill of satisfaction from the men at the bar.  I had been fucking all night and once morning came around I wanted to find my husband.  I got his room number from the cute guy working the desk downstairs and headed back up to his room.  I walked in as he left his door open no doubt waiting for my return.  It was a small room and he was passed out on the bed face down and naked.  Many empty beer bottles littered the small room.  I stripped down to my bra and panties and made my way past the maze of bottles and kneeled down by his bed. 

I grabbed his hand and placed it on my tits, his hand coming alive as he began to stir.  I removed my bra and stood up to take off my panties and dropped them on his face.  He was waking up as he smelled me on them.  I joined him on the bed pulling his sheets back he was naked and I immediately went for his cock and began to stroke him to hardness as he fondled my ass.

I kneeled down and began to suck and lick his cock.  He pulled my hair back as I really rammed it down my throat.  I slapped my ass as I licked his head and then went back to sticking his cock down my throat.  I know he must be wondering where I'd been all night, but he wasn't about to interrupt my dick sucking with questions.

I slipped my legs over his face and we went into a 69 no doubt he'd be able to taste what I'd gotten up to, but to my surprise he just kept going licking away at my pussy and my ass before slipping fingers into both of my holes as I sucked his cock.  Instantly I began to think of last night and got hot thinking about the surprise I had in store for my husband.  I then moved off his face and onto his cock reverse cowgirl style.  He slapped my ass as I rode him up and down.  He hit it so many times it was surely leaving red marks, but it was OK I deserved it I was a very bad wife last night.  

Just then the door opened, my surprise arrived, it was Steve from last night.  He walked in fully clothed as he watched me ride my husband's dick.  He just walked over to the bed undid his fly and shoved it in my mouth.  My husband surely knew what was up, but as the good boy he is he just kept fucking my pussy as Steve got undressed and kept feeding me his huge cock.  Steve held my head as he face fucked me.

Steve then told me to get off my husband and got me onto all fours on the bed as he penetrated me from behind.  Roman had moved off the bed and offered me his cock to suck as he watched his whore of a wife get filled by one of the men she fucked last night.  Steve held my hips in place as Roman tried to get me to go further down on his cock.  Just then the door opened again and in walked Sean from last night. 

He pulled his dick out and moved my husband out of the way and plunged his cock into my mouth as Steve kept pounding me from behind.  Poor Roman had to just stand there stroke his dick and try to get off on my hair as I tried to swallow Sean's beast.  Sean pushed it so far down I began to tear up.  Sean pulled out and him and Steve traded sides as Roman just watched for a bit.  

Sean then lay down on the bed and got me to suck him some more while Steve pounded me from behind stretching my  pussy open with his big dick.  Roman then stood in front of me and I began to alternate sucking his and Sean's cock, but mostly Sean's.  Hey his was bigger, plus I could have Roman's any day he was lucky I was letting him fuck me now.  Steve slapped my ass as he pulled out and told Roman to fuck me as he wanted to get sucked off.  Sean and Steve kept forcing their cocks at me while Roman got behind me again and I could feel his smaller cock at my backdoor.  He slid his small cock in no problem, but just then the door opened and Seth walked in cramming moving Steve out of the way and shoving his cock down my throat.

After a bit Seth told Roman to lie down on the bed and got me to ride his cock while the three others stood on the bed and I rotated sucking their cocks while Roman fucked me and someone else would finger my asshole.  It was glorious watching these studs stroke their dicks waiting for a turn in my mouth.  

I guess Seth had had enough of waiting and decided to put his cock in my ass as he and Roman DP'd me while I rotated sucking Steve and Sean off.  Seth got out of the way and Steve came behind me and fucked my ass and eventually Sean also got a turn.  The three of them just kept rotating on me as Roman fucked me from below.  Eventually Sean said he was going to cum and pulled out of my ass standing over me and came all over my face.  Seth had been jerking off and decided he wanted to cum too and shot his load all over my face right after. 

Steve then forced his cock into between my cum soaked lips as I sucked him off with two other men's cum running down my face and body.  Steve held my head on his dick as he shot jet after jet of jizz down the back of my throat.  It was too much for me to take as I gasped and almost chocked his cum flying out of my mouth and down my chin.  Roman had been fucking me the whole time but I had barely noticed, but when I did I could see that he was covered in as much of their cum as me.

  I leaned down and wished him a happy honeymoon as kissed him spitting the rest of Steve's cum into his mouth.  The whole thing had made me cum just then, it just happened to coincide with Roman's orgasm deep in my pussy.

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Beholden    (2010-08-13 01:37:39)    Flag as inappropiate
I loved the bit where you dropped your fragrant panties on his face! What a way to be woken.
unknown    (2010-08-06 19:11:42)    Flag as inappropiate
really hot story! but why would you call yourself slutty?

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