Houseguests Part One, The Husband   added 5 years ago    

  By: RodManly

Something woke me up in the middle of the night, which is unusual since I’m normally a heavy sleepy. It was a dark night, no moonlight showing through the window.  I could sense the bedroom door closing quietly.


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Sleepily, in that fog of semi-consciousness, I turned my head towards my wife’s side of the bed. It was empty.



I came more awake and wondered if there was something wrong in the house. We had a couple of college students with us, spending spring break with us. They were friends of our oldest.  The two were two staying in the spare room just across the hall from ours.  


I heard voices, speaking in low tones.  Even though I couldn’t understand what they were saying, I recognized my wife’s voice.  I slipped out of bed and went quietly to the door. 



I was about to open it when I heard my wife say, “He doesn’t wake up for anything.”



I froze at the door.  I heard the spare room door close and the low voices get more muffled.



I wasn’t sure what to do.  Then I remembered that, in this old house that we lived, the rooms were actually connected through the closet.  I silently opened the closet door, and careful moved things out of the way so I could get through the closet without making any noise.  The closet door had slats for ventilation.  I could see through them to the two beds in the room. 



The two guys were sitting on the opposite beds that they had been sleeping in.  My wife was standing in between wearing just her negligee. She approached the one away from me. I could only see her back.  She bent over. I could tell she was rubbing the guy’s crotch. I could hear her say something about how nice and hard he was, and how she remembered how hard guys at their age could be. 



She bent over more. I could see the back of her head starting to move up and down. She was sucking the young guy off! 



Now, my wife was 44, and has kept herself in excellent shape. Her body still looked great in a bikini, always turning guys’ heads.  I’ve had more then one guy even try to pick her up when we’d go out to clubs together.  But, ever since we’d been together for the last 22 years, I’d been the only she guy she’d been with. So what I was now witnessing had me completely shocked.  I couldn’t move.  I knew I just needed to throw open the door, drag her out of there and throw the two guys out of the house. But I couldn’t seem to move or even avert my eyes.



I watched my wife’s head bobbing up and down, than I saw her tilt her head to the side and it looked like she was sucking down the side of his shaft and taking his balls into her mouth!


The second guy stood up off his bed, lifted up her negligee to expose her really nice, firm, round ass as she bent over giving the first guy head.  He was enthralled with staring at her pink, glistening pussy.  He started fingering her pussy.  I heard my wife say something. The guy stood up and dropped his shorts, exposing what looked like a eight or nine inch long, two inch thick, solid pole – fully erect.  He was really hard, his pole sticking almost straight up as he stood behind her.



He didn’t waste anytime and placed the head of his throbbing cock against her waiting, glistening, pink opening.  He guided the head of his cock into her pussy, than held her by her hips and pushed that massive rod into her with one steady thrust. As young guys go, he didn’t waste time with technique. He just started drilling his cock into her with fast thrusts, pushing her down against the other guy, forcing her to deep throat the other guy she was blowing.  I could hear her  as she was forced to fully deepthroat the guy with each thrust from behind.



I could my wife moaning and grunting with the fucking and sucking she was getting and doing.  It didn’t look like it was taking any of them long.  I could tell by the way my wife’s body was twitching and moving with the guy fucking her from behind, the movement of her head, they were all getting ready to cum. 



I could see the big cock of the guy fucking her from behind start to look like it was foaming as he poured and pumped his load of cum into her, mixing it with her own juices.  I could tell she was experiencing an intense orgasm from watching how her back and ass were bucking up and down , pushing back against him as parts of her pussy deep within were stretched and filled by that massive cock unlike ever before. 



I could hear, from the muffled sounds she was making, that her mouth was firmly sucking hard on the other guys cock. I could see him, lying on his back on the bed, grab her head and start thrusting his cock up into her mouth.  He had a firm grip on her head and was face fucking her.  I could hear her gagging as he forced his cock down the back of her throat, held her head and shot his load deep down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow his cum.



As the two guys finished, they let go of her. I could see her pop her head off of the guy’s spent cock and gag out a big mouthful of cum.   I actually heard her say she was sorry about the, and she proceed to lap up the pool of cum she had spit out and to lick the guy’s cock clean.  



The guy fucking her from behind sat back down on his bed.  I could see cum running out of her now stretched open pussy, going down her thighs. Some cum dripping directly to the floor from her open pussy lips.



I finally found my own wits and was able to move.  I realized that my own cock was raging hard from what I just witnessed, even though I was still quite shocked.



I quietly backed out of the closet to our room and got into bed.  I laid there as if asleep. In a few minutes the bedroom door opened quietly as my wife slipped back into the room.



She got into bed.  She actually snuggled up against me as I laid on my back, my cock still harder than its been in a while.



She said something, I just mumbled like I wasn’t really awake and didn’t realize what she just did.  Her hand was lying on my abdomen.  I felt her tentatively slide her hand down to find my erect cock. It seemed to pleasantly surprise, and she started to rub my cock.  I just laid there.  The then straddled herself over me, facing away, and position her pussy above my cock that she held aimed at her pussy.  I could feel thick, stick cum dripping down on my cock as she held herself there.  I was expecting her to slowly lower herself onto my cock, but instead she suddenly “impaled” herself on my cock by slamming down onto me take my full shaft as fast as she could!



For the first time I was getting sloppy seconds, and from my wife of all people! As my cock slipped into her cum filled pussy I could feel that my cock was harder then it had been in years. I grabbed her head by her hair, and pulled while I was slamming my cock hard into her.  I could feel her rubbing her clit as I fucked her hard. She started moaning and the bed was bouncing. I figured the two guys in the next room could her getting fucked some more, and I thought good!



She started having another orgasm.  As I felt her body be racked in orgasm, I added my own cum to the cum already in her pussy.



I pulled my spent cock out of her pussy and rolled back over. I think I heard her leave the room again that night, but I didn’t care. We never talked about it.



Since then whenever we have single male guests staying over, it seems I get woken up in the middle of the night with a very hard cock, while laying on my back with my wife straddling me and guiding hard cock into her very wet, already cum filled pussy.



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goblue30    (2010-11-18 19:54:49)    Flag as inappropiate
fuck yes, you need to eat that mix after you add yours. i came all over my own face after reading this

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